Friday, 2015-12-04

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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Tox tests are broken at the moment. From openstack-infra we are working to fix them. Please don't approve changes until we notify that tox tests work again.09:30
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arunkant_jaosorior: ping12:46
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jaosoriorarunkant_ pong13:27
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arunkant_jaosorior: Hi..can you please review: again. I am trying to get this move forward.13:29
jaosoriorarunkant_  Done13:30
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arunkant_jaosorior: kfarr has some comments in earlier need to change the impl. As per yesterdat conv, she seems to be okay with current patch.13:30
arunkant_jaosorior: thanks.13:31
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openstackgerritPeter Hamilton proposed openstack/barbican: Remove low-level PyKMIP test asserts
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openstackgerritPeter Hamilton proposed openstack/barbican: Remove low-level PyKMIP test asserts
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peter-hamiltonrellerreller: ping15:39
rellerrellerpeter-hamilton pong15:40
peter-hamiltonrellerreller: care to take a quick look at
rellerrellerpeter-hamilton I can take a look hopefully in about 10 minutes. I'm working on something now.15:42
peter-hamiltonrellerreller: cool, thanks15:42
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: The earlier JJB bug which disrupted tox-based job configurations has been reverted and applied; jobs seem to be running successfully for the past two hours.16:53
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arunkant_kfarr: thanks for the review.17:35
kfarrarunkant_, thanks for the patch!17:36
arunkant_kfarr: Looks like needs to be approved again as nothing happened  after 'reverify'17:37
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kfarrarunkant_, no I checked zuul, it's just taking it's time for it to finish up the functional tests17:38
kfarrit's got about 5 more minutes before it finishes, or so it says17:38
arunkant_kfarr: okay. I did not check on zuul side. On the review side, I generally see "Starting gate jobs" after the action.17:41
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arunkant_kfarr: thanks again for checking on that as well.17:42
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Authorized API Requests
openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Assigning oslo config CONF once to parsed barbican CONF instance
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peter-hamiltonkfarr: thanks for the +219:19
peter-hamiltonwoodster_: ping19:25
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peter-hamiltonrellerreller: ping19:26
rellerrellerpeter-hamilton pong19:27
peter-hamiltonrellerreller: got a second to workflow
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rellerrellerpeter-hamilton I already did that.19:28
peter-hamiltonrellerreller: really? how long does it take to show on the review?19:28
rellerrellerpeter-hamilton I don't know. Check it again real quick.19:29
spotzpeter-hamilton I see the workflow19:29
peter-hamiltonrellerreller: spotz oh there it is19:29
peter-hamiltonrellerreller, spotz: it literally just showed up19:30
peter-hamiltonrellerreller, spotz: thanks!19:30
rellerrellerpeter-hamilton I literally did it while you were typing your message at 14:27.19:30
peter-hamiltonrellerreller: haha, figures19:30
rellerrellerpeter-hamilton I was talking it over with kfarr.19:31
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peter-hamiltonrellerreller: gotcha, did you have questions for me? i was out earlier19:31
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aleeelmiko, xaeth ping19:45
xaethwhats up19:45
aleexaeth, elmiko -- I'm trying a little to undeerstand the packaging in the barbican rpm ..19:46
aleeelmiko, xaeth this is a CR I put up to fix the rdo version of the barbican spec19:47
aleeI agree with apevec that some of the perms are wrong ..19:47
elmikoi saw this earlier when you pinged in #rdo, but i think apevec's comments superceded my approval ;)19:47
elmikoi thought we were going to do something like barbican:root for the perms? or was that improper as well?19:48
aleewhats supposed to be in openstack-barbican as opposed to openstack-barbican-api>19:48
elmikoi think openstack-barbican would contain openstack-barbican-api and openstack-barbican-doc maybe?19:49
aleeelmiko, as opposed to python-barbican ..19:49
xaethalee: openstack-barbican should only really be bits like the directory structures common to the other bits19:49
elmikoi don't think there should be a python-barbican19:49
elmikoonly python-barbicanclient19:49
aleexaeth, right now it looks like all subpackages depend on python-barbican19:50
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elmikothis may be a better question for apevec or number8019:50
aleeopenstack-barbican-api depends on openstack-barbican19:50
alee(which depends on pyhton-barbican)19:51
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elmikoi had thought that targets like openstack-barbican-api would just be for something like the barbican-api server19:51
aleeelmiko, xaeth maybe we should look at openstack-glance or similar ..19:52
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elmikoalee: so, looking at the sahara and nova packages, they both have the top level package (openstack-nova, for example) including the subpackages19:55
