Thursday, 2014-06-19

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openstackgerritA change was merged to stackforge/blazar: Updated from global requirements
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pafuentNikolay_St: bauzas: DinaBelova: scroiset_: Are you OK with the patches for the renaming? ( , ,
bauzaspafuent: really had *no* time for that :)13:39
pafuentbauzas: OK13:40
bauzasdef review(person):13:40
pafuentbauzas:  LOL:-D13:40
Nikolay_Stpafuent: bauzas: Hi!13:41
bauzaswish I would be a dict13:41
pafuentNikolay_St: Hi13:41
bauzaslife is so simple with Python objects13:41
Nikolay_Stpafuent: I take a quick look on it, so "yes" will be the good answer13:41
bauzasalthough I'm immutable, I can't copy myself easily :/13:41
pafuentNikolay_St: OK, thanks13:42
pafuentbauzas: hahaha13:42
pafuentbauzas: BTW, Are you OK if I try to use the Lease States in some parts of the code? Would be great if I can show the states in the Blazar Dashboard.13:45
bauzaspafuent: of course13:45
bauzaspafuent: States are here, but I had no time to use them13:45
pafuentbauzas: OK, I'll try to use them13:46
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pafuentbauzas: Quick question. I'm renaming the Nova Filter, and I found that some config entries are read there. This entries should be read from blazar.conf, rigth? Or nova.conf should have the same entries that blazar.conf?15:02
pafuentbauzas: OK15:03
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Nikolay_Stis anyone here?16:26
pafuentNikolay_St: Yes, me16:43
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Nikolay_Stpafuent: hi. what is status of py33 support in blazar?17:13
Nikolay_Stpafuent: I see the bp about it, but nothing else17:14
pafuentNikolay_St: I think nobody work on that (at least publicly)17:15
Nikolay_Stpafuent: as I get it properly the main idea is to add py33 env to tox and fix the errors will which appear? and also add gate job (don't any idea about it, but it shouldn't be hard, I guess)17:16
pafuentNikolay_St: I guess you are rigth17:16
Nikolay_Stpafuent: I think I can do it, if we haven't more urgent tasks17:17
Nikolay_Stpafuent: I ask you, because are in the track for last months, and I'm not :(17:17
pafuentNikolay_St: Well, regarding priorities the rename thing is the number one17:18
pafuentNikolay_St: Then new plugins, if we want to ask for incubation again17:19
pafuentNikolay_St: (to avoid the 'this should be in Nova')17:19
Nikolay_Stpafuent: okay17:20
Nikolay_Stpafuent: so, that should I do in renaming way?17:20
Nikolay_Stpafuent: about new plugins. I'll try to concentrate and write a letter about neutron resources reservation to mailing list17:21
Nikolay_Stpafuent: I hope I can :D17:21
pafuentNikolay_St: That's great.17:21
pafuentNikolay_St: Regarding the rename, I'm actually working on blazar-nova17:22
pafuentNikolay_St: Because is smaller ;)17:23
Nikolay_Stpafuent: okay17:23
Nikolay_Stand what is our policy about renaming?17:24
pafuentNikolay_St: The patches that I proposed are adding an alias package in order to let our code import from climate or blazar intercangeably17:26
pafuentNikolay_St: Regarding config files, we should support the two names for a while17:26
pafuentNikolay_St: I proposed a patch to support climate.conf and blazar.conf17:27
Nikolay_Styeah, I see it17:27
Nikolay_Stpafuent: so, the first thing I need to do is review and merge :D17:27
pafuentNikolay_St: We still need a patch to rename config entries inside that file17:27
pafuentNikolay_St: Yes17:28
Nikolay_Stpafuent: once again :D17:28
Nikolay_Stpafuent: okay, I'll be work on it17:28
Nikolay_Stpafuent: do you use devstack as environment?17:28
pafuentNikolay_St: Yes17:28
Nikolay_Stpafuent: so, my question is about a new format of localrc file17:29
Nikolay_Stcan you send me a sample?17:29
Nikolay_Stpafuent: to email, for example17:29
pafuentNikolay_St: New format?17:29
Nikolay_Stpafuent: hm. may be I use wrong word17:29
pafuentNikolay_St: I can send to you my actual localrc, but I didn't change recently17:29
Nikolay_Stpafuent: yeap, that will be fine.17:30
Nikolay_Stpafuent: nstarodubtsev@mirantis.com17:30
pafuentNikolay_St: Done17:33
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Nikolay_Stpafuent: thanks :)17:33
pafuentNikolay_St: :)17:33
Nikolay_Stpafuent: btw, how much active contributors we have?17:33
pafuentNikolay_St: Define active17:34
pafuentNikolay_St: With patches to review You and I17:34
Nikolay_Stpafuent: okay, got it17:34
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