Saturday, 2019-02-23

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rm_workgrrr trying to figure out why the heck `tox -e cover` installs `dogtag-pki` in the venv it creates -- but only on my test machine, not on my local dev machine (laptop)04:12
rm_workit isn't in requirements.txt or test-requirements.txt04:13
rm_workit's in setup.cfg as "extras=dogtag" or whatever04:13
rm_workbut coverage doesn't specify that anywhere04:13
rm_workit's in lower-constraints, but coverage isn't installing 100% of lower-constraints AFAIU04:13
rm_workand it doesn't on my laptop04:13
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rm_workah i figured it out08:28
rm_workpart of our CI was overwriting the requirements file >_<08:28
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