Friday, 2019-01-18

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redrobotI wonder why the gerrit bot doesn't announce new patches on stable branches?14:57
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ade_leereleases done for barbican-client for master, rocky, queens19:12
ade_leeredrobot, ?19:14
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redrobotade_lee, yo!19:42
ade_leeredrobot, I commented on one of the backport patches19:45
ade_leeredrobot, trying to put together all the patches ofr the atos rpm - but want to make sure I got all the patches right19:45
ade_leeie. no point in putting something togther if the tests dont pass for it all together19:46
redrobotade_lee, RE: your comments.  The gates passed (the voting ones at least).20:07
redrobotade_lee, are you sure you got the 2nd patch from me? (the one that adds the testtools import)20:08
redrobotade_lee, master uses testtools.skipIf
ade_leeredrobot, yeah - thats probably wrong :)20:10
redrobotade_lee, 🤷  I was just backporting what was in master.20:10
redrobotMy patches start at 6.0.1 btw20:11
redrobotnot 6.0.020:11
ade_leeredrobot, ack20:12
ade_leethats fine -- we'll merge whats in master and fix it later20:26
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