Monday, 2018-10-08

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evgenyfhi guys, I have a question about creating barbican secret container of certificate type. I specify a --secret "private_key=<FQN to the key file> and get "One or more of the provided secret_refs could not be retrieved!". What can be an issue?16:10
redrobotevgenyf, hmm... I'm not sure I've seen that before. :(  Are you using python-barbicanclient?16:12
evgenyfredrobot: no, using openstack client on queens16:13
evgenyfredrobot: my command is this: openstack secret container create --name EVG_CERT --type certificate --secret "private_key=/tmp/keys/fima/fima.key"16:13
redrobotevgenyf, oh I see16:14
redrobotevgenyf, instead of "/path/to/file.key" you'll want to upload that first16:14
evgenyfredrobot: what do you mean to upload?16:15
redrobotevgenyf, so like, openstack secret store --payload $(base64 < /path/to/file.key) --payload-content-type "application/octet-stream --payload-content-encoding base6416:19
redrobot--secret-type private16:19
redrobotevgenyf, that'll store the private key in Barbican16:19
redrobotand give you a URI16:19
redrobotthen you can create the container and do --secret private_key=URI16:20
evgenyfredrobot: Thanks!16:22
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evgenyfredrobot: Well, I get openstack secret store: error: unrecognized arguments. My line is: openstack secret store --payload $(base64 < /tmp/keys/fima/fima.key) --payload-content-type "application/octet-stream" --payload-content-encoding base6416:42
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evgenyfredrobot: It may be the content type should be different?16:43
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ade_leedave-mccowan, redrobot  I'm looking at the python-first patches on the stable branches19:15
ade_leethere are some that are breakiing - and trying to fix them19:15
ade_leedave-mccowan, redrobot  for instance19:16
ade_leedave-mccowan, redrobot that one is failing coz of the dogtag gate - which is failing coz it needs to be updated to use the newer ds setup script19:16
ade_leedid that here --
ade_leeso that one should be going ok ..19:17
ade_leedave-mccowan, redrobot then there is
dave-mccowanseveral of the stable branches were broken due hard coded times in functional tests.  i merged a few patches that fixed it.  maybe some other branches/repos need the same patch.19:18
ade_leedave-mccowan, redrobot that one has the same dogtag problem ..  I tried cherry-picking the change back , but its not letting me19:18
ade_leenot sure why!19:18
ade_leedave-mccowan, maybe you can try it?19:19
dave-mccowanthat one is also dog-taggy: 2018-10-08 08:32:30.864 | + /opt/stack/new/barbican/devstack/lib/barbican:install_389_directory_server:1 :   exit_trap19:21
ade_leedave-mccowan, basically stable/rocky needs 9298413ab14ceb14e77f162608f69322b4331a64 to be cherry-picked back19:21
dave-mccowan2018-10-08 08:32:30.861 | sudo: command not found19:22
ade_leedave-mccowan, right -- I'm trying to cherry-pick it back and getting error19:24
dave-mccowansorry... i stopped reading here for a sec while i dug through the logs.   cherrypick inititated.19:25
ade_leedave-mccowan, ok good -- I'm dojgn something weaird19:25
ade_leedave-mccowan, redrobot -- then there is
ade_leeany idea whats going on here?19:26
ade_leeditto for
ade_leedave-mccowan, ah, those maybe failing coz of the date thing?19:29
dave-mccowanthe first one says something with tripleo-ci: rsync: change_dir "/home/zuul/src/*/openstack-infra/tripleo-ci" failed: No such file or directory (2)19:32
ade_leeyeah - I just saw that19:33
dave-mccowanthe second one is the date thing19:34
ade_leedave-mccowan, look slike there is a review for the date thing in
dave-mccowanfor stable/pike barbican-client it is:   , but it is failing on something else19:35
ade_leeyeah - rechecking19:36
ade_leedave-mccowan, looks like something like a real error though --19:37
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