Thursday, 2016-09-22

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openstackgerritzhangyanxian proposed openstack/barbican: Fix typos in alembic.ini &
openstackgerritzhangyanxian proposed openstack/barbican: Fix typos in alembic.ini &
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openstackgerritTony Xu proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Add oslo.config to requirements
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woodster_alee: dave-mccowan FYI, here's a spec related to that cert validation use case and testing mentioned yesterday:
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dave-mccowanwoodster_ thanks.  i missed the conversation on Cursive.  Looks like it does does signing as a service.  Do you know if it plans to use Barbican for certificate storage?14:41
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kfarrdave-mccowan woodster_ cursive uses castellan, so yes it can use barbican to store certs16:01
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kfarralso alee, catching up on the chat logs from yesterday, it wasn't my patch that broke cinder volume encryption >:-( though I worked on the fix16:03
aleekfarr, sorry - my bad - I appreciate that you worked on the fix though :)16:04
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dave-mccowankfarr cool.  should we have a Cursive/Barbican meetup at summit?  do they want to be part of the big tent?16:06
kfarrdave-mccowan, well, cursive is just a python utility library, similar to castellan16:07
woodster_kfarr: who created cursive?16:07
kfarrreally the only person who's been working on it who will be at the summit is dane-fichter, though I'm tangentially involved16:07
kfarrDane Fichter created it, on our APL team here16:07
woodster_kfarr: dane-fichter is tasked with adding a nova cert verify dev stack task, that's what started the conversations around this yesterday16:08
aleekfarr, ah - I was wondering who Dane Fichter was ..16:08
kfarrwoodster_, yeah I heard about it16:08
kfarrwould be really great to have an upstream gate check that used Barbican16:09
dave-mccowanif it makes sense to everyone, maybe Cursive could be added as a repo under the Barbican umbrella.  signing as a service has been on the list for a while now.16:10
woodster_kfarr: there was also talk of just adding such integration tests to demonstrate 'maturity' as one Nova core put it16:10
kfarrdave-mccowan, it's not a service right now, though16:11
dave-mccowankfarr do you know if Cursive has talked to Magnum or Designate?  (other projects who wanted to check signatures)16:13
kfarrdave-mccowan, AFAIK, Dane hasn't talked to any Magnum or Designate folks16:13
kfarralso redrobot alee diazjf (am I forgetting anyone?) I had an important meeting pop up at the same time as our meeting later today16:18
kfarrCould we shift the meeting back an hour?  Otherwise I will just try to catch the end of it16:19
aleekfarr, ok with me16:20
redrobotshift back == earlier or later?16:20
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alee(I assumed that meant later)16:20
kfarroh yeah, sorry, shift later16:21
redrobotyeah, I should be able to do that. just gotta move another meeting around.16:22
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-barbicanclient: Add oslo.config to requirements
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aleekfarr, redrobot I don't think diazf is online16:28
aleekfarr, redrobot  -lets assume 3pm EST then pending further updates .. going to lunch now ..16:29
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kfarrok thanks alee!16:29
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jay_hi all18:10
jay_i am facing issue with listener create18:10
jay_with liberty barbican18:10
jay_passing default-tls-container-ref parameter while creating listener18:11
jay_it errors out18:11
jay_ERROR: Could not process TLS container http://x.x.x.x:9311/v1/containers/05b750e5-ef14-4afc-b4fe-2b4949cf3356, Invalid user / password (Disable debug mode to suppress these details.)18:12
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jay_i have configd this in neutron.conf18:12
jay_admin_tenant_name = admin admin_user = admin admin_password = password auth_version = v218:13
jay_under [keystone_authtoken]18:14
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jay_any idea , anyone faced similar issue18:14
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jay_in neutron_lbaas.conf did the foll config18:21
jay_[service_auth] auth_uri = http://localhost:35357/v2.0 admin_tenant_name = admin admin_user = admin admin_password = password auth_version = 218:21
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diazjfalee, kfarr, redrobot, I'm here! saw the meeting was moved to 3:00PM EST19:01
aleeredrobot, is there a link for the google hangout?19:01
redrobotyeah, give me a sec19:01
kfarr_alee diazjf redrobot19:01
kfarr_I don't think there was one19:01
kfarr_but I just made one?19:01
redrobotkfarr_ have you tried turning the volume up?19:05
kfarr_haha thank redrobot19:05
kfarr_yeah I can hear everything else19:05
arunkant__can someone please review and possibly merge this..
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openstackgerritdane-fichter proposed openstack/barbican: Improve devstack configuration
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woodster_redrobot: dave-mccowan A bit of architectural discussion regarding Barbican at the arch-wg meeting today:
woodster_It woudl be good to meet with these folks at the summit...might give Barbican more cred with the community, though they are skeptical of the value of barbican without HSMs of course. It seems we need a soft HSM option that is better than saving master keks in conf files :)20:04
* woodster_ a default option that is20:04
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woodster_alee: arunkant__ ^^^^20:08
aleewoodster_, and of course dogtag allows you to do this without hsms ..20:15
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dave-mccowanwoodster_ i think barbican provides some value over keys in conf files.  1) you can have different keys for different instances, 2) you can store the keys on a different drive than both the config file and the data.20:24
kfarr_dave-mccowan +1 +120:25
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kfarr_redrobot, did you close on a house / was that a wall of the new house providing your backdrop during the video call? :)20:31
redrobotkfarr_ unfortunately, we didn't :(20:32
kfarr_redrobot noooo :(20:32
redrobotkfarr_ house needed a lot of repairs and the sellers didn't want to fix and/or lower the price. :-\20:32
kfarr_redrobot ugh that's a bummer20:33
kfarr_diazjf is it possible you could send the flask code this week instead of next just so I could take a look at it sooner?20:33
kfarr_next week will be pretty hectic for me20:34
woodster_dave-mccowan: kfarr I mean the default simple crypto for barbican that stores the master kek in the barbican conf file20:35
woodster_redrobot: sorry to hear that!20:36
woodster_alee: doesn't dogtag use an hsm as its backend?20:36
redrobotwoodster_ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we'll find the right house one of these days...20:37
aleewoodster_, dogtag can use either hsm or nss db as backend20:37
dave-mccowanwoodster_ even then, as long as the key database is on a different drive than the barbican conf file, i think there is some additional security compared to have one encryption key in the nova config file.20:39
woodster_dave-mccowan: agreed. There are several gray levels of security. It would be good to find a home for Barbican for all of these levels (in the minds of deployers/other OS projects)20:40
woodster_redrobot: yeah don't give up20:40
woodster_alee: I'd forgotten about nss db20:41
aleewoodster_, yup20:43
aleewoodster_, redrobot we really need to get that deployment guide fixed up ..20:44
dave-mccowanalee is the deployment guide in to repo?20:45
aleedave-mccowan, yup in the barbican tree20:46
aleedave-mccowan, its just not in a final form yet ..20:46
aleeparts missing ..20:46
aleedave-mccowan, there is a tox target to build it ..20:47
aleetox -e install-guide iirc ..20:47
dave-mccowanalee doc/source/admin-guide-cloud?20:48
aleedave-mccowan, no -- top-level install-guide20:49
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aleedave-mccowan, tox -e install-guide20:51
dave-mccowanalee got it.  i was looking in an old branch20:51
aleedave-mccowan, builds in install-guide/build/html20:52
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diazjfkfarr sure I'll take a look tonight and see if I can find it21:32
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nickchaseHey, all, quick question: what is Castellan and how does it relate to Barbican?22:19
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