Thursday, 2017-11-23

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/castellan master: Include domain info when creating identity token
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jaosoriordave-mccowan: hey, would it be possible to get a castellan release?14:31
dave-mccowanjaosorior sure.  we use openstack/releases now.  can you throw up a patch?14:32
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jaosorioroh, I'll check it out14:33
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jaosoriordave-mccowan: done14:49
jaosoriordave-mccowan: thanks14:50
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dave-mccowanjaosorior: np, and thank you!14:50
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hwoaranghello. I am using the OpenStack-Ansible barbican role on openSUSE and I am getting the following error when doing barbican-manage db upgrade21:08
hwoarangERROR: (pymysql.err.InternalError) (1054, u"Unknown column 'creator_only' in 'CHECK'") [SQL: u'ALTER TABLE secret_acls CHANGE creator_only project_access BOOL NULL']21:08
hwoarangdoes anyone have any clue what might be going on here?21:08
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Zuul has been restarted due to an unexpected issue. We're able to re-enqueue changes from check and gate pipelines, please check for more information.22:54
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