Thursday, 2015-09-17

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openstackgerritAde Lee proposed openstack/barbican: Add functional test for project CA
openstackgerritAde Lee proposed openstack/barbican: Fix ca related controllers
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/barbican: Imported Translations from Zanata
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openstackgerritElvin Tubillara proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: barbican help needs authentication
openstackgerritElvin Tubillara proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: barbican help needs authentication
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Gate is currently stuck, failing grenade upgrade tests due the release of oslo.utils 1.4.1 for Juno.08:00
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Gate back to normal, thanks to the backlisting of the problematic version10:14
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dave-mccowanjaosorior ping12:10
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/barbican: Updated from global requirements
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/castellan: Updated from global requirements
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Updated from global requirements
jaosoriordave-mccowan: pong12:21
dave-mccowanjaosorior are you working on subca stuff today?  i just opened two bugs on it, if you want to grab one.12:22
jaosoriordave-mccowan: No, this week I'm working on other stuff :/ So I won't be able to do Barbican work, except for reviews, those I can always do12:22
jaosoriorwhich bugs did you open?12:22
openstackLaunchpad bug 1496821 in Barbican "HTTP 403 Returned when trying to get preferred CA" [Undecided,New]12:23
openstackLaunchpad bug 1496819 in Barbican "HTTP Code 500 Returned on bad CA resource in URL" [Undecided,New]12:23
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dave-mccowanalee ping13:42
aleedave-mccowan, pong13:42
aleedave-mccowan, morning13:42
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dave-mccowanalee good morning13:42
dave-mccowanalee did you see the bugs on cas controller i opened this morning?13:43
aleedave-mccowan, no .. where are they?13:43
openstackLaunchpad bug 1496821 in Barbican "HTTP 403 Returned when trying to get preferred CA" [Undecided,New]13:43
openstackLaunchpad bug 1496819 in Barbican "HTTP Code 500 Returned on bad CA resource in URL" [Undecided,New]13:43
aleedave-mccowan, for the first one, my guess is that there is a decorator missing for content types or similar13:45
aleedave-mccowan,  and will have to look into the second one.13:46
aleeunless you happen to have time to look into it13:46
dave-mccowanalee there is some ambiguity between /{CA_ID}/ and other keyword resource names.  i think that may be contributing to the weirdness.13:46
dave-mccowanalee i still have some work to do on the refresh_table at init.  we should divide and conquer.13:47
aleedave-mccowan, yes -- I'm still working on getting jaosoriors patch to pass the gate.13:48
aleedave-mccowan, its a strange failure -- trying to track it down13:49
aleeonce I do, you can rebase your change13:49
aleedave-mccowan, and there is jaosorior's next patch to restrict the get_cas -- which  I have rewritten somewhat13:50
dave-mccowanalee there is something weird with the CA plugins.  sometimes, i do a GET /v1/cas twice in a row.  the first time I see two (simple and snake), the second time comes back empty list.  any idea what might cause a disappearing act like that?13:50
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aleedave-mccowan, like right after each other?13:51
redrobotcrap.  looks like I missed the deadline for ptl candidacy13:51
aleedave-mccowan, or within a couple days of each other?13:51
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dave-mccowanalee immediately after.  without an order posted, just refresh_table() called.13:52
aleedave-mccowan, so the CA plugins have the concept of expiration.  that is the plugin tells the server when the information becomes stale.  But I think thats set to something like 2 days by default.13:53
aleedave-mccowan, so yeah , I've never seen it disappear like that13:53
dave-mccowanredrobot time time buy presents for the technical committee13:53
dave-mccowanalee sounds like refresh table needs to be called before every CAs operation, otherwise it's a crapshoot if the information is current.13:54
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dave-mccowanalee it might only happen with my refresh at init patch13:55
dave-mccowanalee is there anything about placing a cert order that might make a plugin more permanent?13:57
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dave-mccowanalee the failure in the gate looks like a parallel running problem.  the test is checking that a specific number of cas is in the list.  but, with multiple tests running at the same there is no predicting how many will be in the list.  i had to fix this for quotas.  the fix is to added tests like that to a separate class, then update functionaltests/ to skip them during the parallel run.14:01
aleedave-mccowan, yeah - I was wondering whether the tests were running in parallel14:02
aleehow do you skip during the parallel run?14:02
dave-mccowanalee the plan is to do it with an [attribute], but for now regex is the way14:05
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aleedave-mccowan, thanks -- ok - let me get that fixed ..14:25
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dave-mccowanalee there's more weirdness about calling refresh_table() to start.  some unit tests are failing with that change.  one expecting 0 cas, but getting two.  another expecting 11 and getting 13.14:31
aleedave-mccowan, right - you're going to need to revise the tests14:31
aleeto account for the assumption that now there are cas defiend.14:32
dave-mccowanalee ah... ok.  that makes sense, we should always start with the number of plugins configured.14:33
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dave-mccowanalee which leads to another question....  i don't think we should have snakeoil enabled in the default config file.  we'll need to update test cases for that too.14:34
