Monday, 2016-09-19

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jarvishey redrobot05:53
jarvisi have issues with volume encryption using barbican05:54
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openstackgerritJiong Liu proposed openstack/barbican: Trivial fix in secretstore module
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redrobothi jarvis !15:01
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openstackgerritJiong Liu proposed openstack/barbican: Fix coverage test failure
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openstackgerritGábor Antal proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Replaced bare except
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kfarrjarvis how'd it go with encrypted volumes?16:38
jarvis_nothing worked kfarr16:39
jarvis_i m tension now16:39
kfarrjarvis_, did you apply that patch?16:39
jarvis_yes i copied both the files to repective directory16:39 and the other one16:40
kfarrjarvis_, then did you restart the service?16:40
jarvis_it gave the error for the cinder volume creation itself16:40
jaosorioralee: wasn't there a bug in cinder that breaks encrypted volumes? ^^16:40
kfarrjaosorior, that's what the patch is supposed to fix16:40
kfarrjarvis_ what was the error?16:41
jarvis_wait i paste the error16:42
jarvis_hey kfarr16:48
kfarrjarvis_ what's up16:49
jarvis_what should be the section name in nova.conf16:49
jarvis_[keymgr] or [key_manager]16:49
kfarrjarvis_ key_manager16:49
kfarrthough either should work16:49
jarvis_api_class as u told16:50
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jarvis_should i create a new volume type17:04
jarvis_or the previous one would be fine17:04
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jarvis_hey kfarr17:13
jarvis_this is the error17:13
jarvis_ ManagedObjectNotFoundError: Key not found, uuid: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000000017:13
jarvis_in n-cpu logs17:13
jarvis_while attaching a volume to instance17:13
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jarvis_r u der kfarr17:16
jarvis_did i do something wrong17:27
kfarrjarvis_ it looks like it's still trying to use ConfKeyManager, which is not correct17:33
jarvis_no i pasted the api_class = castellan.key_manager.barbican_key_manager.BarbicanKeyManager17:33
kfarrjarvis_ in the logs, it should print out the config options that are set17:36
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kfarrit would be super helpful if you could check what api_class is being set to17:36
kfarraccording to the logs17:36
jarvis_what i have understood is that17:38
jarvis_the cinder is not telling barbican to create key17:39
jarvis_as i couldn't see orders or get request in barbican-svc logs17:39
jarvis_while creating encrypted volume command17:40
jarvis_so what should i do kfarr17:48
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kfarrjarvis_ can you check in the logs, it should print out all of the config options that are getting used17:50
kfarrand see what api_class is set to17:50
jarvis_do you mean this ? key_manager.api_class          = cinder.keymgr.conf_key_mgr.ConfKeyManager from (pid=18328) log_opt_values /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/oslo_config/
jarvis_the cinder.conf has18:02
jarvis_[keymgr] api_class = castellan.key_manager.barbican_key_manager.BarbicanKeyManager  [keystone_authtoken]18:02
jarvis_hey der18:29
kfarrjarvis_ was that one of the services that you restarted?18:32
jarvis_yes c-api18:33
kfarrjarvis_ can you try restarting it again?18:33
jarvis_after restarting18:36
jarvis_ key_manager.api_class          = cinder.keymgr.conf_key_mgr.ConfKeyManager18:36
jarvis_in logs18:36
kfarrjarvis_ ok it shouldn't say that18:36
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kfarrjarvis_ can you please check that you used ?18:37
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aleekfarr_, redrobot diazjf -- hey- we need to schedule some time this week to start looking at the workshop stuff ..18:43
aleekfarr_, redrobot diazjf -- did I miss anyone?18:43
kfarr_alee yes, I agree18:43
redrobotalee kfarr_ diazjf Wednesday looks pretty good for me18:43
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jarvis_key_manager = keymgr.API(CONF) dis is the patch18:44
kfarr_jarvis_ yeah and what does cinder/keymgr/ look like18:45
jarvis_ deprecated_barbican = 'cinder.keymgr.barbican.BarbicanKeyManager'     barbican = 'castellan.key_manager.barbican_key_manager.BarbicanKeyManager'18:45
kfarr_jarvis_ is there a set_overrides function18:46
aleeredrobot, kfarr_ diazjf  wedesday could work for me - though I have a few meetings in between ..18:46
jarvis_# NOTE(kfarr): this method is for backwards compatibility, it is deprecated # for removal def set_overrides(conf):18:47
kfarr_jarvis_ which directory is that in?18:47
aleeredrobot, kfarr_ diazjf -- I'm free 9:30 - 10:45 EST, 12:30 -> 3:15 EST18:47
kfarr_is it /opt/stack/cinder/<etc> ?18:48
kfarr_jarvis_ I'll have to look into this more18:48
jarvis_but i fixed it if i copy the cinder.conf of openstack master18:49
diazjfalee, redrobot, kfarr, I'll join in Wednesday 3:15PM EST sounds best.18:49
jarvis_sry devstack18:49
kfarr_alee, redrobot, diazjf, wednesday is a little rough for me18:50
aleediazjf, I think I was not clear ..18:50
kfarr_but I can join in from 9:30 to 1018:50
aleediazjf, I was free before 3:15 ..18:50
redrobotalee diazjf kfarr_ actually Thursday or Friday looks good for me also18:50
kfarr_and can check in periodically from 12:30 - 318:51
aleeredrobot, diazjf thursday and fri work better for me too ..18:51
kfarr_redrobot alee diazjf most of Thurs is free for me18:52
aleekfarr_, redrobot diazjf - other than a meeting at 1-2, most of thrus free for me18:52
aleekfarr_, redrobot diazjf so for me -- anytime after 9:30 -> 5 pm , except 1-2 pm EST18:54
kfarr_alee, redrobot, diazjf, yeah any time 10 - ~5 pm est for me, too18:55
aleeredrobot, diazjf ??18:55
redrobotalee mostly free except for 3:30-4pm EST.  I could probably reschedule it though.  Just waiting on diazjf18:56
diazjfredrobot, alee, kfarr_ wanna say 2PM-3PM EST?18:59
kfarr_sounds ok to me, but not sure if we'll need more time?19:02
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aleekfarr_, redrobot diazjf its early days still - most likely we'll come out with a list of actions / stuff to review19:03
diazjfkfarr_, alee, redrobot, I was thinking just a brief discussion. I can setup a google doc for us to collaborate by then and we can add topics we will go over.19:03
aleeso an hour may be enough initially19:03
alee2-3 sounds fine to me19:03
aleeand I can stay on later if it makes sense19:04
kfarr_sounds good!  2-3 PM+ EST going into my calendar19:04
aleeredrobot, can you set up hangout?19:04
redrobotalee can do19:04
aleeredrobot, kfarr_ diazjf - it also puts a hard stop on my previous meeting - which can be painful at times -- so bonus for me :)19:05
jarvis_kfarr what should i do??19:15
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kfarr_jarvis_, I don't know, I need to look into it19:18
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dave-mccowanweekly meeting in #openstack-meeting-alt starting now20:03
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woodster_Just curious about our cover gate job and why it is crashing. Also I hadn't noticed the ubuntu-xenial addition to it. Seeing this at the end: ERROR: InvocationError: '/home/jenkins/workspace/barbican-coverage-ubuntu-xenial/.tox/cover/bin/coverage xml'21:00
woodster_I'm assuming that replaced the old cover gate then?21:01
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