Monday, 2015-06-29

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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/barbican: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Enable endpoint filter parameters for the CLI
openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/barbican: ** TESTING: DO NOT MERGE **
jaosorioranyone knows why we're still testing with py26 the barbicanclient?12:27
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openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Enable endpoint filter parameters for the CLI
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openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Enable endpoint filter parameters for the CLI
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openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Enable endpoint filter parameters for the CLI
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redrobotdave-mccowan I think creator_and_admin_only is more accurate.14:50
jaosoriorsup redrobot how's stuff?14:58
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redrobothey jaosorior !  Pretty good...  trying to get a new apartment but the new property managers suck at their job14:58
redrobotfor reals...  if I hadn't spent $120 on application fees already I would be already be looking for another place.14:59
dave-mccowanredrobot  those extra ten character really mess up the line breaks.  is the extra accuracy worth that?15:01
redrobotdave-mccowan haha, not really.15:02
jaosoriorredrobot: otherwise, how's the summer going?15:03
redrobotjaosorior pretty good!  Already have 2 pool parties under my belt.  Going to a grown-up inflatable water slide party next weekend.15:03
redrobotjaosorior no live music yet though...  apparently Warped Tour was yesterday.  Didn't hear about it until late in the afternoon.15:04
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elmikojkf: ping15:08
elmikoredrobot: lol, that should be crazy!15:08
elmiko(adult water slide party)15:08
redrobotelmiko lol, yeah, should be a lot of fun.15:09
chellygelhey everyone, could use some reviews on this guy... just moved some things around, but jvrbanac's change is dependent upon this CR.
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elmikois anyone familiar with this error coming out of uwsgi "uwsgi[3138]: -- unavailable modifier requested: 0 --", i see it when trying to GET http://host:9311/15:27
reaperhulkboom chellygel reviewed15:27
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chellygelreaperhulk, thanks! that did come up in my discussion w/ jvrbanac, but being that it is monday i dnt know which direction is up. I'll respond when i remember!15:28
reaperhulkchellygel: I filter gerrit emails so I never see them so if you update the CR just ping me on IRC15:30
chellygelreaperhulk, cool, :) thanks again!15:30
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reaperhulkalso, what's for lunch here today (I'm in castle)15:31
chellygelreaperhulk, i think today is crappy chinese :(15:32
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elmikowow, a ringing endorsement ;)15:33
chellygelplenty of other options near by though!15:33
chellygelelmiko, if you'd like to evaluate, i'd be happy to buy, but i'd also buy you a beer for the trouble.15:34
elmikochellygel: were i in austin, i would definitely take you up on the offer!15:36
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kfox1111does barbican support OCSP?16:28
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redrobotkfox1111 Barbican is not itself a CA, just a proxy to a real CA.16:29
redrobotkfox1111 Barbican can (or will be able to) process revocation requests, but whether OCSP is supported or not will depend on which CA you're using.16:30
jkfelmiko: you rang earlier?16:39
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kfox1111ok. thanks.16:52
elmikojkf: hey, i was just curious if you've run into an error like "uwsgi[3138]: -- unavailable modifier requested: 0 --" when running those systemd scripts?16:56
elmikojkf: i get that whenever i try to GET on "/" at the server16:56
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jkfelmiko: I just checked my instances, and I don't see any errors like that in my logs.17:01
elmikojkf: thanks for checking17:02
jkffwiw, I'm running the stable/kilo branch and not master.17:02
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elmikohmm, same for me. 2015.1.017:09
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jkfelmiko: A quick google search indicated that maybe the python plugin for uwsgi isn't installed.17:14
jkfAre you by chance running on Ubuntu?17:14
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elmikono, this is on fedora2117:15
jkfCheck then to see if the uwsgi-plugin-python package is installed.17:19
elmikowill do17:20
elmikoi'm trying to find gaps in the fedora package we are building, this might be one ;)17:21
jkfheh, yeah, I'm in the middle of building fat rpms for my internal use and going through a similar exercise.17:22
elmikojkf: maybe when we're further along you could take a look at ?17:23 bug 1190269 in Package Review "Review Request: openstack-barbican - Secrets as a Service" [Medium,Assigned] - Assigned to karlthered17:23
jkfSure, I'll look over what you're doing when you're ready.17:23
elmikojkf: awesome, thanks17:24
elmikoi'll ping you when my changes gets pushed there, might be a few days though17:24
jkfI'm going the easy way, so I'm building a rpm with the barbican code, and another with a virtualenv of all the deps.17:24