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aleedave-mccowan, why not have it configured?14:35
aleedave-mccowan, it needs to be there for sure for the functional tests14:36
dave-mccowanalee hmmmm.  we're supposed to discourage its use, since it is "snakeoil".  i guess i'd feel better if someone had to purposefully turn it on.  but, thinking about it I guess all the other defaults are insecure too (http, static encryption key, etc.).  maybe it is ok.14:39
aleedave-mccowan, well we would never expect anyone to use the simple ca plugin either14:40
aleedave-mccowan, think of these as two testing plugins14:40
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dave-mccowanalee i do.  i'm just not sure what the barbican adopter expects out of the default config.  i guess something that works out of the box is good, even if it is not secure.14:41
aleedave-mccowan, yup14:43
aleedave-mccowan, at this point, the only secure ca plugin we have is dogtag14:44
dave-mccowanalee ok.  i'm convinced.14:45
dave-mccowanalee did you know that the gate (with only committed patches) is failing due to the parallel testing of cas?14:46
aleedave-mccowan, sigh .. link?14:47
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dave-mccowanalee you just need to get your patch with the change to up next.14:47
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dave-mccowanalee what do you think about call refresh_table before every CA operation, to make sure we never fail due to expiration?14:54
aleedave-mccowan, well the reason I did  not do that was that I was worried about the overhead of making a call to the ca plugin and hence to the ca each time we did a ca operation14:56
aleefor many ca plugins that would not be a big deal because the data does not change14:56
aleefor dogtag, that could be crippling14:56
aleeunless we do caching in the plugin14:57
dave-mccowanalee when the plugin expires, what happens?  the system is broken.14:58
aleedave-mccowan, well no - actually ..14:59
aleedave-mccowan, if I recall correctly, each time we request a cert - we call refresh_cas()15:00
aleeso if a plugin has expired, it will be queried15:00
aleeif not expired , it wont15:01
aleedave-mccowan, question is whether to do this for any ca operation ..15:01
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dave-mccowanalee if i am an orchestration script, and i need to order a cert, the first thing i need to get is get a list of CAs to find the ID of the one I want to use.15:03
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aleedave-mccowan, let me revisit what refresh does ..15:04
aleedave-mccowan, just a sec -- being pinged for escalation of the day - back in a sec.15:05
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openstackgerritAde Lee proposed openstack/barbican: Add functional test for project CA
peter-hamiltonredrobot: whaaaaaaaaat?15:52
redrobotpeter-hamilton hehe, yeah...  bad UTC conversion on my part15:53
* peter-hamilton sagely nods his head15:53
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peter-hamiltonredrobot: what dark magics are required to get you back in?15:54
redrobotpeter-hamilton Dave recommended buying the TC presents. :)15:55
redrobotpeter-hamilton hoping the TC will appoint me, but we could possibly have a surprising new PTL15:56
peter-hamiltonredrobot: haha, worth a shot15:56
peter-hamiltonredrobot: are there any other candidates?15:56
peter-hamiltonredrobot: o.o15:56
redrobotpeter-hamilton no, we're in the TC appoitment process because there were no candidates at all15:56
peter-hamiltonredrobot: ah, ok15:56
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peter-hamiltonredrobot: well good luck! can we hold a write-in election? that'd be fun15:57
redrobotpeter-hamilton haha, thanks15:59
rm_workplease review because i did a dumb:
redrobotrm_work looking16:01
redrobotrm_work does that mean that anyone who uses the barbican plugin will get python-barbicanclien trunk?16:01
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rm_workwell, in devstack16:02
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rm_worknone of this applies if you don't install via the devstack mechanism16:02
rm_workthe reason the barbican clone wasn't required is that the gate checks out whatever project is being tested already -- and obviously if the script was being run, it was already cloned16:03
rm_workbut unless you've linked a client change to it as a dependency, it won't clone that16:03
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rm_workactually I am not sure how this would effect doing a Depends-On: from a client CR16:04
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rm_workbut, it's required to un-break OTHER project-gates that use barbican16:04
rm_workand it puts us back to parity with the other devstack script16:04
redrobotrm_work +2ed16:04
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diazjfredrobot, are there any problems with the gate, some of my minor edits are failing. Should I rebase
aleediazjf, its an issue with the parallel tests in one of the ca tests16:12
aleediazjf, I have put up a patch to fix16:12
aleewaiting for it to clear gate testing16:12
diazjfawesome, thanks alee. Do I run reverify or recheck after it merges?16:13
aleeyeah recheck16:13
aleeredrobot, once it clears gate checks, I'll be looking for +2's ..16:14
diazjfalee, awesome!! I'll give it a review soon as well. Also I'm gonna need to rebase my stuff as well right?16:16
aleeyeah  - if you rebase it will probably kick off tests again16:17
aleediazjf, wait till it merges of course.16:17
diazjfalee, thanks!16:19
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edtubillhi, can someone review my patch
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aleeredrobot, something wrong with the gate -- been waiting for 3 hours for my CR to clear18:38
aleeredrobot, wheres the site that shows the status of gate jobs?18:40
aleedave-mccowan, ^^18:40
dave-mccowanalee i think it's just a busy day.  everyone submitting last minute fixes for Release Candidates.
