Tuesday, 2015-10-06

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jaosoriorredrobot: Still awake?04:55
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openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/barbican: Add RBAC docs for Cloud Administrator Guide  https://review.openstack.org/23122205:03
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stevemar_jaosorior: o/05:39
stevemar_jaosorior: when are you all going to release barbicanclient :)05:39
stevemar_https://github.com/openstack/python-barbicanclient/releases august 24th is old and no bueno05:39
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jaosoriorstevemar_ Good question dude, gotta ping redrobot for that05:48
jaosoriorstevemar_ Only thing I'm thinking about is the naming we used for commands; since at the moment they're all the same; both for our CLI and for the OSC plugin05:49
jaosoriorwe recently added ACL support, and that might get confusing in the OSC05:49
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stevemar_jaosorior: /me shrugs05:52
stevemar_nothing else went in?05:52
jaosoriorstevemar_ Well, the osc plugin, ACL support, a bunch of CA-related operations and bug-fixes05:53
jaosoriorbut the CA stuff is quite self-explanatory and shouldn't be an issue05:53
* stevemar_ shrugs05:57
stevemar_just thought i'd give you guys a heads up ^_^05:57
jaosoriorstevemar_ I'll ping redrobot about it when he's awake. It's around 1am over there05:58
jaosoriorstevemar_ But thanks. How's stuff otherwise?05:58
stevemar_jaosorior: crazy as always :)05:58
stevemar_jaosorior: how you liking RH?05:58
jaosoriorreally good so far :)05:59
jaosoriorGonna get my red hat this month05:59
stevemar_jaosorior: wear it with pride!06:04
jaosoriorstevemar_ haha sure will :d06:11
jaosorior* :D06:11
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pksinghjaosorior, Hi Good Morning :)09:23
jaosoriorpksingh: Hey, what's up?10:07
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pksinghjaosorior, how's the day?10:39
jaosoriorpksingh: Pretty good, just got back from lunch and now back to coding. How about yours?10:40
pksinghjaosorior, just about to leave from office in 50 minutes10:41
pksinghtodays work ended10:42
jaosoriornot bad!10:42
jaosoriorI still have some hours ahead10:42
jaosoriorBut no worries, there's enough coffee :P10:43
pksinghgreat :)10:44
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Guest28678good mornin' barbican! :)14:12
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openstackgerritArun Kant proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Part 3: Adding ACL functional tests.  https://review.openstack.org/20834415:42
arunkantjaosorior, silos: Can you review  ^^^ . Addressed a typo identified by jaosorior in earlier patch.15:44
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silosarunkant: looking now15:59
jaosoriorarunkant: +2ed16:04
arunkantthanks jaosorior, silos16:05
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aleedave-mccowan, ping17:40
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dave-mccowanalee pong17:41
aleedave-mccowan, have you played at all with using barbican for volume encryption>17:42
aleeredrobot, ^^?17:42
dave-mccowanalee not yet, but that is nearing the top of my to-do list.  i definitely want to give it a try.17:43
aleeI'm trying to do it and running into a weird issue - its probably my config , but ..17:43
aleeanyone else here worked with volume encryption?17:44
aleerm_work, jvrbanac_ ?  ^^ I know rellerreller and kfarr have, but they're not here17:44
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dave-mccowanalee did you find cinder docs somewhere describing how it works?17:46
aleedave-mccowan, http://docs.openstack.org/juno/config-reference/content/section_testing_encryption.html17:47
aleedave-mccowan, there is some config -- I'll let you know when I get it working :)17:48
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aleeredrobot, ping19:12
redrobotalee pong19:12
aleeredrobot, is there a way to log any requests going into barbican ?  ie . headers and everythiung ?19:13
aleeredrobot, I'm getting a rather cryptic message ..19:15
aleeOct 06 15:03:31 rdo.rdodom.test uwsgi[11273]: {address space usage: 446566400 bytes/425MB} {rss usage: 75468800 bytes/71MB} [pid: 11279|app: 0|req: 14/14] () {30 vars in 497 bytes} [Tue Oct  6 15:03:31 2015] GET /secrets/5ad957ed-8cff-4168-9b45-2ea9f5797bc7 => generated 54 bytes in 0 msecs (HTTP/1.1 404) 3 headers in 112 bytes (1 switches on core 0)19:15
aleeredrobot, basically its a 404 on a secret I know is there -- would be nice to know what headers etc. are being passed in ..19:15
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redrobotalee I don't know a way to do it off the top of my head19:32
redrobotalee I would try making a wsgi middleware to log the requests19:32
redrobotalee or oldschool curl -vv19:33
aleeredrobot, yeah maybe middleware ..19:36
aleekfarr, ping19:37
kfarralee pong!19:40
aleekfarr, hey!  I'm hoping you can solve all my problems!19:41
kfarralee I hope so, too!19:41
aleekfarr, I'm trying to test volume encryption with barbican19:41
aleeand having some problems19:41
kfarralee, oh dear, what sort of problems?19:41
aleekfarr, I think I must be missing something in my config19:42
aleekfarr, so -- when I create an encrypted volume, I see a request come from cinder to create a symmetric key19:42
aleeand I see that key being created in dogtag and a reference returned to barbican19:42
aleeand I see the order being updated and cinder getting the right reference to the order and the secret19:43
aleeI am also able independently to retrieve the secret using a token issued for that project.19:44
aleebut now I try to attach that volume to a nova instance19:44
aleeand I see nova contact barbican19:44
aleeand I see barbican return a 404 for the secret ..19:44
aleewhich makes me think that nova for some reason is not sending a token/ the right token to barbican ..19:45
kfarralee, and you can see that it is using the correct uuid?  Have you tried seeing if you could request the key using either the python client or the command line?19:46
kfarrWhich user are you using?  admin or a regular user?19:46
aleekfarr, admin19:46
aleekfarr, I can see barbican log the request coming in and specifying 404 .  its the correct uuid19:47
aleeand I can retrieve that secret from the command line19:47
aleekfarr, is there any special keystone setup required?19:48
aleetrusts perhaps?19:48
aleekfarr, the only config I have done is in  nova.conf19:49
aleekfarr, [keymgr]19:50
aleeapi_class = nova.keymgr.barbican.BarbicanKeyManager19:50
aleeencryption_auth_url = http://rdo.rdodom.test:5000/v319:50
aleekfarr, what do you have in your nova config?19:50
kfarralee I do not currently have it set up, but I am looking through old notes to see, one sec19:51
kfarralee, you don't have encryption_auth_url specified in cinder?19:53
aleeoh I do ..19:53
aleethat was my nova config ... cinder config is ..19:53
aleeapi_class = cinder.keymgr.barbican.BarbicanKeyManager19:54
aleeencryption_auth_url = http://rdo.rdodom.test:5000/v319:54
kfarralee are you using a default project or one you created?19:55
kfarralee, I do not know the answer immediately, but I can look into it some.  My first guess is something with the auth tokens is not correct19:58
kfarrYou're not using devstack right?  But admin user and default project.  I can try to reproduce19:59
aleekfarr, yup - that would be my guest .. if you take a look, that would be super ..19:59
aleebut admin user and default project19:59
kfarralee, ok, I will get back to you tomorrow morning because I am working on something else right now!20:00
aleekfarr, super thanks!20:00
aleekfarr, if you get it set up, at least we'll be able to see the difference in our configs20:01
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kfarralee does packstack automatically install Barbican, and if not how do I configure it to do so?20:37
aleekfarr, it doesn't - that I know of, but I just install a barbican server on top of it20:42
kfarralee ok, gotcha!20:43
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