Monday, 2019-01-14

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ade_leedave-mccowan, redrobot we gotta figure something out for barbican gates ..15:09
ade_leedave-mccowan, stuff keeps failing randomly and its not clear how to get a passing set through ..15:09
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ade_leedave-mccowan, redrobot I'm proposing that we make some of the gates non-voting to get some of the backlog cleared15:12
ade_leedave-mccowan, redrobot we'd like to merge to fix the dogtag gate15:12
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dave-mccowanthat's one's already merging.   ade_lee15:17
ade_leedave-mccowan, it is?15:18
ade_leedave-mccowan, its trying to merge -- but keeps getting tripped up15:18
dave-mccowanit's in the queue
dave-mccowanah..  got it, but it will fail again.15:18
dave-mccowanso we need a different patch to make dogtag non-voting.15:19
redrobotIt's the grenade job that keeps failing15:19
redrobotI think the patch fixes the dogtag issue15:19
ade_leedave-mccowan, I'm not worried about the dogtag one -- the patch I have make it work if we can get it merged15:20
ade_leeright - grenade and the devstack functional test fail intermittently15:20
ade_leeie. one passes one time round then fails the next ..15:20
ade_leeare we running into threading issues?15:21
ade_leebrb- coffee ..15:22
redrobotThis is the grenade error: Could not stat /dev/vdb --- No such file or directory15:23
openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican-specs master: correct wrong word
openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican-specs master: Replacing the HTTP protocal with HTTPS
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ade_leeredrobot, right - maybe a timing thing?15:39
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ade_leeredrobot, dave-mccowan asked abishop to take a look at the grenade error as it seems to be volume attach related.15:54
ade_leeredrobot, dave-mccowan as for the barbican-devstack-functional error -- any idea here?15:54
redrobotade_lee, have not seen that one15:55
ade_leeredrobot, dave-mccowan we've seen errors like that in the past related to multiple threads running at the same time ..15:56
ade_leethat particular test isn't the issue as much as runnning multiple tests and doing things like trying to count entries15:56
ade_leeor go from the middle one ..15:56
ade_leeare we running serially?15:57
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redrobotade_lee, I'm not entirely sure about what command is actually run at the gate16:08
redrobotade_lee, also, it gives me the sads to see our gates are "legacy" :-\16:08
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abishopade_lee: something is screwy with the test's timing16:26
abishopcinder reports the volume is in-use at
redrobotRead timed out.16:26
abishopbut then see the logs at
abishop"Retry after 2|3|4 seconds" ?!? timestampts don't corroborate16:27
abishopfinal death at
abishopbut seems to me like enough time has not been given for the hypervisor to propagate the new device, and for the instance to detect its presence16:28
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ade_leeabishop, yeah - that sounds reasonable16:31
abishopade_lee: totally unfamiliar with these tests, but retry delay seems broken16:31
ade_leeabishop, I would have suspected timing .. so maybe we just need to do a sleep before doing the stat ..16:31
ade_leeabishop, let me pull up where the tests are ..16:32
abishopade_lee: what controls the "Retry after N seconds" ? that seems to not be working16:32
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ade_leeabishop, its the test at the end of the file16:35
ade_leeabishop, we're doing self.attach_detach()16:35
ade_leeline 32616:37
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ade_leeabishop, looks like we attach and wait for the volume to be "in-use"16:38
ade_leeabishop, maybe we need to wait for something else?16:38
ade_leeredrobot, right ?  but what is that?16:41
abishopade_lee: I think so; "in-use" means cinder things nova has the volume attached, but it takes time for the hypervisor to add the attachment to the instance, and for the instance to detect its presense16:41
abishopI think a nova person should comment on how all that works16:41
ade_leeabishop, OK - thanks - let me see if I can rustle one up :)16:42
ade_leeredrobot, dave-mccowan suggested we skip the paging tests -- there have not been bugs there for years, and quite a few false positives (esp when things get busy)16:44
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redrobotade_lee, trying to get acquainted with the barbican-tempest-plugin.  I think maybe we should skip that encryption test to unclog the gate?21:15
ade_leeredrobot, or make it non-voting -- there may be other repos that use this21:16
ade_leeredrobot, talking to nova folks but nothing seems obvious21:16
redrobotade_lee, Ok, I'll update your patch to make the grenade test non-voting for now21:18
ade_leeredrobot, yeah and also skip the paging tests21:18
ade_leein the barbican tests21:18
ade_leethose seem to be failing intermittently21:18
redrobotade_lee, ack21:18
ade_leeredrobot, hopefully that clears and we can get through a few of the waiting patches21:20
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ade_leeredrobot, you uploading the new patch?22:07
openstackgerritAde Lee proposed openstack/barbican master: Work with 389-ds-base-
openstackgerritAde Lee proposed openstack/barbican master: Work with 389-ds-base-
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ade_leeredrobot, wtf -- ?23:33
redrobotade_lee, maybe gates are cursed?23:38
ade_leeredrobot, do you have any idea what that error message means?23:45
ade_leeredrobot, btw -- still have that appRole review to do ..23:46
redrobotade_lee, looks like the pep8 tool doesn't like comments without spaces after the #23:49
redrobotade_lee, lines 95 and 96 on functionaltests/api/base.py23:50
redrobotade_lee, I can fix 'em23:50
openstackgerritDouglas Mendizábal proposed openstack/barbican master: Workaround for failing gates

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