Monday, 2018-01-08

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openstackgerritZeyu Zhu proposed openstack/barbican master: Update the link in database_migrations.rst
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openstackgerritZeyu Zhu proposed openstack/barbican master: Add table_exists in databse upgrade script
openstackgerritZeyu Zhu proposed openstack/barbican master: Add table_exists in databse upgrade script
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: zuul has been restarted, all queues have been reset. please recheck your patches when appropriate10:24
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aleedave-mccowan, yo16:13
dave-mccowanalee hi ade16:23
aleedave-mccowan, happy new year16:23
dave-mccowanhappy new year to you too16:23
aleedave-mccowan, hey -c an you comment on ?16:24
dave-mccowanalee sure.  i can review it now.16:24
aleedave-mccowan, cool16:24
dave-mccowanalee btw, m3 deadline and catellan release freeze deadline is coming soon.  we need to nail down anything for this releaes asap, especially anything in castellan, since the release date is so much sooner.16:25
dave-mccowanalee do you want new secret store support to be in this release, or are you queuing it up for next release?16:27
aleedave-mccowan, I'm not sure we can make it in this release .. whats the deadline?16:28
aleedave-mccowan, there is still a significant amount of work to be done -- design, unit tests, functional tests16:29
dave-mccowanalee Jan 15 is the very last date for for any change to castellan queens release.  libraries release before services.  bugs fixes only at this point, so it should be the highest priority.16:31
dave-mccowanalee   for barbican service: feature freeze is Feb 5, release is Feb 2616:31
aleedave-mccowan, so basically 1 month -- its doable I suppose, but I'd likely need help16:32
aleedave-mccowan, we can see how it goes, but I think rocky is more likely16:33
dave-mccowanalee i think rocky makes more sense.  if we have extra time, maybe make sure that castellan w/ vault is working 100% in queens.  that'll make adding castellan-secret-store easier.16:35
aleedave-mccowan, right16:35
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openstackgerritLee Yarwood proposed openstack/barbican-tempest-plugin master: DNM: Testing I31c5909d3ed8216a801d59e33d15ad58b1cebce8
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dave-mccowanHappy Monday Barbicaneers!  Weekly IRC starts in 8 minutes. :-)19:53
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: The jobs and queues in Zuul between 19:55UTC and 20:20UTC have been lost after recovering from a crash, you might need to re-check your patches if they were being tested during that period.20:38
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