Thursday, 2015-06-11

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kfox1111does Sphinx not support nested lists?00:16
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openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed openstack/barbican-specs: Container ACL and Fetch API
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/barbican: Updated from global requirements
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jaosorioralee, redrobot: Need a review here
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openstackgerritJohn Wood proposed openstack/barbican: Add retry server and functional tests to DevStack
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jaosoriorwoodster_ ping14:01
woodster_jaosorior: hey Ozz14:02
jaosoriorwoodster_: Hey man, how's it going?14:02
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jaosoriorwoodster_: By the way, here in line 204, why was the screen_it replaced by a run_process?14:04
woodster_jaosorior: I believe that is the newer way to run processes. I think it uses screen it under the hood in some modes14:10
jaosoriorcool! fair enough, was just wondering about it14:11
aleewoodster_, please vote on jaosorior patch above14:21
jaosoriorby the way, wooster_, alee, redrobot, hockeynut: if you guys have time to check this commit out I need that to actually stop hardcoding the version stuff in the client side, anyway, tl;dr; it would make the barbicanclient's existance easier at least regarding keystone discovery14:24
openstackgerritKevin Bishop proposed openstack/barbican: Replace oslo incubator jsonutils with oslo_serialization
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hockeynutanyone know if we have docs for Castellan yet?  The link from doesn't work (yet?)14:53
jaosoriorhockeynut: Well, there is the infrastructure to do some docs, I'm just not sure if there's another step needed. Register it somewhere... or something14:55
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hockeynutI just wanted to be sure that they weren't hiding somewhere14:57
jaosoriorI think they're not up14:58
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woodster_jaosorior: alee Have you seen that experimental gate job pass yet? I've seen in fail in two CRs I've looked at, but not sure why15:19
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aleewoodster_, yes it has passed in a few cr's15:21
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aleewoodster_, I'm not sure why it fails in some CRs.  we think that maybe it fails because you can't have more than one experimental running at the  same time?15:22
aleewoodster_, we should leave it non-voting - but lets see if putting it in non-experimental makes it work better15:23
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woodster_alee: cool, ok just +1-ed it15:23
woodster_redrobot: ^^^^15:24
aleewoodster_, thanks15:24
redrobotalee woodster_ I'm ok with moving the gate job into our normal pipelines as long as it remains non-voting for now.15:25
jvrbanacchellygel, alee, jaosorior, redrobot, kfarr: Kite workflow needed
* redrobot pulls down the infra repo to make that change.15:25
woodster_redrobot: I think you just need to +1 this:
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-kiteclient: cleanup openstack-common.conf and sync updated files
redrobotwoodster_ alee  I think we might want to run it on both the "check" and "gate" pipelines?15:28
redrobotwoodster_ alee we already run the dsvm job on both, so I think it would make sense?15:28
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aleeredrobot, sure15:29
aleeredrobot, its takes about 30 mins to run, but most of that time is setting up devstack15:29
redrobotalee it should run in parallel to the existing dsvm job, so I don't think it would add much more time to our gate pipeline15:30
jaosoriorredrobot: first I want it to run on every commit and see how it behaves. I was noticing it fails if its ran concurrently (meaning two check experimentals more or less at the same time) but i'm not sure if it's the dogtag gate setup itself or the experimental gate itself.15:31
jaosoriorSo by getting it off experimental and non-voting we'll figure it out15:32
redrobotjaosorior agreed.  would you mind adding it to both the check and gate pipelines though?15:38
jaosoriorI don't mind. But I can do that today late night or tomorrow15:39
jaosoriorUnless you want to take the patch over15:39
jaosoriorI'm at the climbing gym15:40
redrobotjaosorior yeah, I can send a new patch right now.15:40
jaosoriorredrobot: awesome. Thanks dude15:40
redrobotjaosorior done15:44
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Updated from global requirements
openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Replace oslo incubator jsonutils with oslo_serialization
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kfox1111redrobot: finally got a few minutes yesterday to specize the conversation we had with the api folks a while back. sorry for the delay.16:28
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openstackgerritJohn Wood proposed openstack/barbican-specs: Add PUT Support For the Generic Containers Resource
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woodster_redrobot: rm_work FYI, this CR looks interesting for devstack logging:
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redrobotwoodster_ that's a blast from the past... I remember seeing it back when it was first submitted, but I have no idea as to what elastic instance they're talking about.18:47
woodster_redrobot: yeah I was equally confused and intrigued :)18:53
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rm_workis a thing that's supposed to automatically run rechecks when it sees known bugs cause gate checks to fail19:08
rm_worksounds neat19:08
rm_work(that they are fixing barbican's logs to be indexed properly)19:08
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kfox1111ah. interesting. :)20:22
kfox1111elasticsearch is really a fun tool.20:22
kfox1111one of the very few java programs I've ever run across that I really have grown to like.20:22
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Gerrit has been restarted to terminate a persistent looping third-party CI bot21:06
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kfox1111any barbican rpm's out there yet? :)23:27
kfox1111I'm looking to upgrade soonish and would rather not have to build them all over again.23:27
woodster_kfox1111: there are but the ones to ask for details are alee, elmiko or xaeth none of whom are online now23:28
kfox1111ah. ok. thanks.23:28
kfox1111woodster_: did you get a chance to look at the acl spec I posted yet?23:29
woodster_kfox1111: not yet, swamped for today but should be able to take a look tomorrow23:29
kfox1111ok. cool. :)23:29
kfox1111does barbican have a spec deadline like some of the other projects?23:30
woodster_I think m2 but not sure...redrobot are you there?23:30
kfox1111ok. so pleanty of time. :)23:30
kfox1111just trying to figure out which things I should prioritize.23:31
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