Friday, 2018-06-01

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alee_redrobot, right - there are more fixes needed for kmip changes02:09
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sapd_hi there, I'm trying to integrate barbican with hashicorp vault, but I don't know what is name of vault plugin to put in enabled_secretstore_plugins config09:11
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openstackgerritVladyslav Drok proposed openstack/barbican master: Commit DB changes on API startup
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alee_sapd_, hey there - that was code that merged recently16:31
alee_sapd_, you can see some sample config in the vault experimental job16:32
alee_just a sec .. and I'll pass link16:32
alee_redrobot, how goes it?16:33
redrobotalee_, jaosorior wants me to change the patch to work with both webob 1.7.1 and 1.8.116:34
redrobotapparently the TripleO gate fails because it still has the old webob16:34
redrobotso I should have that ready here before lunch.16:34
alee_redrobot, ok - I guess you have not looked at the pykmip failures yet then?16:34
redrobotalee_, not yet.  Still hoping to get it done today though.16:35
redrobotbrb, gonna ride out to Geekdom and work from there the rest of the day.16:35
alee_dave-mcc_, you gonna get that --file change in?16:36
alee_dave-mcc_, we need to get that in soon -- and release is next week16:36
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openstackgerritDave McCowan proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient master: Add --file flag for secrets
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alee_redrobot, how goes it then>19:47
alee_redrobot, que pasa?19:54
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redrobotalee_, almost got this working for both webob versions20:03
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alee_redrobot, any idea what phamilton's nick is?20:23
redrobotalee_, negative. :-|20:25
alee_redrobot, so I noticed that there are errors in the pykmip-server ..20:26
alee_which probably result in the kmip test failures20:27
alee_not sure how to diagnose these - btu the failure we are seeing is very likely because the kmip server isn't really up ..20:28
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alee_redrobot, see  -- seems like peter fgound the errors I fixed independently20:29
alee_and in that case, the kmip tests pass -- except for the ones you are fixing.20:29
alee_and there is no error in the pykmip-server log20:30
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alee_redrobot, sent email to Peter - you should be copied20:39
alee_redrobot, if we don't hear from him, we need to make the kmip gate non-voting20:39
alee_till it gets figured out20:40
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alee_redrobot, ping21:00
alee_redrobot, see the email from brianna?21:01
alee_redrobot, the changes we put in should be backward compatible and we can still add them, but we should pin requirements to 0.7.021:02
alee_redrobot, so we can start getting things passing21:02
redrobotalee_, just saw the email21:04
redrobotalee_, do you want to submit a patch with kmip pinned?  Not sure if we'll need to undo the kmip changes you've already done.21:05
alee_redrobot, no - the changes I did can stay21:05
alee_redrobot, I think you need to pin in your patch21:05
alee_redrobot, remember we can't get anything to merge till all the gates /tests pass21:06
alee_redrobot, so your patch shoudl include -- my changes, uyour changes and pinned kmip21:06
dave-mcc_alee_ i tested the --file patch.  it works, but would work better with an additional change related to --payload_content_type21:08
alee_dave-mcc_, I'm all for more patches :)21:08
alee_dave-mcc_, redrobot - I'll be traveling this weekend - but I'll log on when I can to review/ack/merge patches21:09
alee_got lots of stuff to review before I cut the release next Friday21:10
dave-mcc_redrobot i'm dusting off the patches you did in 2016 :-O  to python-barbicanclient.21:15
dave-mcc_there were 3 changes (--file parameter, cliff output matching field names, and payload content type) spread over 2 dependent patches.21:16
dave-mcc_we've been carrying them for the workshops we did in boston and sydney.21:16
dave-mcc_that patch adds --file, but it only works if --payload_content_type application/octet-stream  is added as a parameter21:18
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redrobotWhat's the current policy for pinning deps?21:46
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openstackgerritDouglas Mendizábal proposed openstack/barbican master: Fix broken gate due to breaking dependency changes
redrobotalee_, ^^ cross your fingers!22:34
redrobotgonna relocate back home.  I'll be back later in the evening to check on the gate results22:35
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redrobotThings are looking good.  Just waiting on that TripleO gate. 🤞23:30

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