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dave-mccowanalee any new thoughts on how to keep GET /v1/cas working without swamping the plugins?18:42
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aleedave-mccowan, sorry - let me look again at the refresh_cas()18:43
jaosorioralee, dave-mccowan: Anything I should be reviewing?18:44
aleejaosorior, just waiting on the damn gate ..18:45
jaosorioralee: haha well, it's gate rush hour18:45
aleeonce it passes, then would be good to get in +2 from you and dave-mccowan18:45
aleejaosorior, I'm reworking your follow on patch18:46
aleeit does not do exactly what is needed18:46
jaosorioralee: oh, sorry about that18:47
aleedave-mccowan, so refresh_cas() basically checks each plugin and sees if there are any cas present18:47
aleejaosorior, no worries -- its close18:47
aleedave-mccowan, for that plugin18:47
aleewith the idea being that all cas will expire at the same time18:47
aleefor a given plugin18:48
openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/barbican: Fix ca related controllers
aleejaosorior, eh?18:48
aleedave-mccowan, so point is - that for the most part this is a no-op for the plugins18:48
jaosorioralee: rebased18:49
aleedave-mccowan, so it should be ok to refresh the table18:49
aleeon GET /cas18:49
dave-mccowanalee cool.  i think that would be a good solution.18:49
aleebecause this will likely not do anything most of the time for any given plugin18:49
jaosorioralee: Also remember to add the Co-Authored-By: in git. If you're doing work there it should be reflected ;)18:49
aleejaosorior, will do :)18:50
dave-mccowanalee to make sure i understand, is there a database entry for each CA, or is the only record stored in the plugin?18:50
aleedave-mccowan, there is a db entry for each ca18:50
aleethe plugin/backend keeps its own records18:51
jaosoriorwrong terminal18:51
aleeok -- now to try and get jaosorior patch working ..18:52
dave-mccowanalee so, i'm really confused why GET /v1/cas can return an empty list.  there must be a subtle bug, in addition to the missing "init"18:52
aleedave-mccowan, yeah -- I dont know how that can happen18:55
aleedave-mccowan, the refresh should fix that though - hopefully18:56
kfarralee, this is the site btw
aleekfarr, got it - thanks19:02
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silosdave-mccowan: ping19:19
*** diazjf has joined #openstack-barbican19:19
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dave-mccowansilos pong19:24
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silosdave-mccowan: I know you're really busy today so I'll keep it short. If I'm a user and do a get for my effective quotas, I should get the values in the barbican.conf file if the service-admin user hasn't set them yet correct?19:25
dave-mccowansilos yes19:26
* dave-mccowan crossing fingers that's what you're seeing :-)19:26
* silos becomes the bearer of bad news19:26
silosI'm not seeing those values :(19:27
dave-mccowanwhat values are you seeing?19:27
silos-1 all the time19:27
silosDo the values need to be set before installing barbican??19:28
dave-mccowansilos install makes a copy of barbican.conf in /etc/barbican and that's the file that is used.  so... edit them in /etc/barbican, or edit them in-tree before installing19:29
silosdave-mccowan: ok. I'll edit it in tree and see what happens. thx19:29
dave-mccowansilos thanks for testing that.  there is a chance there is a bug there; the functional tests don't cover changing config files.19:31
silosdave-mccowan: no prob. I'll let you know what happens.19:32
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*** spotz is now known as spotz_zzz19:51
silosdave-mccowan: I installed barbican from scratch twice. Once with keystone middleware enabled and one with it not turned on. And both times I tested a GET request for quotas for a user with admin privileges to their project and both times it gave me -1 for all values :'(19:52
dave-mccowansilos hmm. i'll give it a try too.19:54
rm_workapi.v1.functional.test_cas.CertificateAuthoritiesTestCase.test_list_and_get_cas <-- failing on my change in gate19:54
edtubilldave-mccowan: I tried it too and I got a -119:55
rm_workcan't POSSIBLY be related <_<19:55
dave-mccowanrm_work  alee is fixing that.  that test works in serial mode, then fails in parallel.19:56
rm_worki feel like every time i turn around, something else has broken one of my changes in gate today/yesterday T_T19:56
