Friday, 2015-03-27

openstackgerritJohn Wood proposed openstack/barbican: Initial connect up retry task submit and re-enqueue
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openstackgerritJohn Wood proposed openstack/barbican: Initial connect up retry task submit and re-enqueue
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jaosoriorHello mr. tkelsey, how's it going?08:33
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Add ability to run secrets tests in parallel
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-barbicanclient: Consolidate Payload Exceptions
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openstackgerritThomas Herve proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Add a payload command line option
openstackgerritThomas Herve proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Fix order creation on the command line
openstackgerritEverardo Padilla Saca proposed openstack/barbican: Remove str() casting for the client_message variable
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arunkantjaosorior, replied to your comment on . Please check it out.16:14
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aleewoodster_, redrobot , jvrbanac , hockeynut, rellerreller  - we need to start getting some eyes (mine included) on the acl patches.  So far only patch 1 has seen some attention.16:22
aleebut there are 4 others.  We run the risk of not getting this feature in for want of reviews.16:23
aleeRC1 is fast approaching.16:23
aleewoodster_, redrobot - there is also some cert api stuff that really needs the acl stuff to be there.16:24
arunkantthanks alee. ACL part 1 has good review comments which resulted in making some core changes. Need similar attention on other acl commits part 2/3/4/5 so that if any changes can be addressed in RC1 timeline.16:29
openstackgerritDave McCowan proposed openstack/barbican: Fix string formatting for a secret store exception message
chellygelhey guys, got a quick change from Thomas Herve for the client:
chellygelif you could please give it a look16:38
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aleewoodster_, ping16:43
woodster_alee, howdy. Just seeing your comments above...yeah, those acl CRs need some love16:48
aleewoodster_, I'm commenting on your CR's.  I have been able to get all the cert functional tests to pass (with some code changes) on top of your existing CRs.16:49
woodster_alee, nice16:49
aleewoodster_, now we just need to get them in so that I can upload my CR.16:49
woodster_alee, ah the hard part :)16:50
rm_workchellygel: -1 :(16:50
aleewoodster_, yeah - we really need to start rallying the troops there to do reviews.  we are not going to make it otherwise.16:50
chellygelgood catch rm_work :D16:50
chellygelthr is also not a word16:51
rm_workthat's why i reworded16:51
rm_workeasier to just leave it out, lol16:51
aleewoodster_, redrobot - I am wondering whether a google hangout to do reviews is a good idea16:51
redrobotalee it would definitely help in big reviews16:51
aleeredrobot, I'm thinking at least a couple of hangouts -- 1 for all of woodster_ patches (assuming we cant get them in the normal way today) and 1 for the acl patches16:53
alee(at least one)16:53
rm_worki would try to sit in on a hangout for the ACL patches if you did one16:53
aleerm_work, excellent16:54
aleeredrobot, want to set them up?16:54
woodster_yeah that would be a good idea16:54
aleeredrobot, I'd like to have one on Monday if at all possible.16:54
rm_workwas starting to look at them this morning but ended up having to go back and reread the spec16:54
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aleerm_work, yeah - a google hangout will help in all of that16:55
aleerm_work, we need at least 3 core reviewers in each hangout -- so that we can get the needed approvals.16:56
rm_workheh, well, can't help with that16:56
aleeredrobot, sorry - that was directed to you ^^16:57
aleerm_work, too many nicks that start with r ..16:57
openstackgerritDouglas Mendizábal proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Don't ignore payload_content_encoding if set
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aleeredrobot, ?17:25
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redrobotalee yeah, Monday should work.18:01
aleewoodster_, redrobot lets go through the remaining woodster_ patches then, as well a patch I plan to submit for the remaining cert stuff18:10
aleewoodster_, redrobot what time for the meeting?  (and we need one more core at least)18:10
redrobotalee maybe before/after the weekly meeting?18:11
aleehockeynut, jvrbanac ^^18:11
aleeredrobot, how about before -- that way we can continue after if needed?18:11
aleeredrobot, depends on folk's availability18:11
aleewoodster_ I think will be the man of the hour ..18:12
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woodster_alee fair enough. I'll be out of pocket in the afternoon Monday though18:13
aleemorning then?18:13
alee(if we do morning, we might also be able to get Oz to join)18:15
hockeynutmorning Monday is fine w/me18:15
aleewoodster_, time is up to you ..18:16
woodster_morning works for me18:17
woodster_we could aim for 10am CDT maybe?18:18
aleeworks for me18:18
aleeredrobot, hockeynut ?18:18
redrobotwoodster_ yeah, works for me also.18:18
aleeredrobot, ok - could you set it up please?  and maybe send announcement out on mailing list for those who want to attend.18:19
redrobotalee will do18:19
aleeredrobot, plan is to review outstanding woodster patches for retries18:20
aleeand possibly also a patch by me on cert api.18:20
alee(if I can get it out today - or by mon morning)18:20
aleeredrobot, we can also schedule a google hangout for the acl reviews -- arunkant , when are you available?18:21
aleeredrobot, tuesday seems like a good time18:21
