Wednesday, 2018-08-01

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niraj_singhHi All, If I create a instance reservation, is it allocate separate quota to reservation.10:48
priteauHi niraj_singh11:14
priteauBlazar doesn't support quotas yet11:14
priteauBut when you launch the instance inside the reservation, it should be taken out of the normal Nova quota11:14
priteauSo to be clearer, Blazar doesn't support quotas for reservations, but Nova still enforces instance quotas.11:19
niraj_singhpriteau: thanks for the information11:21
niraj_singhSo normaly when we create instance using flavor-id(reservation-id) it will go like normal instance creation right?11:22
niraj_singhpriteau: is there any another way to create instance using reservation_id directly without using flavor?11:32
priteauNot for instance reservation11:33
priteauThere is also physical host reservation, if this works better for you11:33
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niraj_singhpriteau: One more question. Why blazar use freepool instead of any aggregate. Is there any reference doc to understand exaclty.13:36
priteauniraj_singh: freepool is a special aggregates which is used by Blazar to manage reservable but unreserved nodes. See
niraj_singhpriteau: ok. and if we create instance with the already defined flavor id and pass reservation id as --hint reservation="id" while creating instance. So is it create the instance with the reserved resource.14:01
priteauIf you use instance reservation, the syntax for launching an instance is different14:01
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