elmikoit was always my understanding that the specific packages (eg openstack-barbican-api) were just for installing those specific components19:56
elmikoand that the overarching package (eg openstack-barbican) was for including all those subpackages19:56
xaethwe don't do a -common, but i'm not sure why you would split those bits to -common19:56
elmikoso that a user can just do `dnf install openstack-barbican` and get the whole thing19:57
xaethunless you were doing an umbrella like that19:57
elmikoyea, not sure why nova does that19:57
elmikobut it has *tons* of stuff to package19:57
xaethwell if you are using it as a umbrella i guess it makes sense19:57
xaethwe aren't using it as an umbrella, we are using it as common19:58
xaethinstall the 'role' you want19:58
elmikohmm, and they are requiring python-nova19:58
elmikooh, i get it19:58
aleeelmiko, xaeth glance is a little simpler19:58
elmikoif i want to just install openstack-nova-api, and not the rest, then i would need openstack-nova-common19:59
elmikoalee: ack19:59
aleeelmiko, xaeth the libraries / python module are in python-X19:59
xaethalee: ya, but in that case glance is the library and then the app19:59
aleeall other modules must require that19:59
xaeththere are only the 2 packages20:00
xaethwell.. docs20:00
aleexaeth, yup - cinder is simple too
aleeelmiko, xaeth I dont think we are too far off20:02
xaethbarbican has: common (for api and worker), api, worker, and then library20:02
elmikoalee: so, looking at some of these examples, openstack-barbican should require openstack-barbican-api and potentially any other modules that are broken out separately20:02
xaethi dont see how our separation is bad20:02
xaethapi != worker20:02
aleeelmiko, well thats if you have the idea of an overarching package20:02
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aleeso what we have right now is this ..20:03
xaethi'm fine with making openstack-barbican an overarching and moving its current bits to common, but i dont see what else would change, and I dont know that that is necessary20:03
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xaethi'm not a fan of umbrella packages but if thats a thing in openstack-packages i'm okay with it20:04
aleepython-barbican required by all packages (os-barbican, os-barbican-worker, etc)20:04
aleeand then os-barbican-api depens on os-barbican20:04
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aleemy question is this really -- do we need os-barbican-api and os-barbican?20:04
*** diazjf1 has joined #openstack-barbican20:05
xaethif i want to install os-barbican-worker i dont want the os-barbican-api bits20:05
elmikomy understanding is that the rdo folks want sub-packages for those applications (at least, we had to add them in the sahara packaging)20:05
xaeththey are separate apps20:05
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aleefine .. install os-barbican-worker20:05
elmikoi'm not sure what the current thinking is, but that's a highly rdo-specific question20:05
aleeit will pull in python-barbican20:06
xaethos-barbican-work relies on files from os-barbican20:06
xaeththat shouldnt be in python-barbican20:06
elmikoi think that was apevec's point on the review20:06
aleexaeth, what does it depend on that is not in python-barbican?20:07
xaethi retract my statement20:08
aleeelmiko, looks like sahara does it differently too ..20:08
xaethi dont remember duplicating those lines between the 2 sections20:08
elmikobut sahara has an openstack-sahara package, then some sub-pacakges20:09
elmikoand no openstack-sahara-common package20:09
elmikoor did you mean something different?20:09
alee  eh?20:10
*** edtubill has joined #openstack-barbican20:11
elmikooh oops, guess that was added ;)20:11
aleeelmiko, xaeth so sahara has a common package, and subpackages that depend on that common package, and an umbrella package20:12
* elmiko nods20:12
xaethif we want that to now be a umbrella i'm fine with that.  I still think common makes sense, and would remove that duplication that got added recently20:13
xaethis removign the duplication worth a separate package? maybe not *shrug820:13
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elmikoin the case of sahara, it may make sense to have a common package. since you could install an HA service node that just has the openstack-sahara-engine package without installing openstack-sahara20:13
*** lisaclark1 has joined #openstack-barbican20:13
elmikoi'm not sure if anyone would actually do that, but it's possible20:14
elmikosahara has an HA mode were the master controller runs the sahara-api and the slaves run sahara-engine20:14
elmikofor barbican, would you ever install openstack-barbican-worker without openstack-barbican-api?20:16
elmikoif so, and they have common files, then the common package makes sense20:16
aleeI'm not sure an overarching package makes sense -- and in fact, I dont think we actually build one20:17
aleewe dont build openstack-barbican20:17
elmikothat seems odd to me20:17
aleethere is no %files section20:17
aleenot really -- we do the  same thing with pki-core20:18
elmikoi would think that the end-user would want to be able to do `dnf install openstack-barbican`, no?20:18
aleewe have a bunch of subpackages that are built20:18
aleeelmiko, well thats a separate question ..20:18
elmikoright, but the openstack-barbican package would just require those sub-packages20:18
