Monday, 2017-02-06

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openstackgerritRui Chen proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient master: Set client module __version__
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican-tempest-plugin master: Add an OrderClient and order API tests
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sskripnickHi all. I've faced this bug
openstackLaunchpad bug 1479439 in Barbican "cannot retrieve certificate payload with snakeoil plugin" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:49
sskripnickWhich is one and half year old13:49
sskripnickCli is working somehow, so there should be workaround13:49
sskripnickredrobot alee dave-mccowan ^13:50
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dave-mccowansskripnick there is a work around  described in a comment on the bug: set payload_content_type as 'text/plain'15:04
dave-mccowansskripnick for example: >>> certificate = barbican.secrets.get('http://localhost:9311/v1/secrets/8ec681e6-145d-4e72-99c7-8a354af6696f', payload_content_type='text/plain')15:04
sskripnickdave-mccowan: i've tried but no success. i'll try once more later today. thanks15:05
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dave-mccowansskripnick by the way, are you planning on using the Certificate Order API?  We announced during Liberty that we'd deprecate the Certificate Order API in Pike.  No problem storing and getting certificates, but the CA functions are going away.15:33
sskripnickdave-mccowan: any guide on using new API for uploading existed or creating new certificates? I've found only video from summit in Vancouver. Official docs weren't helpful.15:35
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dave-mccowansskripnick specifically using the python API?  (or CLI)15:39
sskripnickdave-mccowan: any. even rest api would be great15:40
sskripnickdave-mccowan: I've tried to create a cointainer and upload pem formatted certificate according to this
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dave-mccowansskripnick yes, that's it.  you need to create the secrets, then create the container with the secrets.15:45
sskripnickdave-mccowan: Ill try to go through this once more. thanks15:47
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openstackgerritKaitlin Farr proposed openstack/castellan master: Add ability to get only metadata
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dave-mccowanHappy Monday Barbicaneers!  Reminder, our weekly IRC meeting starts in 65 minutes.18:55
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dave-mccowanMeeting starting now in #openstack-meeting-alt20:01
dave-mccowanalee jaosorior kfarr diazjf redrobot ^^^20:02
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diazjfdeve-mccown, alee, kfarr, redrobot, just submitted the barbican workshop. Lmk if you get the email later today :)20:49
diazjfdave-mccowan ^20:50
dave-mccowandiazjf got it20:50
diazjffeel free to make any edits or lmk if you can't20:50
aleediazjf, got it too ..20:51
redrobotdiazjf alee maybe we should add something to say it was the most requested talk in Barcelona?21:00
aleemuch more likely to get accepted21:01
diazjfredrobot, alee, will do. I'll add "back by popular demand" Hottest Presentation in Barcelona :)21:04
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