Thursday, 2015-08-27

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rm_workok, looks like the best way to test this is to do it as an experimental gate temporarily --
rm_workredrobot: if you have a sec to +1 that :P02:08
rm_workor anyone who happens to be around, take a look02:08
pksinghrm_work : Hi, I have a query can you please help me with it02:10
openstackgerritDave McCowan proposed openstack/barbican: Ensure Project and ProjectQuotas Tables are in sync
rm_workwhat's up?02:10
pksinghrm_work: how to setup snake_oil plugin for CA02:11
rm_workI am not sure I can help with that02:11
rm_workI was looking into it (and helping define it) a long time ago but I never actually got it working02:11
rm_workand someone else actually handled the majority of the patch :(02:11
pksinghrm_work: OK02:12
rm_workif you are somewhat far along and just need help with an error or something i can maybe help02:13
pksinghi was just trying to setup snake_oil plugin fir CA02:14
pksinghi changed config file and restarted the services but get api for CAS shows empty list02:14
rm_workis there anything in the logs or in the barbican console output for when it tries to load up that plugin?02:16
pksinghi am running start after modifying the conf file , and there is nothing unusual on the terminal02:18
dave-mcc_pksingh which config file did you change?  depending how you installed and started barbican, there maybe two config files?  " install" makes a copy of the config file.02:19
pksinghdave-mcc_: i changed barbican.conf as in
dave-mcc_in which directory?02:20
pksinghfile is at /etc/barbican/barbican.conf02:20
dave-mcc_" install" will copy ./etc/barbican/barbican.conf to /etc/barbican/barbican.conf  (perhaps overwriting your change).  did that happen?02:22
pksinghi did not executed " install"02:23
pksinghi installed through devstack02:23
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rm_workpksingh: so there should still be logs somewhere02:39
rm_workthat shows what happens when barbican starts up02:39
rm_workand it SHOULD spit out *something* about the plugins it loads02:40
rm_workI am pretty sure02:40
pksinghi was checking at /opt/stack/logs/barbican.log and found nothing related to CA02:45
openstackgerritDave McCowan proposed openstack/barbican: Add get_count() method to project resource repositories
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/barbican: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritArun Kant proposed openstack/barbican: Barbican audit using audit middleware for pycadf events
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Migrate to using pre-devstack-update
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dave-mccowanrellerreller ping14:07
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rellerrellerdave-mccowan pong14:11
dave-mccowanrellerreller: were you asking about running only certain tests based on a tag recently?14:11
rellerrellerdave-mccowan I was14:12
rellerrellerdave-mccowan I actually found the source of the bug yesterday afternoon. I was quite excited.14:12
dave-mccowanrellerreller did you find a solution?   i found one, but we're not sure if it's the best one.
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rellerrellerdave-mccowan here's the issue with testing. We are using testtools for unit tests and nosetest for functional tests.14:14
rellerrellerdave-mccowan so for testtools the attributes that are applied to functions are lost if they are a parameterized test. The utils package that builds the functions has a bug that I need to fix.14:15
rellerrellerdave-mccowan I have not found the source of the bug for nosetest attributes, but I believe the issue to be the same.14:16
dave-mccowanrellerreller cool. with my CR I got nosetest attributes to be recognized by the nosetest CLI.  but, the nosetest CLI did not recognize the testtools attributes.  i guess that could be as-designed, or it could be due to the bug you found.14:17
rellerrellerdave-mccowan I just looked at source for nose, and I think it is the same issue.14:17
rellerrellerdave-mccowan no, the two frameworks do not handle each others attributes.14:18
openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Updated from global requirements
rellerrellerdave-mccowan what happens is that the attribute decorators assign attributes to the functions.14:19
rellerrellerdave-mccowan then the filtering capability is applied by looking at the attributes.14:19
dave-mccowanrellerreller what about the "testr" CLI?  do you know which attributes it can read, if any?14:20
rellerrellerdave-mccowan our utils parameterized_test_case class decorator looks for all functions that have our "build_data" attribute assigned to them.14:20
rellerrellerdave-mccowan but our utils for building the new function does not transfer other attributes to the new functions. Hence nosetest and testtools cannot find them.14:21
rellerrellerdave-mccowan I think testr sits above testtools and nosetests. I don't think it knows anything about attributes, but I could be wrong. I'm still learning why testr is used.14:22
dave-mccowanrellerreller: nice find.  i got lucky with my tags, since they were not parameterized_test_cases14:22
rellerrellerdave-mccowan like I said only parameterized tests with attributes have this problem. That was the tricky part for me.14:23
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dave-mccowanrellerreller i think using each tool in different places has contributed to some mysterious gate failures in the past.14:23
dave-mccowanrellerreller, so once you fix that bug, how do specify that you want to run a set of tests with a certain tag?14:25
rellerrellerdave-mccowan so for the functional tests that use nose I believe you should be able to pass a '-a' flag to the tox job.14:26
rellerrellerdave-mccowan I do not yet know how to do it for the unit tests. Unfortunately testtools does not have a flag like that.14:27
rellerrellerdave-mccowan It seems like testtools wants you to list all tests by doing ` --list barbican.tests` and then filter on the results.14:27
rellerrellerdave-mccowan The list operation returns a newline delimited list of test methods. Tests that have an attribute are named "barbican.tests.SomeClass.test_foo[some_attrib]".14:29
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dave-mccowanreller Oh cool... so you can regex on [some_attrib].  I know that testr support regex.14:30
rellerrellerdave-mccowan then if you only want to run tests that have an attribute of some_attrib then delete all lines that do not have the regex "\[.*some_attrib.*\]".14:30
rellerrellerdave-mccowan That is good to know because I was disappointed by the implementation.14:30
dave-mccowanrellerreller... this sounds like nose and testr can read each other's attributes.14:31
rellerrellerdave-mccowan I thought it was weird to have a developer do grep commands to some temporary file and then feed that back to
rellerrellerdave_mccowan which part makes you think that?14:31
dave-mccowanrellerreller here's an example of using regex to filter by class name.
