Friday, 2014-06-13

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lakmal_i hope so14:56
pafuentbauzas: DinaBelova: scroiset_: Meeting?14:59
bauzaspafuent: sorry but I'm really busy this wekk15:00
bauzasI was off these 3 days15:00
pafuentSo we are lakmal_ and I15:01
lakmal_it seems so15:01
pafuentlakmal_: I would like to know what is your interest in Blazar?15:02
* bauzas can lurk tho15:03
lakmal_i'm interested in both physical and virtual resource reservations, so I looked into this project a bit15:03
pafuentlakmal_: Welcome15:04
lakmal_thanks you!15:04
lakmal_is there an agenda to follow today or is it going to be random thoughts?15:06
bauzasif there is a meeting, you folks are not in the right room :)15:07
pafuentThis is the agenda, but I think there is no point to discuss this things if the participants are you and I15:07
pafuentbauzas: I know :)15:07
lakmal_looks like it was updated recently.. i didn't see it earlier :)15:08
pafuentlakmal_: Yes I updated today15:08
pafuentlakmal_: I think we won't have the meeting, but please feel free to ask whatever you want15:09
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lakmal_pafuent: thanks. Is blazar now in the incubator?15:10
pafuentlakmal_: Not yet15:10
lakmal_i saw a wiki page on it15:10
pafuentlakmal_: We are working on it.15:11
pafuentlakmal_: The OS community likes the concept, but don't know the right place to put it15:12
lakmal_ok. you if it should be an independent project or locate along with nova etc. ?15:13
pafuentlakmal_: Yes. Some said that this should live in Nova, but we plan to reserve/lease other resources like volumes/neutron resources15:14
pafuentlakmal_: During the summit was clear too, that Boson/Blazar/Gantt are related15:15
hs634Does anyone have the link to the summit talk on Blazar? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.15:17
lakmal_pafuent: I'll take a look at those projects. Haven't been looking at them before. Can't we provide "Reservation As A Service" to all other project like nova, neutron etc?15:17
pafuentlakmal_: Is the idea15:18
pafuentlakmal_: At this moment we have plugins for virtual and physical instance reservation15:18
pafuentlakmal_: Our road map includes volumes and neutron resources15:19
lakmal_pafuent: that sounds great! then I think it's possible to continue to stand as an own project15:20
pafuentlakmal_: Yes15:20
lakmal_has anyone been looking into details of Boson and Gantt to see if there are overlapping features between them and blazar?15:20
pafuentlakmal_: bauzas is working on Gantt15:21
pafuentlakmal_: IIRC Boson is still an idea15:21
pafuentlakmal_: BTW, Had you time to try Blazar?15:22
lakmal_pafuent: i tried a bit when it was climate together with devstack, but that didn't really work for some reason.15:24
lakmal_I will try it out again hopefully next week15:24
lakmal_is it best to test with devstack or based on the document, i got the impression that i can even run blazar on its own15:25
pafuentlakmal_: That's great. Please ask here if you have any issue with that15:25
lakmal_pafuent: thanks, will do :-)15:26
pafuentlakmal_: It's easier if you use devstack15:26
pafuentlakmal_: For me works like a charm :)15:26
bauzaspafuent: to be precise I'm working now on Nova scheduler and later Gantt ;)15:26
bauzasthe Summit feedback was that project has its reasons to stand by its own15:27
pafuentbauzas: That's true.15:27
bauzasbut it still lacks from quota support15:27
bauzasso Boson is worth of interest15:27
lakmal_bauzas: if no one is looking into Boson, i can take a look15:28
bauzasand there are situations where a Simultaneous Scheduling would require some locking mechanism15:28
bauzasso Blazar could help15:28
bauzasso, as pafuent said, Blazar, Gantt and Boson are tied together15:28
lakmal_bauzas: what did you mean by lack of quota support?15:28
bauzaslakmal_: well, that would be nice15:29
bauzaslakmal_: I mean that quotas are existing in OpenStack15:29
bauzaslakmal_: but how do you manage that your user will have enough quotas in one month, by which is the duration of the lease ?15:29
bauzasfor examlpe15:29
lakmal_bauzas: that's when blazar comes into the picture i believe?15:31
bauzasat least it is in the Boson scope15:31
bauzasthese guys want to provide a timely resource system for managing quotas, IIRC15:32
lakmal_bauzas:IIRC is another project?15:34
lakmal_i was there :)15:38
lakmal_If I Recall/Remember Correctly probably :)15:38
lakmal_bauzas: pafuent: thanks a lot the information. It was a good startup for me. I think i will drop off now if there are no more discussions :)15:41
pafuentpafuent: You are welcome15:45
pafuentlakmal_: You are welcome15:45
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