Thursday, 2016-07-14

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openstackgerritAdriano proposed openstack/barbican: Update git url in README
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openstackgerritPanFengyun proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv
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openstackgerritPablo Iranzo G√≥mez proposed openstack/barbican: Fix some typos
openstackgerritJiong Liu proposed openstack/barbican: Get 500 Internal server when retrieving secret with no payload
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openstackgerritJiong Liu proposed openstack/barbican: Get 500 Internal server when retrieving secret with no payload
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jaosorioralee, back.15:48
jaosoriorare you gonna do the patches for puppet-cinder and puppet-nova15:48
jaosorioror should I?15:48
aleejaosorior, doing them right now15:48
jaosorioralee: alright, let me know when you have them to review15:48
aleejaosorior, will do15:49
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aleekfarr, ping16:00
kfarralee pong!16:00
aleekfarr, so question about cinder encryption16:00
kfarralee yes16:00
aleekfarr, this documentation implies that the service that is reading the cinder config is cinder-volume16:01
aleekfarr, is that right?16:01
aleekfarr, or is it cinder-api?16:02
aleekfarr, I have a log here where it seems cinder-api is talking to the keymgr ..16:03
kfarrFrom my experience w DevStack, after I update the config file, I restart c-api16:03
kfarrso I'm not certain why the documentation says c-vol16:04
aleekfarr, who wrote the doc?16:04
kfarralee, not sure, will check16:04
kfarralee ajaeger
aleekfarr, is there anyone we can ask to confirm ?16:08
aleekfarr, ie. a cinder dev?  or bpoulos perhaps?16:09
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kfarrbpoulos is out this week, I'll email others, will let you know when I hear back16:09
aleekfarr, thanks -- if it turns out to be incorrect, can you open a bug to change the doc?16:10
kfarralee, sure16:10
aleekfarr, or I suppose I can always open a bug now -- and have someone close it if its invalid16:11
kfarralee, that would be good too :)16:11
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arunkant_alee, its cinder-volume and backup service api component which uses keymgr.. and
aleearunkant, looking ..16:29
aleearunkant, kfarr interesting --- but I see it showing up in cinder-api log16:31
aleearunkant, kfarr and not at all in the cinder-volume log16:32
aleejaosorior, do you have any idea?16:32
arunkant_cinder volume also has an API component for interacting with the volume manager..
arunkant_And that's made available as part of wsgi cinder-api app.16:34
aleearunkant, where do you see that?16:35
aleearunkant, it sounds to me like you're saying the part that interacts with keymgr is exposed through cinder-api  --16:43
aleebut I wonder where I could see that cinder.volume.api is part of the cinder-api wsgi app ..16:44
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arunkant_alee, its there in api controller code.let me check ..16:53
arunkant_alee, for v2 .. and for v1 ..
aleearunkant, awesome !16:55
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arunkant__just trying to figure out if there is way to know the irc handle if I know the person name from review17:10
kfarrarunkant__ sometimes people post their IRC handles on their launchpad page17:12
kfarrwho is it?17:12
arunkant_kfarr..thanks..found the person through search on launchpad.net17:18
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kfarrDid anyone get their hotels for the mid-cycle yet?  Is there an IBM rate somewhere?18:37
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