Sunday, 2015-02-15

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jaosorioranybody around?23:25
jaosoriorI'm in Austin :O23:25
jaosoriorhockeynut, SheenaG1, tdink_ O_O23:28
reaperhulkjaosorior: I'm stuck playing with a 5 year old but if nobody else is around grab an uber to south congress and get some food/drinks down there23:39
jaosorioruhm.. alright23:39
reaperhulkHopefully somebody is around soon though :)23:40
jaosoriorwas gonna walk around in a bit anyway. First time I'm in Austin23:40
reaperhulkWhere is your hotel?23:40
jaosoriorIt's the Intercontinental23:41
jaosorior(checking the address...)23:41
reaperhulkah yeah, you're just a few blocks south of the capitol23:41
jaosorior701 N Congress Ave23:41
reaperhulkYou could get up there before dark. It's been super gorgeous here the past few days. Sadly today not so great and bad Monday too. Supposed to be back to pretty by Wednesday though23:42
reaperhulk(19° high and sunny)23:42
jaosoriorlets see23:44
jaosoriorfor now priority for me is food23:44
jaosoriorand probably a drink23:44
jaosoriorpretty sleep deprived because of the time difference23:45
reaperhulkYeah, understandable23:45
jaosoriorany recommendations food-wise?23:45
reaperhulkLooking for a specific genre? Do you want to keep it walking distance?23:46
jaosorior5k radius (walking distance)23:47
jaosorioroh wait... that would be about... 3 miles23:47
reaperhulkyep I deal in kilometers enough to do the translation easily ;)23:47
reaperhulkHmm, directly in downtown I don't know a whole lot. You're about 3km from the south congress area where there's all sorts of delicious food though23:49
jaosoriorthat's quite a walkable distance23:50
reaperhulkThat'd be my recommendation then. If you've got a map on you, just go to congress avenue and start walking south :) The food area starts a little bit south of the river23:52
jaosoriorwill check it out23:52
jaosoriorthanks dude23:52
reaperhulkTomorrow we may have to find some barbecue ;)23:52
jaosoriorsomeone recommended me Franklin's BBQ or something like that23:53
reaperhulkYeah that place is great but getting into it is damn near impossible23:53
reaperhulkWe could probably hit up Kerlin, although we'd have to do it for lunch23:54
reaperhulk"we need to go review some code"23:54
reaperhulkWe'll figure it out :D23:54
jaosoriorit'll be fiiiine23:55
jaosoriorgood food gets me more productive anyway23:55
jaosorior....or at least that's what I tell myself23:55

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