Monday, 2019-04-08

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ade_lee__dave-mccowan, redrobot yo all19:56
redrobotade_lee__, o/19:56
ade_lee__dave-mccowan, redrobot we gotta chat about summit workshop , talks etc.19:58
ade_lee__hoping to nail down a time ..19:58
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redrobotade_lee__, might be better to ping dave-mccowan via email, I think.20:00
ade_lee__redrobot, ack - already done20:00
ade_lee__saw him on here and figured I'd throw a smoke signal20:00
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ade_lee__dave-mccowan, yo!20:08
ade_lee__do you see this?20:08
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dave-mccowanade_lee__ can you see this?20:08
ade_lee__I just got your email - and yes I can20:08
ade_lee__dave-mccowan, redrobot so when do ya'll want to get togeher to discuss stuff20:09
dave-mccowansooner the better.  i'm free this week, on pto next week, and on business travel the week after.20:10
ade_lee__dave-mccowan, well definitely sooner then.20:10
* redrobot is also on PTO next week20:10
ade_lee__dave-mccowan, redrobot so we need to get the vm in shape this week then20:10
dave-mccowanare we doing HSM?20:11
ade_lee__lets do a  quick sync now?  and maybe a longer one manana?20:11
ade_lee__dave-mccowan, redrobot ?20:11
ade_lee__dave-mccowan, and no -we're not20:13
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redrobotade_lee__, dave-mccowan invite for tomorrow sent20:55
ade_lee__dave-mccowan, redrobot details sent21:37
ade_lee__dave-mccowan, redrobot lmk if you have issues accessing21:38
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