redrobotalee Tuesday is going to be tough for rackers.  It's sprint-planning day18:22
aleeredrobot, ok - perhaps wed then ..18:22
aleearunkant, when is good for you?18:23
arunkantHow about 10 AM PST on wednesday ?18:23
aleearunkant, works for me18:24
aleeredrobot, hockeynut , jvrbanac , woodster_ rellerreller?18:24
aleerm_work, ^^?18:25
hockeynut10am PST = noon CT = good for me18:25
rm_workoh PST18:25
rm_worklunch meeting -- i guess i can probably do that18:25
hockeynutrm_work can treat!18:26
rm_workhow long? should i get food BEFORE and just eat during? :P18:26
aleerm_work, there are 5 patches.  It may take awhile18:26
rm_worklol… k18:27
woodster_wed 12 CDT works for me18:27
aleeredrobot, ?18:27
aleewell - we have a quorum of at least three cores - and I suspect redrobot, rellerreller, jvrbanac, oz and others may want to join.18:31
aleeso lets plan on 12 CDT Wed for acl reviews18:32
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aleewe can change in the meeting on monday if thats not going to work for folks.18:32
aleeredrobot, please set it up and send email.18:32
arunkantIt may take 90 minutes..depending on if we are going to go through each file and discussion on them.18:33
redrobotalee can we bump it to after lunch?18:33
redrobot12 CDT is usually lunch time for us :-\18:33
aleeredrobot, my schedule is open18:33
aleeso works for me18:33
arunkantredrobot, I can do 11 AM PST if it works for others18:34
aleeso 1 PM CDT18:34
rm_workthat is slightly less concerning to my stomach :P18:34
aleehockeynut, woodster_ jvrbanac ?18:35
woodster_that works for me...chellygel, looks like your meeting time will need to be bumped (again) :)18:37
aleesorry chellygel  - we can meet right afterwards if you like18:38
chellygelwanna start it at 2 cdt then alee woodster_ ?18:38
woodster_My guess is reviewing all the acl CRs will take 2 to 3 hours. alee, arunkant, redrobot, what do you think?18:39
aleeyeah - I think so.18:40
redrobotwoodster_ I don't want to meet more than 2 hours18:40
redrobotI think meetings become less effective if they run for too long18:41
aleeredrobot, if we can avoid it, that would be great -- one way to do that would be to make sure to try to look at the reviews prior to then.18:41
aleeredrobot, that goes for both meetings.  These will be most productive if this isn't the first time you're looking at the reviiew18:42
aleechellygel, can we push to thursday?  I just remembered that I have to pick up the kids in the afternoons on Mon / Wed18:43
aleechellygel, woodster_ thurs 10 cdt?18:44
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chellygelwas monday too busy? is that right? alee / woodster_ ?18:46
chellygelwoodster was going to be out for the afternoon?18:46
aleechellygel, mondays are tough for me18:47
woodster_yep, out monday afternoon18:47
woodster_thurs 10am cdt works18:47
woodster_with a hard stop at 11am18:47
chellygeli dont wanna push it too late. but -- we only have 30 min on thurs woodster_18:48
aleechellygel, woodster_ if need be, we can push to the following week - summit is 52 days away.  rc1 on the other hand is 2 weeks away.18:49
chellygelfair point18:50
chellygelill leave the meeting reminder and ask again next week for scheduling18:50
aleeredrobot, cool - - need to drop off for a bit - thanks for setting those up!18:52
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rm_workupdate on summit: looks like I'm a backup for my team for the summit, if someone doesn't manage to get their password19:02
rm_worksoooo…. maybe, but still not holding my breath19:02
reaperhulkyou have people on your team who don't have a passport? :o19:03
rm_workgot rejected twice, once preparing for Paris (so he had to bail on his already purchased tickets), and once after19:04
reaperhulkrejected? how does one even get rejected for a passport19:04
rm_workpassport office is apparently not super friendly19:04
rm_workdunno, I have had mine for like 15 years19:04
rm_workhad to renew once...19:05
rm_worklooks like i'm good until 201719:05
woodster_arg! boot2docker and time drift:
rm_workboot2docker was trying to connect to http:///var/whatever/socket19:20
rm_workand failing19:20
rm_workmaybe later i'll try to figure out what is wrong with it19:20
woodster_I'm seeing a weird time mismatch between my docker keystone and my host machine :\19:21
reaperhulkheh, that's an annoying problem19:22
woodster_that is a bit of a fail in my mind. That really rules out using keystone docker locally to me19:23
reaperhulkI'd just install vbox additions into the boot2docker image probably19:24
reaperhulkAlthough you'd have to do that every time that gets updated (and you choose to upgrade)19:24
reaperhulkboot2docker ssh sudo ntpclient -s -h will also fix it (until the next sleep/wake)19:24
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woodster_reaperhulk, thanks. That just hangs for me, I'll dig into it...19:28
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openstackgerritThomas Dinkjian proposed openstack/barbican: Updating out Orders test to the new naming conventions
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Gerrit maintenance commences in 1 hour at 22:00 UTC
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openstackgerritThomas Dinkjian proposed openstack/barbican: Updating Orders functional tests to new naming convention
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openstackgerritJohn Wood proposed openstack/barbican: Add initial functional tests for simple cert order
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Gerrit is offline for maintenance, ETA 22:30 UTC
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openstackgerritJohn Wood proposed openstack/barbican: Add initial functional tests for simple cert order
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