Monday, 2015-01-19

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openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/barbican: Adding exceptions on bad key file permissions
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jaosoriortkelsey: went ahead and updated the commit message in your CR... unfortunately it took off the scores (which I didn't know would happen... since it was only a commit message update) but it already has a +2 from my side08:33
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jaosoriorIt seems mostly people agree with the exception raising, but I would like to see some insight by reaperhulk08:34
tkelseyjaosorior: ok cool, yeah more input is very welcome08:35
jaosoriorso how are things over there man?08:36
tkelseynot too bad really, bit of a cold snap just now, how about yourself?08:36
jaosoriorfeeling the remnants of yesterday night08:37
jaosoriorcaffeine helps though08:37
tkelseyhaha, a night out?08:37
jaosoriorI never learn... it's never just a couple of beers08:38
tkelseyI know that one all too well, don't know where any of us would be with out caffeine lol08:38
jaosoriorhaha indeed08:39
tkelseyI do some home brewing, so yeah, there is always an after party as well lol08:39
jaosoriordude, nice!08:39
jaosoriorwhat do you brew?08:39
tkelseyits a fun hobby, very "analog" compared to computer tech.... ah a few bits n pieces, ale, cider, mead, will try anything really :)08:40
jaosoriorI've been meaning to start reading on how to brew beer08:40
tkelseyits good fun, starting with kits makes it simple, but its a slippery slope hehe08:41
jaosoriorI already love craft beer, so it would be really awesome to learn how to do it08:41
tkelseywell worth giving a go08:41
jaosoriorso I bought a book and everything to have some knowledge about it before giving it a go08:42
jaosoriorbuuuut I haven't just done it08:42
tkelseyhaha, I have a list of stuff like that, a bunch of Arduinos sitting in a box waiting to get used for somthing08:42
tkelseynever got around to it08:42
tkelseyat least with homebrewing, once you start it off you dont have do to too much to it until racking/bottling08:44
jaosoriorthat sound a bit more encouraging :P08:44
tkelseyhehe :)08:44
tkelseyso where abouts are you based, jaosorior08:55
jaosoriornear Helsinki08:55
jaosoriorbut I actually live in Helsinki08:56
jaosoriornice place08:56
jaosoriorkinda cold and dark in winter though08:56
tkelseyah cool, never been08:56
tkelseyheh yeah I'll bet it is08:56
jaosoriorit's a nice place08:56
jaosoriorspecially recommend it in summer08:56
jaosoriorcompletely the opposite than now08:57
jaosoriorthere's light most of the day, pretty warm, and everybody cheers up a bunch08:57
tkelseyheh yeah, good weather definetly picks up peoples moods08:58
jaosoriorwhere in the UK are you based on?08:59
tkelseyim in Bristol now (south west) but was based in Newcastle until recently (north east, just below Scotland)08:59
tkelseyits warmer here lo09:00
tkelseyBristol is a nice city, still learning where places are though tbh09:00
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jaosoriorI actually have a friend living near Bristol. Been meaning to go there for a couple of years now09:00
tkelseyah awesome :)09:01
tkelseyif you do come over, check out this place ;)
jaosoriorhahaha sure will09:02
jaosoriorloved the Brewdog in London09:02
jaosoriorand no we have a Brewdog in Helsinki too09:02
tkelseyawesome :D09:02
jaosorior*and now09:02
tkelseyits great that they are pushing out to more countries09:03
tkelseyhope they take on some of the influences from local beers and experiment09:04
tkelseyreally like to try new beers from all over09:04
jaosoriorhaving been to some of their bars, they actually do have guest beers often09:05
tkelseymostly here they seem to have American ales as guests09:05
jaosoriorbut for trying new beers, there's a fair bunch of bars here in Helsinki that have quite excellent selection09:06
jaosoriorso it's a good place for beer :P09:06
jaosoriorbut, nothing has impressed me more than Copenhagen09:06
jaosoriortheir beer bars are just amazingf09:06
tkelseyhehe yeah :) another place on my todo list lol09:07
jaosoriorif you can get ahold of a ticket for the Copenhagen Beer Celebration09:08
jaosoriorit's the best beer festival I've ever been to09:08
jaosoriorby far09:08
tkelsey:) I'll have a look out, thanks for the tip!09:09
tkelsey:) nice09:10
* d0ugal finds Brewdog over rated.09:28
tkelseyoh, what do you enjoy d0ugal ?09:28
d0ugaltkelsey: A wide range of breweries really, but I'm not that keen on any of Brewdogs.09:29