rellerrellerdave-mccowan thanks! That is helping me figure out the last pieces of the puzzle here.14:34
dave-mccowanrellerreller currently in the barbican code testtools.testcase.attr() is used in functional tests.  and "tox -e functional" uses nose.  if the -a flag works for functional tests, then nose must read testtools attributes.14:35
rellerrellerdave-mccowan I wonder if we should convert the functional tests to testtools. By that I think that just means changing the attributes to testtool attributes and using testtools to run instead of nose.14:35
rellerrellerdave-mccowan the -a flag does not work.14:35
dave-mccowanrellerreller where do you see nose attributes in functional tests?14:36
rellerrellerdave-mccowan Sorry, I forgot that I added a new test class with nose attributes for testing.14:36
rellerrellerdave-mccowan That was my first step in tracking down this problem.14:37
dave-mccowanrellerreller ah... ok.   me too in the CR i linked above.14:37
dave-mccowanrellerreller... so Barbican should either go nose all the way or testtools all the way.14:38
rellerrellerdave-mccowan I noticed that tests were run with nose but had testtools attributes. I thought if I simply changed the attributes that things would work.14:38
dave-mccowanrellerreller ... and it would have, except there was the bug you found in paramterized14:38
rellerrellerdave-mccowan I think so, but maybe there are some other requirements for why we use both.14:38
rellerrellerdave-mccowan I think you are right that if I can fix the bug and change attributes to nose attributes then things would work.14:39
dave-mccowanrellerreller using both has been a pain for me.  i have a set of functional tests that can't be run concurrently.   i have to tell testr not to do that one way, and nosetests not to do that another way.14:40
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rellerrellerdave-mccowan That does not sound pleasant.14:41
rellerrellerdave-mccowan I know that I would prefer to use one. That way I can learn one and stick with it. I do not like have to learn the different command line args when running the tests manually to try and debug.14:42
dave-mccowanrellerereller  it works fine until code review when i have to justify two different tags. :-)14:42
dave-mccowanrellerreller +114:42
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rellerrellerdave-mccowan that code review sounds fun :-)14:43
dave-mccowanrellerreller thanks.  this chat helped a bunch.14:44
rellerrellerdave-mccowan Thank you as well.14:44
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dave-mccowanhockeynut, therve: good read above ^^^  any reason why we can't purge barbican of either testr or nose, and stick with one?14:45
rellerrellerdave-mccowan I need a little time to digest this, but we should bring this up at status meeting and try to fix this.14:45
dave-mccowanrellerreller +1 i'll add it to the agenda.14:45
hockeynutI'm actually taking today off but I will catch up on the discussion.14:45
rellerrellerdave-mccowan sounds good. I need to check on my other project now :(14:46
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openstackgerritKaitlin Farr proposed openstack/castellan: Update Barbican wrapper
openstackgerritFernando Diaz proposed openstack/barbican: Allow debug flag in Barbican tox and debugging documentation
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openstackgerritElvin Tubillara proposed openstack/barbican: Add request ID to worker-side logs
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openstackgerritAmy Marrich proposed openstack/barbican: Removes uwsgi and pyenv from
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dave-mccowanquotas patch review of the day:
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rm_workanyone have a moment to look at and give it a +1? So people on infra know that someone on barbican is actually aware of this? :P17:02
rm_workdave-mccowan: i don't quite understand what is happening in your review -- why project_id vs. external_project_id?17:05
rm_work like in you actually call self.repo.create_or_update_by_project_id(, external_project_id, ...)17:05
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rm_workis this function "a user setting a quota for a project that isn't theirs"?17:06
dave-mccowanrm_work: project_id is the id created by the barbican database.  external_project_id is the id created by keystone that is used in the API.17:06
dave-mccowanrm_work  yea.  all the setting/reading of project-quotas is done by a service-admin managing all the customers' projects, not his own project.17:07
openstackgerritKaitlin Farr proposed openstack/castellan: Update Barbican functional tests
openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Remove rpmbuild directory
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/barbican: Use the new Devstack external plugin method
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rm_workis this seriously not something we want to do in the client still? Otherwise, this needs to be implemented in every project that takes barbican refs from users, which seems to violate DRY
openstackLaunchpad bug 1383935 in python-barbicanclient "Retrieving secrets from untrusted URIs can leak auth tokens" [High,Won't fix]17:39
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diazjfhey everyone can you help me get this merged :-D. redrobot, got some time tomorrow to google hangout about the behaviors in the funct tests?18:21
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* kfarr slaps kfarr around a bit with a large fishbot19:10
kfarr^^ Anyone else using ?  FYI, for anyone in a room, you can 'ignore', 'query', 'whois', and now 'slap' someone.  And I just found out that it shows up in the whole room for everyone to see19:17
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diazjfthanks for the review kfarr!! :)19:23
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kfarrdiazjf sure thing!19:29
dave-mccowankfarr haha.  i was wondering what a fishbot was19:33
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rm_workany barbican cores around to +1 this and add some legitimacy? possibly not necessary, but maybe useful:
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rm_worksoooo close to having this job in to test new gating T_T21:46
rm_workwhere is everyone this week anyway? seems very very quiet21:47
diazjfrm_work, tooooo quiet21:48
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rm_workmaybe someone's hunting wabbits22:03
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openstackgerritChristopher Solis proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Adds epilog to parser
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