diazjfrm_work its gonna fail until alee, gets her patch merged19:56
rm_workthe oslo.utils thing hit me pretty hard yesterday19:56
rm_workyeah k19:57
rm_workis a review up?19:57
diazjfyeah, let me pull it up19:57
*** su_zhang has joined #openstack-barbican19:57
dave-mccowanrm_work it should just skip that test when using testr in parallel mode, so you know it can't fail. :-)19:58
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dave-mccowansilos yep, fails for me too.  it should be an easy fit in barbican/common/, where the config parameters are defined, but the problem isn't jumping out at me.20:00
dave-mccowansilos it seems like it is always taking the defaults, instead of reading the config file.20:01
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silosdave-mccowan: Hmmm It should read the config file every time bin/ start is run. So idk why it's not doing it for those values.20:02
silosdave-mccowan: I'll file a bug and take a look into it. If I come up with the solution I'll assign it to myself. But you know the code better than me so you'll probably find the solution faster.20:04
dave-mccowansilos maybe that config code needs to be moved to (or called from) common/
dave-mccowanjaosorior, alee ^^   do all config parameters need to be registered under new_config()20:05
*** jaosorior has quit IRC20:05
dave-mccowansilos yea, i think that's it.  if you cut and paste out that register config code, and make it fit in, consistent with the other groups, I think you will fix the bug.20:08
silosdave-mccowan: okay. I'll try that.20:09
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silosdave-mccowan: that was it :-D. Some tests are failing so those need to be refactored.20:50
dave-mccowansilos cool.  as long as the tests pass when the config is reverted to default, then i think you're ok.20:51
silosah ok. I'll test that to be sure then. thanks.20:52
aleedave-mccowan, have you had to do any controller unit tests where you pass in the external project id?20:52
aleejust trying to figure out how to do it ..20:53
dave-mccowanalee yea, i think it have.  let me see if i can find an example.20:55
dave-mccowanalee in, WhenCreatingNewProjectQuotas()  I create a project entry and point to it.20:57
aleedave-mccowan, yeah - thats at the model level ..20:57
aleedave-mccowan, I'm thinking about the api level -- ie controllere20:57
dave-mccowanalee in tests/api/controllers/, I was able to fake it.  the in-memory DB used for unit test doesn't enforce foreign keys.20:58
aleeyeah - but how do you pass in the external_project_id in the request?20:59
aleeso for instance .. we end up doing something like this ...20:59
aleeresp ='/cas/', self.params)20:59
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aleewhat is external_project_id set to in this case -- None?21:00
*** kebray has joined #openstack-barbican21:00
aleeand if so, how can you change it?21:00
rm_workpsst lisaclark21:02
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aleedave-mccowan, is it maybe in the extra_environ ?21:04
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dave-mccowanalee ah... yea that looks like it. uses that and sets project_id and user_id.21:05
aleedave-mccowan, looking21:05
aleeah coool21:06
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openstackgerritChristopher Solis proposed openstack/barbican: Updates quota values to be read from conf file
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aleedave-mccowan, ping22:15
dave-mccowanalee pong22:16
aleedave-mccowan, trying to get GET /cas right -- but I think I have the query wrong ... let me post what I have and you can tell me what I need to do instead ..22:16
aleedave-mccowan, the part in lines 18 - 26 is wrong22:19
aleedave-mccowan, specifically what I want is select cas where ca.project_id=project_id OR join(pca) where pca.project_id=project_id ..22:21
aleedoe sthat make sense?22:21
dave-mccowanalee i think so.  quick check: are you sure all project_id's are internal project id's?22:24
dave-mccowani'm not sure.  i need to step away for a couple hours.  back later.22:26
aleedave-mccowan, I think I just need a union of two queries22:26
aleeyeah me too22:26
aleedave-mccowan, wonder if the change will get through the gate today :/22:27
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dave-mccowanalee what do you think about doing the join this way?
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