Thursday, 2018-05-24

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redrobotGood morning (UGT) Barbican!14:33
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sapdHi all, I would like to use castellan with octavia. I found this projoect, but I don't understand what endpoint which castellan-ui using?17:00
redrobotsapd, what do you mean by "what endpoint" ?17:06
sapdredrobot: I mean which service and endpoint-api it is using. I guess barbican.17:06
redrobotsapd, IIRC (which I may not because I'm just now getting back into OS after a year away) Castellan is configured at runtime.  So the deployer gets to choose what Castellan backend to use when they deploy their cloud.17:07
redrobotthat's to say, you'll be coding against Castellan, and when someone deploys Octavia, they'll choose what backend Castellan will use.17:08
sapdredrobot: Yep, I will using castellan for octavia certificates .17:09
sapdredrobot: So what does the castellan-ui do? I don't understand this project17:10
johnsomCastellan is a library and not a service. A service may use Castellan, but there is no "Castellan" service.17:10
redrobotsapd, another way to think of it is that castellan == oslo.keymanager17:10
redrobotsapd, so in the same way that using oslo.db does not perscribe a specific db, using Castellan also does not perscribe a specific key management backend.17:11
sapdredrobot: Yep. I understand castellan , but I don't understand castellan-ui, Could you explain for me?17:13
johnsomYeah, it looks like castellan doesn't post a sample configuration in their documentation. The docs ask you to run a config generator to have the castellan config options output:
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rm_worki don't have horizon in my devstack at the moment, but i assume there is config for the panel that you need to set castellan-ui to use barbican as the backend, as it is probably not the default?18:26
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redrobotSurprised to see I'm still part of barbican-core.  Is the core team membership outdated?22:25
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redrobot seems to be outdated also.  I haven't been PTL in a long long time.22:26
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rm_workyep ;)22:40
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