tkelseyfair enough, each to their own :) I enjoy Brewdog ales, but also like variety09:30
d0ugalBlack isle and Fyne ales are my standard go-to breweries tho'09:30
* tkelsey googles09:30
d0ugalSpecifically and :)09:30
tkelseyah, both are new to me :D more stuff to try09:31
tkelseyI was drinking this (among many other things) this weekend, was very nice actually
tkelseynot tried a heather ale before09:34
d0ugaltkelsey: Oh, yeah, that's good. I like their one called "Birds & Bees"09:39
d0ugaltkelsey: Fraoch is what made them successful, they have gone on to make a ton of interesting beers since09:40
tkelseyd0ugal: cool, ill look out for it :)09:40
jaosoriorWell, I actually do like Brewdog. But my go-to breweries are Mikkeller and To Øl09:51
jaosoriorthey are just damn excellent09:51
jaosoriorDamn you guys, now I want beer09:53
tkelseyhaha :D09:54
tkelseynot seen either of those in the UK jaosorior, my list of stuff to try gets longer :)09:54
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openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/barbican: Fix 500 error when PUTing an order
jaosoriorholy crap, that took a long time13:52
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jaosoriorryanpetrello: ping14:03
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jaosorioraw :(14:08
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jaosoriorryanpetrello: ping15:15
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jaosoriorryanpetrello: well, in case you see this. For this is there a reason why the approach that was recommended was using a generic index that would abort with HTTP 415 instead of using a "_default"?15:21
hockeynutcan we get some love for  need that to bring in some dependent CRs that fix functional test issues. TY!15:22
jaosoriormaybe it wasn't a good idea after all to put those CRs as dependent15:23
jaosoriorit made sense at the time :P15:24
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openstackgerritSteve Heyman proposed openstack/barbican: Added debugging to help diagnose json decode issue
openstackgerritDonald Stufft proposed openstack/barbican: Add data model entities for OrderRetryTask
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jaosoriordstufft: about CR 14718015:40
jaosoriorI mean15:40
jaosoriorstill not sure about the database-specfic stuff15:40
jaosorior__table_args__ = {"mysql_engine": "InnoDB"}15:41
jaosoriorI do get that you based yourself on the other class... this ModelBase15:41
jaosoriorbut still15:41
dstufftjaosorior: dunno! I'm happy to take it out, but I just copied that from ModelBase15:41
dstufftI don't know shit about MySQL15:41
dstufftI just assumed it was there for a good reason15:41
jaosoriorWhat attributes didn't you need?15:42
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dstufftthe ModelBase has stuff in it for soft deletion15:42
jaosoriorwoodster_: ping15:43
jaosoriordstufft: well, need to investigate on it before scoring it15:44
jaosoriorno biggie15:44
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SheenaG1redrobot: you around?15:58
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redrobotSheenaG1 I am now, what's up?16:09
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SheenaG1redrobot: still trying to fill in that spike16:19
SheenaG1redrobot: Mumble?16:19
redrobotSheenaG1 sure thing, brt16:19
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Adding exceptions on bad key file permissions
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jaosoriorUhm... would have liked to hear insights from reaperhulk regarding CR 147862 , but alright17:26
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openstackgerritNathan Reller proposed openstack/barbican-specs: Content Types
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openstackgerritSteve Heyman proposed openstack/barbican: Added debugging to help diagnose json decode issue
rellerrellerwoodster_ alee reaperhulk redrobot Could you all check out the content type spec?17:59
rellerrellerI think I have a pretty good version now.17:59
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SheenaG1woodster_: ping18:32
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openstackgerritAde Lee proposed openstack/barbican: Added new model classes for CAs
openstackgerritAde Lee proposed openstack/barbican: Added new repository classes and controller classes for CAs
aleejaosorior, I've fixed the tests, added new ones, and incorporated your changes19:13
aleethanks for changes19:14
