Wednesday, 2019-10-23

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rm_workredrobot: the secret "types" don't actually do any validation, do they? like, if i say "certificate" type, barbican isn't going to actually look at the payload and validate it's an x509, right?02:36
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redrobotrm_work, correct.  the plan was to verify, but we never got around to implementing that12:32
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toskyredrobot: if you have any question about, I'm also here13:25
toskybut hopefully I added all the details in the commit message :)13:26
redrobottosky, ack, thanks for the patch!  I'll try to get it reviewed in the next day or two.13:27
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-barbicanclient master: Support two-way auth for barbicanclient
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