Thursday, 2016-07-21

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openstackgerritJohannes Grassler proposed openstack/barbican: Default to Keystone authentication
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openstackgerritSwapnil Kulkarni (coolsvap) proposed openstack/castellan: Remove discover from test-requirements
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jaosoriordave-mccowan: Hey dude12:08
dave-mccowanhi juan12:08
jaosoriordave-mccowan: How's it going?12:08
jaosoriordave-mccowan: Hey, how familiar are you with tempest?12:09
dave-mccowanjaosorior pretty good.12:09
dave-mccowani haven't done much with tempest, but i did fix a TLS related bug in tempest recently.12:10
jaosoriorI see12:10
jaosoriordave-mccowan: well, basically they want to start testing barbican as it's used by cinder's volume encryption12:10
jaosoriorand it's failing like this
jaosoriorby they I mean the puppet folks12:11
jaosorioranyway, that seems to be a policy issue, which could be fixed by making sure that the user that is setting up that encrypted volume is either "admin" or "creator"12:11
jaosoriorBUT, I have no clue where to find that in tempest12:11
jaosoriordave-mccowan: This is the test
jaosoriorany ideas?12:13
dave-mccowani agree... definitely RBAC problem.  hopefully there is a some setup code where project specific setup can be hooked in to add roles to users.12:13
jaosoriorbut I just haven't figured it out12:14
jaosoriorI've been bumping my head against the wall for a couple of days now12:14
dave-mccowani know some folks that use tempest, but they are in California.  i can check with them in a couple hours to see if they have any pointers.  i'll also take a look.12:15
jaosoriorthat would be great12:16
dave-mccowanthere are some test_roles files under identity.  can you copy the code from there and stick it in the cinder tests to setup the user that is used?12:17
dave-mccowani need to step out for a bit.  i'll check back later.12:18
jaosoriordave-mccowan: Which test_roles?12:19
dave-mccowanjaosorior tempest/tests/lib/services/identity/v2/test_roles_client.py13:05
jaosoriordave-mccowan: so apparently tempest has a config option called tempest_roles13:05
jaosoriorwhich defines the roles that tempest will give to users globally13:05
jaosoriorso I'm trying to use that13:05
dave-mccowanjaosorior is that what you're stuck on, or did you just find that?13:06
jaosoriorjust found that13:07
jaosoriortesting it now13:07
jaosoriorlets see if it works13:07
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/barbican: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritThomas Bechtold proposed openstack/barbican: Use oslo-config-generator to generate barbican.conf.sample
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openstackgerritArun Kant proposed openstack/barbican-specs: Adding spec for supporting multiple secret store backends
openstackgerritArun Kant proposed openstack/barbican: Adding API docs for multiple backend support
openstackgerritSwapnil Kulkarni (coolsvap) proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Remove discover from test-requirements
jaosoriorarunkant: ping17:17
jaosoriorkfarr: ping17:17
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kfarr_jaosorior pong!17:29
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jaosoriorkfarr_: You're acquainted with the tempest tests for cinder encrypted volumes, right?17:30
kfarr_jaosorior, yes, I wrote them, but that was 3 yrs ago17:31
jaosoriorkfarr_: So17:32
jaosoriorwe're trying to test that stuff in the puppet-community17:32
jaosorioraaaand it's failing due to policy17:32
kfarr_jaosorior barbican policy?17:32
jaosoriorso it seems that it's using a user that is not admin or creator17:32
jaosoriorwhen you wrote that17:32
jaosoriorhow did you set the roles for the users in tempest?17:32
kfarr_jaosorior the tempest tests are just run against the existing devstack, last time I checked it doesn't create the users17:35
kfarr_and the default devstack just uses ConfKeyManager17:35
kfarr_which doesn't use policy17:35
kfarr_so if you're using barbican, the user that's creating the volume would need to have barbican roles added outside of the tests17:36
kfarr_IIRC, the admin user creates the volume type, then the demo user creates the volume17:36
jaosoriorcrap haha17:37
jaosoriorI have no idea what user does that then17:37
kfarr_it should be the same, demo user17:37
jaosoriorthiung is17:37
jaosoriorfor puppet they don't use devstack17:37
kfarr_let me double check17:37
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kfarr_jaosorior what do they use?17:46
jaosoriora virtual machine that they provision with the necessary services17:46
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openstackgerritNamrata proposed openstack/barbican: Add guru meditation report for barbican
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openstackgerritArun Kant proposed openstack/barbican-specs: Adding spec for supporting multiple secret store backends
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