Thursday, 2018-05-17

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openstackgerritAde Lee proposed openstack/barbican master: Remove pycrypto dependency
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aleedave-mccowan, any idea what might be going on here?
dave-mccowani'll take a look17:15
dave-mccowanalee it's failing in the new code: File "/opt/stack/new/barbican/barbican/plugin/", line 90, in store_secret17:20
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aleedave-mccowan, sorry - in meeting - will respond soon17:54
aleedave-mccowan, still in meeting - but yeah, thats the part thats confusing .  its failing because its failing to connect to vault18:10
aleedave-mccowan, connection refused18:10
aleebut if you look in and search for install_vault , you see where I try to install and test vault and it seems to work18:12
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aleeso question as to why barbican is getting connection refused ..18:12
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aleedave-mccowan, nothing else uses port 8200 , right?18:17
dave-mccowanalee does the iptable config need to changed?  not sure if it's filtering on ports on or not.19:01
aleedave-mccowan, yeah - I was wondering about that19:05
aleedave-mccowan, although the test on the command line was using
aleedave-mccowan, was going to try and use the real ip if I can find it19:06
dave-mccowani think is more likely to work.  the real ip is the one that probably has iptable filters.19:07
aleeyeah -- here is the iptable config --
aleedave-mccowan, -A openstack-INPUT -i lo -j ACCEPT means is ok?19:08
dave-mccowanalee pretty sure19:09
aleedave-mccowan, so yeah /me confused19:11
aleeand not sure how to debug ..19:11
dave-mccowanis there a log file showing vault installing and starting?19:12
dave-mccowanoh... i see it now19:13
aleedave-mccowan, yeah19:19
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openstackgerritAde Lee proposed openstack/barbican master: Add devstack gate for vault
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