Tuesday, 2018-04-17

openstackgerritJeremy Liu proposed openstack/barbican master: Remove functional test RBAC users and roles from devstack  https://review.openstack.org/45382901:56
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openstackgerritAde Lee proposed openstack/castellan master: pypy is not checked at gate  https://review.openstack.org/55491202:58
alee#startmeeting barbican03:00
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alee#topic roll call03:00
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liujionghi alee03:02
aleeliujiong, hey there03:02
aleeanyone else here for the barbican meeting?03:02
aleenguyenhai, ?03:03
aleehey there03:04
aleelets get started03:04
openstackgerritJeremy Liu proposed openstack/barbican master: fix lower constraints  https://review.openstack.org/56058203:04
alee#topic barbican meeting time03:04
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aleeso with the advent of daylight savings time in the states, its pretty later for dave and I over here.03:05
aleewould it be possible to move the meeting time back an hour?03:05
aleethat would be 10 pm over here instead of 1103:05
liujiongok for me03:06
liujiongalee: sorry for the inconvenience03:06
aleeok - cool - I'll propose it in the mailing list and will start at the new time as of next week03:07
aleeno biggie -- it makes sense for us to have the meeting around now, but it just gets a little late when dst started03:07
alee# action alee to announce new meeting time03:08
alee#action alee to announce new meeting time03:08
alee#topic rocky03:08
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aleethe milestone 1 release is due this week03:08
openstackgerritMerged openstack/castellan master: pypy is not checked at gate  https://review.openstack.org/55491203:09
aleeI originally thought I needed to get it in today, and so you might have seen a flurry of reviews/ merges from dave /me today03:09
aleethe actual release is due by the end of this week which gives us a little more time to get things in03:10
liujiongyes, received lots of email notification03:10
aleeI plan to meet again with dave on wednesday - and to look at doing some stable branch releases too on thurs / friday03:10
aleeit looks like we're in pretty good shape - but lets take a look at the tracker ..03:11
liujiongI see the question on policy-in-code goal03:12
aleeliujiong, you mentioned something was missing in policy in code/ doc of policy in code?03:12
aleeyeah - I was a little confued about exactly what was missing03:12
aleebut figured you knew this best03:12
aleeliujiong, perhaps you can update with more details03:13
liujiongYes, we missed docs of each policy03:14
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liujiongalee: see https://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/master/nova/policies/admin_actions.py#L25 how Nova does03:15
aleeliujiong, ah - I see03:16
aleeliujiong, I'm going to put that link in there as a reminder to me mostly03:16
aleeother than that - it looks like we're tracking mostly ok03:17
aleeI may or may not be able to get the pycrypto done ..03:17
aleeand dave is going to try to get the client side changes done by wed03:18
aleeI alse looked at this ..03:18
aleewhich is a nice representation of the sate of things and went through a bunch with dave today03:19
liujiongThat helps review a lot03:19
aleeliujiong, yeah - its the view dave was using03:20
aleeliujiong, are there any patches which you're looking at getting in in particular this week?03:20
liujiongnot exactly03:21
liujiongbut I hope this one will get passed in gate - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/453829/03:21
aleeliujiong, yeah - I noticed that one - I want to understand though why its failing the tripleo gate03:22
aleeliujiong, and planned to look at that.03:23
liujiongalee: thanks03:23
aleeif I pass it and it breaks tripleo, it will cause pain for me next week03:23
aleeI'd rather treat the pain pre-mepitvely03:23
aleeso yeah -- I 'll look inot that probably tommorow03:24
aleeliujiong, anyways if you see any others that look good and you approve, they'll bubble up and get reviewed this week on wednesday03:25
aleeanything else on rocky m-1?03:25
alee#topic OVO patches03:26
*** openstack changes topic to "OVO patches (Meeting topic: barbican)"03:26
aleethere are a bunch of OVO patches that we should get to soon.03:26
aleeor they'll keep getting put off.03:27
liujiongindeed, seems not all of them get passed in gate03:27
aleeI found that I had a few questions on how the patches were constructed -- and I think it would be useful to have a google hangout in which Nam walks through the patches03:28
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aleein the past , that has heped with larger patch sets03:28
aleeI was going to propose we do that during the barbican meeting next week03:29
aleenguyenhai, is that you?03:29
nguyenhaino, not me03:30
aleenguyenhai, sorry :)03:30
aleeok well - I'll send out an email03:31
alee#topic anything else?03:31
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liujiongthat's all from me03:32
aleeliujiong, cool - see ya next week!03:32
liujiongsee you03:32
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liujiongalee: have a good night03:32
aleeliujiong, and a good day to you :)03:32
aleeliujiong, actually, I did have a question -- do you know if castellan is supposed to work wuth nonversioned auth_endpoints?03:33
liujiongnot sure03:34
aleeliujiong, ok - I'll keep poking through the code -- it looks like it doesnt03:35
liujiongI could test about that03:35
aleeliujiong, if you get a chance, that would be great03:35
liujiongI prepare to test encryption features with barbican recently03:35
aleethere was a commit from alan bishop that seems to indicate it should work03:36
aleebut our QE tests indicate otherwise03:36
aleeliujiong, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/522286/03:36
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aleeliujiong, on the other hand, qe tests show this -- http://paste.openstack.org/show/719305/03:38
aleeso maybe it doesn't work -- anyways would be good to see if you get it working03:38
liujiong_ljoh - keystone v2 endpoint should not exist now in devstack03:38
aleeliujiong_lj, ah good - so lets see how we configure it03:39
liujiong_ljIs that log from a devstack env?03:40
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aleeno tripleo03:40
aleeliujiong_lj, in devstack it appears we do not configure the endpooint at all -- http://logs.openstack.org/46/560446/1/check/barbican-simple-crypto-devstack-tempest/a1b8f94/logs/03:44
alee(and that seems to work)03:45
liujiong_ljI remember just configure 'backend=barbican' in cinder.conf is fine03:49
aleeyeah - I'm going to have them try that instead03:50
aleemaybe if you do specify a url then it has to be versioned03:50
liujiong_ljalee: gotta have lunch now, see you03:51
aleeor you need to do something liek this -- https://review.openstack.org/#/c/473740/103:51
aleeliujiong_lj, yup - going to bed :)03:51
aleesee you03:51
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aleedave-mccowan, ping17:58
aleedave-mccowan, so I finally decided to toggle CI on the stable branch job that was failing17:59
aleedave-mccowan, barbican-dogtag-devstack-functional-fedora-26 barbican-dogtag-devstack-functional-fedora-26 : NODE_FAILURE18:00
aleedave-mccowan, I think we need to change this to run f2718:00
aleedave-mccowan, looking on how to change that -- but I'll need you to push and approve so we can unblock all the test18:04
dave-mccowansounds good.  is the change in our branch, or in an infra repo?18:04
aleecehcking ..18:04
aleedave-mccowan, looking at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/547120/418:05
dave-mccowannow it's in our branch. that's relatively new.  not sure about the stable branches.18:06
aleedave-mccowan, well its in queens , which is what we care about today :)18:09
dave-mccowangreat.  should be an easy cherry pick then.18:09
aleedave-mccowan, https://review.openstack.org/56201518:10
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