Friday, 2018-05-25

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redrobotGood morning (UGT), Barbican!14:27
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openstackgerritBrianna Poulos proposed openstack/barbican-tempest-plugin master: Add certificate validation scenario tests
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aleeredrobot, yo19:47
redrobotalee, o/19:57
aleeredrobot, hey - I'm trying to figure out why the barbican gates are failing20:32
aleeredrobot, they weere all passing like a week or two ago, and then all went downhill20:33
aleeI 'm pretty sure its changes in the dependencies20:33
redrobotalee, haha, that's no bueno.  I can take a look.20:33
aleeas I have a tox environment that is working , and then a recreated one where all is bollocksed20:34
aleesame code20:34
redrobotlet me see what it does in my brand new env20:34
aleeredrobot, gate job output is a key --  -maybe change in pecan?20:35
aleeredrobot, any luck?21:11
redrobotalee, not yet... still setting up my local env21:13
openstackgerritDouglas Mendizábal proposed openstack/barbican master: WIP: Do not merge
redrobotheh, 98 failures on HEAD :-S21:55
redrobotalee, for some reason I still get 98 failures on your patch when I run tox locally.  Thinking it may have something to do with the generated config file.  Gonna relocate home and see if I can dig deeper into this.23:02

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