Wednesday, 2015-05-13

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openstackgerritArun Kant proposed openstack/barbican: Adding documentation for ACLs operations.
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openstackgerritArun Kant proposed openstack/barbican: Adding documentation for ACLs operations.
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zigoI have just uploaded barbican 2015.1.0 in Sid.09:29
zigoSo, it may reach Debian as soon as the Debian FTP masters approve the package.09:29
zigoHowever, there's a few things which should be fixed.09:29
zigoNamely, could we have Barbican use standard stuff for config like --log-file= and such?09:30
zigoRedirecting the standard output is not very nice...09:30
* zigo is out for lunch09:30
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aleewoodster_, redrobot - workflow please --
woodster_alee: done!13:27
aleewoodster_, thanks!13:28
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Base64 encode the cert returned from the Dogtag plugin
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hockeynutredrobot reaperhulk woodster_  hit a brutha with a workflow?
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openstackgerritJohn Vrbanac proposed openstack/barbican: Adding config option for specifying HSM slot
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arunkantwoodster_, redrobot, jaosorior,  ACL code and doc review is up..  and
arunkantdave-mccowan ^^^15:27
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-barbicanclient: Create behaviors for secrets
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/barbican: Updated from global requirements
redrobotzigo could you please file some bugs for the fixes you'd like to see?  It would be the best way to track what's needed, and recruit people to make the changes.16:39
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rm_workSheenaG: can't find the calendar invite all the sudden17:06
rm_workwhere am I supposed to connect?17:06
rm_workredrobot: Sheena_ ^^17:07
redrobotrm_work ^^17:08
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AshaHi All17:21
AshaI would need help ..what woruld be the workaround to execute the curl commands in the latest barbican code ..since it is giving the following error when I executed the curl command for uploading and retrieving the secret17:23
Asharoot@Clientfor-HAProxy ~]# curl -X POST -H 'content-type:application/json' -H 'X-Project-Id:12345' -d '{"payload": "my-secret-here", "payload_content_type": "text/plain"}' http://localhost:9311/v1/secrets {"code": 403, "description": "Secret creation attempt not allowed - please review your user/project privileges", "title": "Forbidden"} [root@Clientfor-HAProxy ~]# curl -H 'X-Project-Id: 12345' http://localhost:9311/v1/secret17:23
rm_workredrobot / SheenaG: skip me i'll reboot17:23
AshaAny Help would highly be appreicated17:24
AshaI see der were some changes done in the barbican-functional file17:25
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jvrbanacAsha, you might check your policy.json file in etc/barbican17:26
Ashayeah far I had not got this t error till last week ..On Friday ..I pulled the latest barbican code and am facing dis issue17:27
jvrbanacAsha, what kind of database are you using?17:28
Ashasqllite..d default one17:29
AshaI also see that new RBAC users has been added to barbican -functional.conf file17:30
jvrbanacAsha, that file is just used for functional tests and shouldn't affect this.17:30
Ashaoh k ..thanks @jvrbanac17:31
jvrbanacAsha, ahh if you're using the development db (sqllite), that might be the problem. Ok. Try removing or moving the old /var/lib/barbican/barbican.sqlite file and restarting17:31
jvrbanacAsha, I'm guessing it's the database here because SQLlite doesn't support database migrations, so if you came from an older version it can cause some random and interesting problems.17:33
Ashaoh k ..Thanks a lot jvrbanac...would try doing that17:34
Ashaand will let u know17:34
jvrbanacAsha, awesome ok17:34
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Asha@jvrbanac ..I am geting the same error after moving sqllite file17:45
openstackgerritNathan Reller proposed openstack/barbican: Added pkcs1_only Configuration to KMIP
jvrbanacAsha, :( Do you know what older version you were using before?17:46
AshaI was using the kilo version17:47
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AshaHi ..How do we get to know the version number of the barbican installed18:07
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redrobotAsha should be listed on the response to the barbican root.18:14
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redrobotAsha i.e. curl localhost:931118:15
Ashaoh k ..Thanks a lot @ redrobot18:16
Asha@jvrbanac ...both are V1 versions ..but the build number is different'18:39
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Ashathis was the older version I was using root@barbican:~#  curl -H 'X-Project-Id:12345' localhost:9311 {"v1": "current", "build": "2015.1.dev143"}18:47
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jvrbanacAsha, sry. I actually meant the git commit id. I wanted to see if I could replicate the problem19:11
Ashasure ..jvrbanac19:13
Asha{"v1": "current", "build": "2015.2.0.dev43"} - this is the latest one I got for which I am facing the issue19:14
Ashahow do we get the git commit id ?19:14
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Ashaor else you can dowload the latest code from the git hub for barbican19:15
jvrbanacAsha, so what I was hoping to do was grab the version of code that has didn't have a problem for you and try to work out what has changed since then that might cause the problem19:19
jvrbanacAsha, You know... I just thought of something. Before we go down that road, can you try to reinstall the barbican dependencies? You should be able to do that with a: pip install -U -r requirements.txt19:21
Ashaoh k .sure19:23
Ashayeah ..done19:24
jvrbanacAsha, try restarting barbican and see if you still have the problem19:25
Ashanopes is not working19:29
AshaI guess it has to be something with the user and project permissions19:29
Ashaearlier dere  might be some default rules19:30
Ashawhere in we could genrally execute the curl command  with our  own project ID and the user can be anything ..In my case ,,it was the root user19:31
Ashaand used the project ID 1234519:31
AshaWe  need not configure these attributes in the barbican project19:32
jvrbanacAsha, I'm not too familiar with the per-secret permissions stuff that was added a while ago. If you have done this already, you might compare your policy.json file to:
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jvrbanacAsha, I'm guessing the one you're using is it /etc/barbican/policy.json19:33
AshaBut if we compare the rules , ACL support was added for the latest one19:46
Ashabut dat should ,not impact the basic commands like uploading or reterival mfo the secrets19:47
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AshaIt would be great if someone cud really help me with this20:15
AshaCurrently working on the proxy stuff20:16
AshaIt would block me if I would not resolve this issue20:16
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jvrbanacAsha, sry, I'm bouncing around between tasks today. So that ACL changes did affect permissions to secrets, so it's quite possible that something like an outdated policy.json could cause something like this.20:34
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jvrbanacAsha, another potential issue is perhaps there is an issue with the use of barbican without authentication.20:39
jvrbanacAsha, I'm not sure20:39
Ashaoh k ..does it mean that we need to integrate it with the keystone in order to make it work20:41
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Ashanp @jvrbanac ...I understand ..I would appreicate for your time and effort in helping me out with this issue20:42
jvrbanacAsha, it should work without Keystone; however, if it works behind keystone for you, then it's probably where the bug is20:49
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Ashak ..Thanks @jvrbanac ...I need to check if it works with integrating iwth keystone21:06
AshaSince I had integrated  iwth keystone the older barbican version21:06
Ashaolder version of barbican used to work without integarting with keystone ..but when imtegarted with the keystone n..v need to provide the token along with commad21:07
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jvrbanacAsha, yeah... it looks like there is an issue running unauthenticated.21:09
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Ashayes jvrbanac21:11
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