elmikook, maybe i'm slightly confused then20:19
aleeelmiko, when someone does that -- dnf install openstack-barbican -- what would you expect them to install?20:19
elmikoi would expect to install enough for a minimal, single node, barbican server20:19
aleeelmiko, so you'd expect openstack-barbican-api?20:20
elmikothat makes sense20:20
aleeso why not just do away with openstack-barbican-api ? and have the main package deliver whats in openstack-barbican-api?20:20
aleeif you want an api node, installl openstack-barbican, if you want a worker, install openstack-barbican-worker20:21
elmikowell, i see an openstack-barbican-worker package, would i ever want to install openstack-barbican-api without the worker?20:21
aleeI dont think you want the worker and the api node together ever ..20:22
elmikoi get what you are saying, but i think this is something the rdo folks have in place for higher granularity of package installs20:22
aleexaeth, ^^?20:22
xaethsorry had to walk away20:22
aleeelmiko, the way things are now, we do not build openstack-barbican20:23
elmikohuh, interesting20:23
*** edtubill has quit IRC20:23
aleethats the source package -- but we build openstack-barbican-api, -worker etc.20:23
aleethat actually makes sense to me20:23
elmikohonestly, if the rdo guys are ok with things being separated that way then i'm not gonna question that logic20:23
xaethi'm fine with rolling api into main20:24
*** edtubill has joined #openstack-barbican20:24
xaethyou would run worker without api20:24
xaethwe are at least20:24
aleeright - that makes sense20:24
elmikoyea, to me it makes more sense to have openstack-barbican and openstack-barbican-worker20:24
elmikojust from an installer perspective20:25
xaethwe build an openstack-barbican right now.. i'm confused
aleeoh - yeah we do20:25
xaethi'm fine with rolling os-b-api into os-b for that reason20:25
*** lisaclark1 has quit IRC20:25
xaeth(the convo above)20:25
aleeand thats why I was confused -- because the only thing that requires that is -- openstack-barbican-api20:25
xaethi dont know why -worker stopped requiring it20:26
xaethit was my understanding that both requried it20:26
jkfalee: Why wouldn't someone want to run api and workers on the same machine? I plan to, just because of the beefy machines I'll be running on. Plus it gives me the flexibility to separate them later if I want.20:26
*** jhfeng has joined #openstack-barbican20:26
xaethjkf: not that you can't but that some people wont20:26
xaethwhich is why i dont want them to conflict, so that you can20:26
elmikook, now i'm really confused...20:27
aleexaeth, elmiko either way it seems like we need a common ..20:27
elmikothat is exactly the point of having the openstack-barbican package *and* openstack-barbican-api20:27
jkfxaeth: +1 on that.20:27
elmikoopenstack-barbican installs *everything*20:27
xaethelmiko: but if we move shared to -common then people that install openstack-barbican get the api... i can get behind that20:27
elmikoif you know that you only need -api or -worker, then you only install those20:28
elmikoright, but openstack-barbican would install -api and -worker20:28
xaethso tbh i'm good wither either of those 2 solutions20:28
aleeelmiko, thats not the way it currently works ..20:28
aleeso we need to decide how we want it to work20:28
elmikoalee: ack, but it probably should be20:28
xaethsolution a) -common gets created and -api is now os-b. worker replies on -common not os-b20:28
xaethsolution b) -common gets created and os-b is now an umbrella that beings in all20:29
xaethsolution c) os-b gets made back into a common package and people bring in -api or -worker as they want20:29
*** lisaclark1 has joined #openstack-barbican20:30
elmikoi think b is the proper way20:30
xaethdid that summarize what we are talking about  well enough?20:30
elmikoos-b installs -common, -api, -worker20:30
elmiko-api and -worker require -common20:30
xaethi dont really care which of the 3, they all have merrits20:31
elmikob is closer to the other packages we looked at20:31
aleeelmiko, its certainly closer to sahara :)20:32
aleeelmiko, I'm ok with b20:32
elmikotrue, but i think nova was like that as well20:32
aleeelmiko, right20:32
aleeok -- (b) is what I'll do then20:33
xaethi gotta bounce20:33
elmikosounds good to me20:33
elmikotake care xaeth20:33
aleecool - thanks all20:33
elmikonp, sorry for the confusion20:33
aleeand all this because I could not figure out where to create the bartbican user ..20:33
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*** dave-mccowan has joined #openstack-barbican20:37
lisaclark1hi all20:51
lisaclark1just a heads up that I've updated the barbican midcycle sprint wiki with hotel details:
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Remove low-level PyKMIP test asserts
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rm_worklisaclark1: where is your midcycle? CEC?21:58
rm_worklisaclark1: our midcycle for Neutron-LBaaS is also at the Castle, in the CEC Jan 12-15th21:59
*** silos has left #openstack-barbican22:01
rm_worklisaclark1: just signed up for a Drop-In ticket too :P22:03
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openstackgerritJeff Feng proposed openstack/barbican-specs: Adding a barbican-manage command
*** pdesai has joined #openstack-barbican22:18
openstackgerritPeter Hamilton proposed openstack/barbican: Add PyKMIP test asserts
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Remove obsolete shell command files
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