Friday, 2016-03-11

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silosredrobot: ping15:44
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openstackgerritChristopher Solis proposed openstack/barbican: Changes max string length for URL to 255
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redrobotsilos pon16:34
redrobotsilos g16:34
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silosredrobot: thanks. But i Figured it out. :)16:40
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redrobotWho's our "Block Captain"?17:16
redrobotI nominate spotz for block captain!17:16
redrobotderp wrong channel17:17
redrobotbut ohai barbicaneers!17:17
spotzhehehe redrobot17:20
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brownehi folks, can someone please review
brownehas 3 +2s17:56
spotzI don't think you need a review but I looked through ad +1'd I think you need someone to workflow it17:58
browneyeah, just need a +W17:58
redrobotbrowne merged.  thanks for the patch!18:13
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brownethanks spotz and redrobot18:20
spotzYou're welcome, thanks for the patch:)18:21
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Remove use of old bandit.yaml
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Add missing unit test for clean_command and fix error handling
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openstackgerritMichael Krotscheck proposed openstack/barbican: Moved CORS middleware configuration into set_defaults
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sigmavirus24Hey all, I have been working on deploying barbican and have some questions/concerns about the current state of barbican (from an operator's perspective) and thoughts on whether or not I'm just missing obvious things22:01
redrobotsigmavirus24 what's up?22:02
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sigmavirus24So I guess the thing foremost on my mind now is the host_href config option. I have barbican behind HAProxy (for now, would be an F5 later) so I could just have ansible use the LB ip for that, but if someone's using the public (rather than internal) URI, then they wouldn't really want that. The public would be fine but I'm not sure host_href needs to be static22:04
sigmavirus24I wonder if I'm missing something obvious because most other services don't need/require a configuration option like that22:05
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redrobotsigmavirus24 so, currently we don't have a way to specify an internal endpoint.  It was reported by arunkant as
openstackLaunchpad bug 1541118 in Barbican "Barbican single host setting does not work with internal and public endpoints" [Undecided,New]22:07
redrobotsigmavirus24 he's working on implementing a solution similar to what Keystone does to handle internal and external endpoints.22:08
arunkantredrobot: I have a review out for this..  for quite a while22:09
sigmavirus24arunkant: it's not linked from the bug :(22:09
arunkantnot sure why? Commit has Closes-Bug: tag22:10
sigmavirus24arunkant: if it wasn't there in the first revision then gerritbot doesn't do its magic22:11
sigmavirus24redrobot: I'm also confused why barbican requires keystone middleware configuration to be in the paste file when most other services pull that out of the service's configuration file22:12
arunkantsigmavirus24: Did not knew about that aspect..added review link in bug22:13
redrobotsigmavirus24 I guess no one has brought that up before?22:14
sigmavirus24redrobot: fair22:15
sigmavirus24It seems like all the necessary data is in the identity section in barbican.conf which is why I'm confused22:15
redrobotsigmavirus24 yeah, I can understand that.  I don't think anyone would be opposed to changing our config so that everything comes from barbican.conf.  Especially if it makes it so that we're more in-line with the way other projects do things.22:17
sigmavirus24redrobot: I'm guessing that'd be blueprint work then, right?22:18
sigmavirus24Or would a bug suffice for that/22:18
sigmavirus24Either way, I think I could get RPC to let me tackle some of that22:18
redrobotsigmavirus24 I'm not sure how big of a change that would be?22:19
redrobotsigmavirus24 I think a bug sounds reasonable assuming it won't require a lot of code changes...22:20
woodster_sigmavirus24: it would be nice to have a static paste.ini file22:22
sigmavirus24woodster_: that brings me on my third point22:24
sigmavirus24projects using paste often have a way of selecting the paste profile in the conf file instead of modifying the paste file to change the default profile22:24
sigmavirus24That would be something I'd like to set up/add as well22:25
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woodster_sigmavirus24: that does seems like the preferred way to do things22:25
woodster_sigmavirus24: actually looking at nova's paste logic now22:26
sigmavirus24Cool, I guess I'll start working on some of this22:26
sigmavirus24woodster_: good point, I hadn't looked at nova's. I'm more familiar with glance's22:26
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woodster_sigmavirus24:  this is interesting:
woodster_sigmavirus24:  that 'use' line calls back to the nova code to massage the pipeline it appears22:28
* sigmavirus24 isn't a paste guru and is probably missing what's interesting22:28
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sigmavirus24woodster_: what I was thinking of was something more like:
sigmavirus24but I'll have to see how nova figures out which composite pipeline it uses22:34
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woodster_sigmavirus24: does the paste process parse that paste_deploy section of the config file then?22:35
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sigmavirus24woodster_: I think that's something glance does but I'm not 100% certain anylonger22:41
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sigmavirus24Anyway, thanks for listening redrobot and woodster_23:21
sigmavirus24I'll probably start tackling all of this on Monday23:21
woodster_sigmavirus24: sounds good, thanks!23:21
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