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elmikoi'm trying to do full installs on a clean fedora17:32
elmikojust from the rpm17:32
jkfCool. I'm heading a different direction. Once I've got working packages and reliable means to build them, I'm going to be building a docker container for barbican and that will be our deployable package.17:34
elmikojkf: oh... i wonder if i'm missing the python-mysql connector...17:34
elmikovery cool, i've been playing a little with barbican-docker as well =)17:34
jkfI would think a missing db connector would show up as a failed import a bit later when sqlalchemy started to do its thing.17:36
jkfI take it you have the python plugin installed?17:36
jkfThe other thing I saw to check was that the 'plugins = python' line is present in the uwsgi vassal config. Its there in the repo, so I presume it is present in yours.17:37
elmikoi'm still triaging17:37
elmikoyea, should be17:37
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openstackgerritKaitlin Farr proposed openstack/castellan: Add Barbican key manager
elmikokfarr1: oooh, new version ;)17:41
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elmikoanyone every seen barbican complain about a missing rpc_conn_pool_size in the config file?19:20
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diazjfanyone know about barbican not being able to update secrets? Was this removed from the API?19:30
diazjfgetting "Secret already has data, cannot modify it."19:31
diazjfinfo on this still in api
rm_workdiazjf: Secrets have always been immutable, to my knowledge19:34
rm_workother than 2-stage19:34
rm_work"To update the secret data we will need to know the secret reference provided via the initial creation. (See Two Step Secret Creation for more information.)"19:34
rm_workthat is what it is referencing in the update section19:35
rm_workthose are the only type that can be updated, and only once19:35
rm_workThe doc could be clearer.19:35
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diazjfrm_work, thanks19:36
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elmikoxaeth: ping19:41
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redrobotelmiko sounds like an oslo.messaging error...  maybe an outdated config file?19:52
elmikoredrobot: looked fresh to me, i think my oslo.messaing my be too old or something19:53
elmikowell, version mis-match to say the least19:53
redrobotweekly meeting starts in 5 minutes19:54
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xaethelmiko, whats up19:59
redrobotweekly meeting is starting now in #openstack-meeting-alt20:00
elmikoxaeth: hey, i've been running through this spec file a bunch. have to say, i may have torn a bunch out ...20:00
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elmikoxaeth: have you run rpms from this spec?20:01
xaethelmiko, i have no concerns with that.. its passed through several hands into mine20:01
xaethand no, because we stripped out all the running parts20:01
elmikoxaeth: ahh, ok. makes sense20:01
elmikoxaeth: i'm close to having a running barbican from these systemd files, but i think i  may have hit a wall in terms of dependencies20:01
xaethwhich dependencies?20:02
elmikoi think the oslo.messaging in f21 may be way old20:02
elmikoi need to talk with the rdo folks ad figure out what they suggest. the server wants to start but i think i'm seeing errors between the requirements version of oslo.messaging (>1.8, <1.9) and the fedora version (1.3)20:03
xaethhrm... what version of barbican are you building?20:05
elmikoi updated the version in the spec to the stable from that point20:08
xaethso... how much of the el6 did you strip out? :P20:09
xaethi take it you haven't pushed your changes yet, elmiko?20:10
elmikonot yet, still testing20:10
elmikoi left the el6 stuff in there20:10
elmikoi can share what i've done so far though20:10
xaethkk, was just curious so took a peek and found nothing20:11
elmikowhere i'm at20:13
xaeththat against master or juno ?20:15
xaethsays not mergeable against juno(just want to make sure)20:15
xaethyou put the .py back :(20:16
elmikothat was from master20:17
elmikoi can remove the .py, i just put it back to see which worker was getting pulled in20:17
elmikoi probably should rebase off juno?20:18
elmikoxaeth: (looking at the juno branch),  can't believe i missed that before. i'll take another pass using that as the base. should be easier, that spec looks much closer to what i'm used to seeing.20:24
xaethi'm sorry i didn't think so show it to you20:25
elmikono worries, i just dug into master20:25
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elmikoxaeth: with respect to barbican-worker, the goal is to use the bash script?20:39
elmikojust want to make sure20:39
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xaethelmiko, ya, i believe so20:48
xaethI did tell redrobot that we should just drop the bash scripts and rename the python scripts (its a odd wrapping IMHO)20:48
elmikoxaeth: have you seen
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xaethkewl elmiko20:53
elmikoxaeth: so, i'm gonna rework based on the juno branch. i'll probably be in touch in a few days =)21:00
xaethkewl.. sounds good21:00
elmikothe versions do look much better though, so it may just work ;)21:00
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openstackgerritFernando Diaz proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Allow 2 Step Secret Creation and Secret Update
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openstackgerritSteve Heyman proposed openstack/barbican: Add retry server and functional tests to DevStack
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