Wednesday, 2015-02-11

woodster_hockeynut, thanks! redrobot, please review when you can ^^^00:05
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Imported Translations from Transifex
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openstackgerritTim Kelsey proposed openstack/barbican-specs: Adding spec for Barbican MKEK Model.
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hockeynut could use some love this morning!15:35
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hockeynutty jaosorior !  redrobot jvrbanac reaperhulk woodster_ would you be so kind as to workflow ^16:01
redrobothockeynut looking16:01
hockeynutthank you sir!16:01
reaperhulkhockeynut, redrobot: I'd like jvrbanac to take a quick look at that when he gets in before merge16:01
reaperhulkLet's make him workflow it ;)16:01
hockeynutreaperhulk that works16:02
hockeynutwill let him flick the switch16:02
redrobotonce a QE, always a QE16:02
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jaosoriorhockeynut: no prob. Please ping for this kind of things. Need to catch up reviewing anyway16:12
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openstackgerritDouglas Mendizábal proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Update documentation
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hockeynutjvrbanac opened to remember to remove parameterized test from smoke16:33
openstackLaunchpad bug 1420868 in python-barbicanclient "functional tests - remove datadriven tests from smoke tests" [Medium,New]16:33
jvrbanachockeynut, ok thx16:33
hockeynutredrobot I created a wishlist launchpad bug for the filtering on the other resources in the client.
openstackLaunchpad bug 1420873 in python-barbicanclient "secrets list have filters - other resources should have filters as well" [Wishlist,New]16:48
woodster_redrobot, I added a comment to yours just now:
redrobotwoodster_ replied17:01
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-barbicanclient: Adds base behaviors, secret behaviors and the secret smoke tests
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woodster_redrobot: I added a comment to the quota Bp....getting closer I think18:20
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openstackgerritDouglas Mendizábal proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Update documentation
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woodster_redrobot, I added a comment to the bp...I think it's good to air this all out on the bp itself even if it seems like bikeshedding :)20:01
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redrobotwoodster_ bikeshedding == architectin'20:16
redrobotwoodster_ alee you guys around20:16
woodster_redrobot, how true!20:17
aleeredrobot, whats up?20:17
redrobotwoodster_ alee  I'm trying to guesstimate how much space to ask for in Vancouver20:17
redrobotwoodster_ alee as I mentioned during the weekly meeting, we won't have a "pod" this time around20:18
redrobotwoodster_ alee everything is going to be scheduled in time slots20:18
aleeredrobot, right - you mentioned a fishbowl -- was Paris a fishbowl?20:18
redrobotwoodster_ alee so fishbowl session, what they're calling the previous design sessions, so they're advertised in the schedule etc20:19
woodster_redrobot it seemed that we had about 10 folks around most of the time...not all of them focused on Barbican planning but still related to the team20:19
redrobotwoodster_ alee  we also have to request non-fishbowl sessions, where we get a smaller room to work on things.20:19
redrobotwoodster_ alee I think it's less about space, and more about time slots20:19
rm_workoh, woodster_ did you say you needed something from me?20:19
rm_workwoodster_: a bio or somesuch?20:20
aleeredrobot, so we can't get a small room/space for the whole time?20:20
woodster_rm_work, oh yeah, bio and contact info20:20
redrobotwoodster_ alee I don't think so?  ...
rm_workwoodster_: you can use my rackspace pic I think if you need a pic20:22
rm_worki'll pm you20:22
aleeredrobot, ok - so "working sessions" are kinda like the pods in Atlanta, except we may have to change rooms20:23
woodster_redrobot, alee, ...and 'Fishbowl sessions' are like the formal design sessions20:24
aleeredrobot, and you have to select them ahead of time20:24
redrobotalee exactly... we have to request N working sessions, but there's a chance that there may be time slots where we don't have any room20:24
redrobotwoodster_ yep20:24
aleehow long is a timeslot? one hour?20:24
woodster_redrobot, alee, I agree about having to change rooms a lot...makes the whiteboards less useful :20:24
aleethey say there can be 10 to 12 in parallel at any time20:25
aleehow many projects are there?20:25
redrobotalee 25 projects right now... maybe more by the time the summit happens20:26
redrobotalee recommendation was to ask for 18 sessions max20:26
redrobotthat would be total sessions20:26
redrobotso fishbowl + working20:26
aleeok -- then there will be resource contention ..20:27
aleeok -- so maybe 3 fishbowl and 15 non fishbowl20:27
aleeredrobot, the design summit is 4 days = 32 hours -- so we're only working half the time :)20:28
redrobotalee haha yeah!20:29
redrobotalee I think Friday is going to be scheduled differently20:29
redrobotalee For friday we can ask for 1/2 days20:29
aleeredrobot, thats not included in the 18 sessions?20:30
aleeredrobot, my recommendation - ask for the max with either 3 or 4 fishbowl sessions20:30
aleemy guess is we get away with 320:31
redrobotalee sounds good...  I was thinking 3 fishbowl sessions... will need to start thinking about what they should be.20:32
aleeyup - we can discuss that next week.20:32
redrobotalee full day or half day on Friday?20:33
aleeredrobot, most likely a half day -- I suspec that if enough folks are around, we can probably find an empty room Friday afternoon20:34
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redrobotalee sounds good...20:36
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woodster_redrobot, alee, that looks good to me. As for L design sessions/fishbowls, I added this etherpad to start capturing topics that we could vote on, as we did for Juno:
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woodster_redrobot, hockeynut, so are we thinking the general quota resource would be something like GET /v1/quota-set   and the admin-only one would be GET /v1/quota-project-set/{project-id}?21:20
redrobotwoodster_ nope21:20
redrobotwoodster_ I was thinking21:21
redrobotGET /v1/quotas  for currently-authenticated project21:21
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redrobotGET /v1/quota-sets for admin-only paging of all stored project quotas21:21
redrobotGET /v1/quota-sets/{project_id} for admin-only for a particular project quota21:22
redrobot^^ also crud there with the other verbs21:22
redrobotGET /v1/quota-class-sets for admin-only paging of all stored quota classes21:23
redrobotGET /v1/quota-class-sets/{quota_class_id} for admin-only get of a particular quota class21:23
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redrobot^^ also CRUD of quota classes there with other verbs21:23
redrobotwoodster_ but if you still don't like sets I could be ok with21:24
redrobot /v1/quotas21:24
redrobot /v1/project-quotas for admins21:24
woodster_redrobot: so 'sets' in this case would pertain to project-level quotas then, and not set in the collection of quotas-per-resource sense...that seems odd to me but would be ok with it if others are21:24
redrobot /v1/quota-classes21:25
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redrobot^^ for admins also21:25
hockeynutwoodster_ sounds like that CR is worthy of midcycle time21:34
woodster_Maybe so at this point. I added a note on the bp summarizing some of these discussions21:35
hockeynutwoodster_ sounds good.  some quality whiteboard time should clear this up21:35
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openstackgerritBrianna Poulos proposed openstack/castellan: Copy cinder.keymgr to castellan
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