Thursday, 2015-02-26

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kfox1111really close now. got container name -> container id. secret_id to raw data. project validation. just need container entity name -> secret id.00:19
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kfox1111ok... got it. get request to /v1-vm/<container-id|container-name>/<container-secret-name> returns the data. :)00:36
kfox1111so this works: curl -H 'Accept: application/octet-stream' -H 'X-Talisman: '$TALISMAN http://localhost:9311/v1-vm/mycontainer/mysecret200:42
kfox1111now, is there a way to force the path to always be application/octet-stream, so it doesn't need to be explicitly specified?00:42
kfox1111That would shrink it down to a very nice:00:43
kfox1111curl -H 'X-Talisman: '$TALISMAN http://localhost:9311/v1-vm/mycontainer/mysecret200:43
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kfox1111hmm.... pecan.request.accept.header_value = 'application/octet-stream' doesn't seem to work.00:56
kfox1111its bombin out in plugin.get_secret(pecan.request.accept.header_value, with a value of */*.00:57
kfox1111so it seems like a write to it doesn't work. :/00:57
kfox1111ok... well, if I force it in the middleware, it works fine. :/01:12
kfox1111ok. sweet. I was able to shorten the key fetching process to:01:13
kfox1111curl -H 'X-Talisman: '$TALISMAN $BARBICAN/v1-vm/mycontainer/mysecret201:13
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openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/barbican: Refactor Secrets resource to use repository factories
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kfox1111ok. here's a question... I have a vendor data plugin for barbican. which repo? :)16:25
SheenaG1Hey kfox1111 - sorry it's been so quiet the last couple of days; all the Rackspace contribs are in an annual tech conference, so they may be slow to respond16:27
SheenaG1And I unfortunately don't know which repo you should use!16:27
kfox1111no worries. :)16:27
kfox1111I'll just stick it in barbican.git for now in the review, and let the reviewers decide.16:28
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arunkant_alee, ping17:01
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kfox1111ok. sweet. got it refactored abit. now you do:17:05
kfox1111curl -f -H 'X-Token: '$BARBICAN_TOKEN $BARBICAN_URL/v1-vm/mycontainer/mysecret217:05
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aleearunkant_, pong17:26
arunkant_alee, How can I help in per secret ACL implementation plan?17:27
aleearunkant_, oh fantastic :)17:28
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aleearunkant_, being called to lunch - but I'll get back to you this afternoon17:29
arunkant_alee, I see the number of work items among two specs ..17:29
arunkant_alee, okay17:29
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kfox1111so, if I write a new spec real quick, where should it go?17:45
kfox1111There is only a juno and kilo dir.17:45
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redrobotkfox1111 kilo is the current cycle18:09
aleearunkant_, ping18:13
arunkant_alee, still here18:14
aleearunkant_, ok - so per-secret implementation18:14
aleearunkant_, pulling up specs ..18:14
aleearunkant_, per secret spec --
arunkant_alee, so are you still targeting the impl (or part of it) to be targeted for kilo? I see number of items to be done as per two specs18:15
aleewhich other spec are you referring to?18:15
aleeOr are you referring to the two blueprints in the same review ?18:16
arunkant_alee, and
aleearunkant_, we were hoping to get both in kilo18:16
aleearunkant_, but I would suggest working on the first one --- add-per-secret-policy first18:17
aleethats the one that is needed most immediately18:17
aleeand the second one depends on the first18:17
aleearunkant_, so - looking at the work items in the first spec , do you have any questions?18:19
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arunkant_alee, okay...are you planning to work on part of it? I can try to shoot for first spec in March 19 timeline.18:19
aleearunkant_, its going to be hard for me to work on any of it right now -- too many things pulling me off barbican -- its hard enough for me to get all the cert stuff in.18:20
aleearunkant_, I'll be willing to help out and provide reviews etc. , but I raised this as a flag at the summit18:21
aleearunkant_, jaosorior mentioned that he might be able to help work on it18:21
aleeso did rm_work18:21
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aleeand venkat18:22
arunkant_alee, I understand the spec..and most likely will have question on the way. But will see if can make it happen this for kilo timeline. Will start working on it next week sometime,18:22
jaosorioralee, arunkant_ I will get confirmation about it soon.18:22
jaosoriorProbably by next week also18:23
aleejaosorior, great -- I think arunkant_ will be happy for the help18:23
jaosoriorIf its possible to divide the tasks then it will work nicely18:23
aleearunkant_, definitely feel free to ping me with questions. I think the spec has been through enough reviews that a lot has been worked out18:24
aleeand it wont be too bad once we get started18:24
aleejaosorior, arunkant_ its definitely possible to divvy up the work18:24
aleejaosorior, arunkant_ I think the tasks under work items form discrete chunks18:25
aleearunkant_, very excited that you're taking it on :)18:26
aleejaosorior, you too - if you get approval :)18:26
aleeok - got to go outside to shovel snow/ play with kids etc.18:26
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arunkant_alee, yes..but they seem kind of interdependent. Will go through it next week.18:27
alee_snowthey are, but they can be sliced if needed --- I'm sure ya'll will figure it out.18:28
openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed openstack/barbican-specs: Spec for vm-integration
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openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed openstack/barbican: VM Integration
kfox1111Ok. there it is. :)18:54
kfox1111not nessisarily pretty at this point, but fairly functional.18:54
openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed openstack/barbican-specs: Spec for vm-integration
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openstackgerritKevin Fox proposed openstack/barbican-specs: Spec for vm-integration
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kfox1111ok. Since I have a patch in place that will work for us, I need to try and rpmize this...20:02
kfox1111anyone with experience with on?20:02
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kfox1111this is a weird build system. :/20:09
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kfox1111so what peices do you need to install? openstack-barbican, worker says it conflicts with openstack-barbican. keystone listener?20:31
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kfox1111hmmm... the rpms say it depends on python-cryptography. is there another package somewhere for that? rdo doesn't seem to provide it.20:50
rm_workpython-cryptography probably just provides the pypi package "cryptography"20:54
rm_workbut as a system level20:54
kfox1111looks like there is a rpmbuild/ script...20:54
kfox1111hmm... it depends on fpm, which isn't in an rpm either. :/20:56
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kfox1111fpm is buggy! :)20:57
kfox1111If I have to install ruby, and load a gem, just to use it.... ;)20:58
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openstackgerritSteve Heyman proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Add pre-test hook to configure barbican server
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kfox1111bummer... rpm wants to start /usr/bin/barbican/ but it doesn't exist.22:06
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kfox1111I added the script back, but /etc/barbican/vassles is emplty too. :/22:29
kfox1111does anyone run barbican in production yet?22:30
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SheenaG1kfox1111: Rackspace does, in a really limited sense22:30
SheenaG1kfox1111: it's a full deployment on Production gear, but it's currently being limited to use by only a couple of teams22:30
kfox1111know who maintains
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kfox1111arg..... from oslo_config import cfg :/22:39
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kfox1111hmm... oslo_log....22:45
kfox1111not in the old oslo/log location. :/22:45
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kfox1111arg... gona have to try and backport this to juno barbican. :/23:05
kfox1111too much has changed in kilo. :/23:05
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kfox1111wow. its a pain to package openstack. :/23:51
kfox1111at least kilo versions of things getting oslo all moved around. :/23:51
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