Thursday, 2018-08-02

johnsomAll that lovely override stuffs for keytsone endpoints00:00
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rm_worklet me look at another one really quick00:02
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johnsomby others I mean openstack clients00:05
rm_workyea was taking a look at ours, and then glance00:07
rm_workours just uses osc_lib or something O_o there's no real code00:07
johnsomRight, ours i all magical00:08
johnsomNova is a lot of stuffs:
johnsomIn Octavia we usually allow these overrides:
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johnsomWhich it looks like we have for barbican:
rm_workjohnsom: looks like the cacert is in the keystone session?00:10
rm_workso that's our responsibility to set00:10
rm_worksince we just pass a keystone session to Barbican00:11
rm_workwhen we make the session we need to pass it?00:11
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johnsomHmm, yeah, could be missing on our side for that part00:12
johnsomAh, that is a bug too in our barbican code. It's using the service auth settings and not the certificate section settings.00:14
rm_workerr where00:22
rm_workit just seems to straight up USE the keystoneauth1 adapter00:22
rm_workthat's it00:22
rm_workall that stuff should be handled inside that00:22
rm_workget() / post() etc is all just inside the session auth00:23
rm_workso if keystone has it, keystone should use it, and if it isn't that's a *keystone* bug IMO00:23
johnsomrm_work here:
rm_workoh, in Octavia00:34
rm_workyeah, quite possibly00:34
rm_workAH you said "our Barbican code"00:35
rm_workyeah ok00:35
rm_workI missed "our"00:35
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ade_leejohnsom, looking now11:35
ade_leejohnsom, is this related to the patch that rm_work posted?11:37
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johnsomade_lee: yes, that patch is to help address our problem with the client, when used as an sdk13:14
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ade_leejohnsom, ok - I'll take a closer look at it prob tommorow or early next week.13:26
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openstackgerritPaul Belanger proposed openstack/barbican master: Switch to fedora-latest for testing
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openstackgerritPaul Belanger proposed openstack/barbican master: Switch to fedora-latest for testing

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