Wednesday, 2014-10-08

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asalkeldhi is there a channel for gantt?07:00
asalkeldo, suck it doesn't even have an api07:01
asalkeldwhen anyone comes online, i am looking for a generic scheduler (with an api)07:04
asalkeldsomeone in the heat communtiy wants to balance resources across availablity zones07:04
asalkeldseems like a job for a scheduler to me07:05
asalkeldbauzas, ^07:05
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bauzasasalkeld: hi angus07:14
asalkeldany pointers on the above?07:15
bauzasasalkeld: well, Gantt is not really there yet, and thus doesn't have an API07:15
asalkeldI am getting lots of interest in scheduling07:15
bauzasasalkeld: atm, we're working on splitting the scheduler code07:15
bauzasasalkeld: sure07:15
asalkeld(mainly from intel)07:15
bauzasasalkeld: we plan to get a cross-design session for discussion needs from other projects07:16
asalkeldis there a wiki page with the current status and thoughts/use cases?07:16
asalkeldwhat an api might look like07:16
bauzasasalkeld: frankly, not really yet07:17
asalkeldokie dokie07:17
bauzasasalkeld: that's because we're actually working on the interfaces07:18
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bauzasasalkeld: so that could possibly change07:18
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asalkeldbauzas, feel free to comment on the above (esp. if gantt will never do as I suggest)07:29
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bauzasasalkeld_afk: will review it, for sure07:30
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