Monday, 2019-01-07

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FrankZhangmorning guys, got some trouble with barbican python client in openstack queens. As you can see here, upper constraint in openstack requirement is still 4.6.0 which is far behind current barbican python client stable/queens. Essential patches of UUID were still missing if user install barbican service by default setting.
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ade_leeFrankZhang, so we need a patch to update the upper constraints in queens?18:43
ade_leeredrobot, ^^18:43
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FrankZhangade_lee: I think so, user can't benefit from our recent patches if we don't bump our releases. By default deployment, recent fixes are not included.18:54
ade_leeFrankZhang, gotcha -- I'll look into releasing new client later this week around m2 time18:56
FrankZhangthanks that means a lot to us18:57
ade_leeFrankZhang, np - thanks for reminder18:57
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FrankZhangade_lee: two places might be worthy to take a look. Queens release is 4.6.0 here: and Rocky one is a little interesting since 4.7.1 was mentioned but rocky still points to 4.7.0:
ade_leeFrankZhang, yup19:01
redrobotjaosorior, duuuuuuuude, happy birthday! 🎉🎉🎉19:54
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openstackgerritAde Lee proposed openstack/barbican master: Work with 389-ds-base-
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: The Etherpad service at has been offline since 23:22 UTC due to a hypervisor issue in our service provider, but should hopefully return to service shortly.23:48
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