Thursday, 2016-09-01

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dricoI'm trying to setup barbican for LbaaS and I get this error :13:16
dricoCould not load 'simple_certificate_event': cannot import name certificate_manager / cannot import name certificate_manager13:16
dricoI guess it's from :13:17
driconamespace = barbican.certificate.event.plugin13:17
dricoenabled_certificate_event_plugins = simple_certificate_event13:17
dricocan someone tell me what this certificate_event is for ?13:17
drico+ is there any documentation to get a barbican production ready somewhere?13:17
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dricoapparently I have the same problem than here
dricoCould not load 'simple_certificate_event': cannot import name certificate_manager14:12
dricocannot import name certificate_manager14:12
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daemontoolHi, question: can Barican or Castellan be used to manage credentials for the Openstack services (i.e. the ones in the services.conf files_)?15:34
redrobothi daemontool15:34
daemontoolhi redrobot15:35
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daemontoolold topic I know...15:36
redrobotdaemontool yes, that would be a good use case.  You could store all passwords/passphrases in Barbican, then inject the keystone credentials into your service and retrieve all the relevant passwords15:36
redrobotdaemontool so instead of storing a passphrase in service.conf you'd store the barbican reference15:36
redrobothi drico15:37
dricohi !15:37
daemontooldoes the services knows how to read those creds? for instance the issue mentioned here:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1158328 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "passwords in config files stored in plaintext" [Wishlist,Won't fix]15:37
daemontoolthat is what you are referring to right?15:37
daemontoolthat is for mysql db creds for instance15:38
redrobotdaemontool yes, you could mostly solve for that bug using barbican15:38
daemontoolredrobot, brilliant, thanks15:39
daemontoolis castellan also needed to solve that?15:39
redrobotdaemontool so, castellan is an abstraction on top of barbican.  it's purpose is to let people integrate with a key manager without having to take a hard dependency on barbican15:40
daemontoolok ty15:40
redrobotdaemontool so you have to choose between using castellan or pyhton-barbicanclient directly15:40
redrobotdrico just now catching up on IRC for the day15:41
dricoyes I'm a bit lost with that issue15:41
dricoI'm using the package from ubuntu xenial for mitaka, maybe I should remove them and use some github branch15:42
redrobotdrico tbh I don't remember what the certificate event is for...  I'll have to dig into the code to refresh my memory15:42
redrobotdrico we started working on installation guides during the midcycle a couple of weeks ago, so they're not quite ready yet...15:43
dricowell even if there is some draft somewhere I'll be happy to give some feedback15:43
redrobotdrico kinda barebones right now
dricoah yes I was on it one hour ago15:46
redrobotdrico also these
daemontoolredrobot, does Mitaka supports that solution?15:47
dricoyes the one on github where pretty useful15:47
redrobotdaemontool so, you'd have to make some changes in your config logic, but storage/retrieval of secret data is basically the main feature of barbican.15:48
redrobotdaemontool I think it would be cool if oslo.config supported using barbican out of the box15:48
redrobotdaemontool maybe something to talk to the oslo team about during the next summit.15:49
daemontoolredrobot, yes for the infrastructure side usage of Barbican, that'd be a huge win15:51
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dricoif I try without the packages, should I go for master or the mitaka stable branch ?15:55
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redrobotdrico either one should work.  we try to keep a working master at all times15:58
redrobotdrico there's a couple of new features in master that are not in mitaka15:58
redrobotdrico like filtering secrets by dates15:58
dricowell apparently the test of storing and getting a secret with curl is working16:03
dricobut not the barbican-keystone-listener16:04
dricoI'm not sure what this is for16:04
redrobotdrico so barbican-keystone-listener is an optional daemon that subscribes to the Keystone event queue16:04
redrobotdrico it's used for clean up of our database16:04
redrobotdrico for example, when a project is deleted from Keystone, an event id emitted, which the barbican-keystone-listener can act upon to make sure that the project is also deleted from our DB16:05
dricook I get it16:05
dricohow could I check if the link between my openstack keystone and barbican is correctly working ?16:06
redrobotdrico by link do you mean authentication/authorization?16:06
dricomy idea is to use LB as a service so I will store some SSL certificates in barbican16:07
redrobotdrico if you try to curl https://barbican_host/v1/secrets without a token you should get a 40116:07
dricook so it's not ;) thanks16:08
redrobotdrico your paste config may not have the keystone-auth middleware enabled16:08
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dricoAuthentication required ! fixed it :)16:11
dricowhich plugin would you recommend for a production use ?16:11
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redrobotdrico hey, sorry I missed your last question19:29
redrobotdrico we highly recommend using a Hardware Security Module for production deployments.19:29
redrobotdrico in theory any HSM with a KMIP or PKCS#11 interface should work.19:30
redrobotdrico in practice, most production deployments are using Safenet Luna HSMs19:30
redrobotdrico HSMs have cool security features, like encryption keys that can't be extracted, but they are quite pricey.19:31
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