Wednesday, 2017-09-20

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dave-mccowanykuo were you able to solve your database issue?17:21
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raildodave-mccowan, ping, can you take a look on it later?
dave-mccowanraildo sure17:42
raildodave-mccowan, thanks :) and regarding the Doug question on it, I believe that we decided to keep it manual on oslo.config and that reference should be created using some deployment tools like ansible/puppet using tripleo for example, right?17:43
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rm_workdave-mccowan: so that --file patch is ... in need of someone to work on it? or just waiting for people to continue reviewing18:41
dave-mccowanrm_work it needs a bunch of work before merging, although the function should work.  i'm actually working on it today. :-)  i think i'll19:34
dave-mccowanrm_work btw, does openstack secret get xxx  --raw True   work for you use case, or does it need the --file option?19:34
rm_worktechnically it works now19:38
rm_worksince the client doesn't need to retrieve the secret, i think19:38
rm_workthey just need to store it19:38
rm_workand it seems to store properly19:38
rm_workjust an aggrivation when you're trying to double-check that it stored properly :P19:38
rm_workthe --file option would make it much simpler for uploading though19:38
rm_workright now it's like ... wut19:39
rm_workbecause you have to base64 it and pass a bunch of extra params19:39
rm_workand it's unclear that the base64 is only in transit, and it is actually stored un-base64'd19:39
rm_workso really it's a quality-of-life thing for end users19:39
ykuodave-mccowan, setting default-storage-engine = innodb in mariadb solves the issue.20:17
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