Friday, 2019-05-03

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican-tempest-plugin master: Remove oslosphinx
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ade_leerm_work, hey - now that you guys store a pkcs12 blob, do you guys use the consumers interface?20:56
rm_workade_lee: we do not anymore (on containers)20:56
rm_worktheoretically that consumer thing was supposed to be on secrets too, and i've toyed with going and finishing the implementation to support secrets20:56
rm_workat which point we could use it again20:56
rm_workbut... haven't had time for that work yet20:56
rm_workare you guys looking at deprecating it?20:57
ade_leerm_work, right - doing that on secrets seems to be something we're looking to do20:57
rm_workah ok20:57
rm_workso the opposite :D20:57
rm_workyeah, it's something we'd like20:57
rm_workit was in the original spec20:57
rm_workso technically that spec has never been fully implemented20:57
* rm_work is actually a really bad/lazy community contributor20:57
ade_leeright -- we'd probably make it a little richer -- for instance having a type, resourceid so you could id what is using that secret20:58
rm_workyeah ok20:58
ade_leefor better user experience if you wanted to click back to the resource in a ui for instance20:58
rm_worki mean, resource-id is already there20:58
rm_workor rather, it's resource href?20:59
rm_workthe idea being that yes, the UI could link directly back to an object20:59
rm_workthat was the whole vision to begin with20:59
rm_work(enabling nice UI flows)20:59
ade_leeanyways we'll put up a spec20:59
rm_workso however you folks think is the best way to accomplish that workflow20:59
rm_workthe existing spec is what i envisioned would allow it21:00
rm_workyou could probably just revise the original spec?21:00
ade_leeyou got link?21:00
rm_workwhen you put up a CR let me know :)21:00
rm_workuhh i can find it21:00
rm_workone sec21:00
ade_leewe may look into changing delete behavior too -- to not deleting the secret if it has a subscriber remaining21:01
ade_lee(either as opt-in or by default)21:01
ade_leeand then a --force delete option21:02
ade_leewhich is different form the containers thing in that in that case, its only advisiory21:02
rm_worki found the CR but i can't find the blueprint21:05
rm_workand i must not have created a spec file?21:05
rm_workerr, that is what i pushed for21:05
rm_workbut ya'll were like "NOOOOOO"21:05
rm_worklike, i wanted exactly that (refuse delete, allow --force)21:06
ade_leerm_work, :)21:07
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ade_leerm_work, I blame redrobot21:08
rm_workI might blame reaperhulk21:08
rm_workI think he was the staunch opponent to that21:08
rm_workanyway, let me know21:09
openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican master: Update to opendev
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican-tempest-plugin master: Add option to toggle validation of signed image
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