jaosoriordid they help?19:14
aleejaosorior, they did, thanks19:14
aleealthough the problem was utctime vs local time19:14
jaosorioralee: I see you ended up reverting the assertEqual order in the tests19:15
jaosoriorhow come?19:15
aleejaosorior, I thought I put them back the way you wanted them ..19:15
aleemaybe I missed one or two ..19:15
jaosoriorwell, for 147323 they are all reverted19:16
aleewhichones are wrong?19:16
jaosorioruhm... all?19:16
aleejaosorior, um -- let me see ..19:17
aleejaosorior, ah -- I understand19:17
jaosoriorthese at least (reviewing your CRs)19:17
aleejaosorior, the first patch is as it was originally19:17
aleejaosorior, I put the correct change into the second patch19:18
jaosoriorI mean, it's no biggie, but they did file a bug report ( ) because of the ordering on other components19:18
jaosorioroooh, ok ok19:18
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aleejaosorior, sorry - but confusing19:18
aleebit confusing19:19
aleejvrbanac, woodster_ , redrobot ^^ stuff to review please19:19
jaosoriorI think we all need to step up our reviewing19:20
* redrobot is so behind on reviews it's not even funny19:20
jaosoriorthere is so much stuff pending O_O19:20
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jaosorioralee: is there a reason why, in the model init function19:29
jaosorioryou "pop" the dict values19:29
jaosoriorinstead of using the get function?19:30
jaosoriorthe pop would actually alter the incoming dict. Which is not behaviour you would expect when initializing a model19:30
aleejaosorior, I make a copy of the dict being passed in19:34
jaosoriornow I see19:35
aleejaosorior, basically because the incoming dict contains parmeters that are stores in the ca table and those stored in the metadata19:35
aleeby popping, I dont have to keep track when it comes to processing meta items19:35
jaosoriorI see19:36
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jaosorioralee: is there a reason why this is added in the second commit and not the first?19:44
aleejaosorior, actually, I might not need that --- I had added it when things were not working19:46
aleelet me try taking it out19:46
jaosoriorjust was a bit confusing, that's all19:46
aleejaosorior, yeah -- I'll remove it unless we need it later19:48
aleejaosorior, that is -- I'll remove it in the next patch -- and will only add back later if we actually need it19:48
redrobotweekly meeting starts in 10 minutes in #openstack-meeting-alt19:50
jaosorioralee: this might be a very stupid question. But how do you initially populate the CA table?19:51
aleejaosorior, it comes from the plugins.  thats the patch I'm working on next19:53
jaosorioraaah ok ok19:54
jaosoriorthat makes sense19:55
jaosoriorI couldn't figure out if I was missing something or it as missing from the CRs19:55
aleehope to have that one out in a day or so.19:55
jaosoriorI'll check em out when they're done then19:58
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jaosoriorno prob19:59
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jaosoriorrellerreller: digging the content types spec so far20:00
rellerrellerjaosorior thanks!20:00
jaosoriorprobably will finish reading it until tomorrow20:00
jaosorior(which is like in 10 hours for me)20:01
redrobotweekly meeting is starting now in #openstack-meeting-alt20:01
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jaosoriorhockeynut: any news on the JSONDecoderError business?20:51
hockeynutits now an http404 - working on trying to convince testr/subunit to give us stdout/stderr so we can see the details20:52
jaosorioryeah, I remember it ended as a 40420:52
jaosoriorbut I still call it JSONDecoderError, since it's how it started, and the description kinda stuck with me haha20:53
jaosoriorand it does still fail with some json errors20:53
jaosoriorthere's now a bunch of 40420:53
jaosoriorbut also some JSON errors around20:53
jaosoriorwhich should now be different if this CR lands
hockeynutonce I sort out where the logging went then the cause of the problem should present itself20:55
jaosoriordid you try outputting the contents of the .testrepository in the post hook?20:56
jaosoriorof the functional tests20:56
jaosorior* .testrepository directory20:56
hockeynuthmm...the stdout/stderr streams should be there as attachments, I think20:56
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jaosoriorredrobot: ping21:05
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Only de-serialize objects when possible
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