Friday, 2015-01-16

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jaosoriortkelsey: ping10:40
tkelseyjaosorior: ^10:48
jaosoriorHey man10:53
jaosoriorwhat's your timezone?10:54
jaosoriorso we're not that far10:54
tkelseyah awesome :) handy10:54
jaosoriorAnyway, was just thinking why you would be online so "early"10:55
jaosoriorbut I thought it was US time10:55
tkelseyhaha yeah, not so early here :)10:55
jaosoriorI'm in Finland, actually10:55
jaosoriorwas checking out your CR10:55
jaosoriorseems that people have agreed to get it merged10:55
jaosoriorbut... nobody actually discussed anything :/10:56
tkelseyyeah, I was expecting more conversation over that10:56
jaosoriordo you have any insights?10:56
jaosoriorare you OK with that getting merged?10:56
tkelseyno, it merged while I was away10:56
jaosoriorI was thinking you could try pushing the exception10:56
jaosoriorno, actually, it didn't get merged10:56
tkelseywell I am happy with some kind of checking, but I would have preferred exceptions10:56
jaosoriorit stumbled upon the JSONDecoderError10:56
tkelseyah right ok10:56
tkelseyrecheck needed?10:57
jaosoriorwhich I will try to debug in the next days10:57
jaosoriorI was gonna ask you10:57
jaosoriorwould you like to try pushing the exception raising?10:57
jaosoriorso instead of doing a re-check10:57
jaosoriorpushing another CR10:57
jaosoriorwhich would actually reset the scoring10:57
tkelseyI would, yeah thats a good idea10:57
jaosoriorbut from my side10:57
tkelseylet this one land and then bump to exceptions in another10:57
jaosoriorthe exception raising would be a +210:57
tkelseyawesome thanks jaosorior10:58
jaosorioralright, that could also work10:58
jaosoriorlemme trigger the re-check10:58
tkelseyok cool, I'll push another patch with the exception logic back10:58
jaosoriorrecheck triggered10:59
tkelseycool thanks jaosorior11:00
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jaosoriortkelsey: do you happen to know when and where the OSSG mid-cycle will take place?11:26
tkelseyi do, let me dig out the info :)11:27
jaosoriorthere it says SF11:27
jaosoriorbut I'm not sure if it was going to be switched to Austin to be along Barbican also11:27
tkelseyit is in SF11:28
jaosoriorooh, ok11:30
jaosoriorthought they would switch to Austin, but alright11:30
tkelseyjaosorior: yeah I think the venue won out in the end11:48
openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Checking the certificate file has reasonable permissions
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jaosoriorhockeynut: ping13:28
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jaosoriorwoodster_: Anything going on with this one? Haven't heard much about it in a while.13:41
woodster_jaosorior: yeah I'd added a comment for alee but we haven't followed up....alee can you revisit ^^^?13:46
woodster_alee: ^^^^14:15
openstackgerritTim Kelsey proposed openstack/barbican: Re-adding excpetions raised on bad certificate key file permissions
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hockeynutjaosorior good morning sir.14:32
hockeynutjaosorior I'm bouncing around a lot this morning so I may not be terribly responsive until post-lunch14:37
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aleewoodster_, done14:49
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jvrbanacn case people forgot, you only have a couple more hours to vote in the OpenStack election. Voting ends at 11am CST / 1700UTC15:29
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openstackgerritTim Kelsey proposed openstack/barbican: Adding excpetions on bad certificate key file permissions
openstackgerritTim Kelsey proposed openstack/barbican: Adding excpetions on bad key file permissions
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jaosoriorhockeynut: have you been able to get info with the print statement that you added to debug the JSONDecoderError? I tried checking it out. But didn't actually see it get printed16:12
jaosoriortkelsey: one more comment on your CR16:12
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tkelseyjaosorior: cool, will do16:21
jaosoriortkelsey: thanks dude16:22
openstackgerritTim Kelsey proposed openstack/barbican: Adding excpetions on bad key file permissions
tkelseyjaosorior: hows that?16:25
jaosoriorCool. Reviewed16:28
tkelsey:) good stuff16:28
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hockeynutjaosorior not yet - I'm bringing up a devstack gate-like VM to have more control over the logging17:04
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openstackgerritAde Lee proposed openstack/barbican: Added new repository classes and controller classes for CAs
aleejaosorior, rm_work , woodster_ ping20:35
aleejaosorior, rm_work , woodster_ hey -- I'm trying to figure out why some unit tests are failing -- perhaps you can take a look at the cr above ?20:36
aleerm_work, the tests are saying that no CertificateAuthority entities are found ..20:37
rm_workpulling it down20:38
rm_workthis machine is slow, tox could take a bit <_<20:38
rm_workjust py27 is good, right?20:38
jaosorioralee: sure man, I'll check out out tomorrow. Friday night,  11pm and at a bar :P20:46
aleerm_work, yup20:47
rm_worki feel like jaosorior is at a bar like 75% of the time I talk to him20:47
aleejaosorior, thanks!20:47
aleerm_work, indeed :)20:47
redrobotjaosorior gotta shoot for 100%20:47
rm_workalee: ok, getting those errors20:47
jaosoriorrm_work: you....are not wrong...20:47
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jaosoriorI actually do work in bars sometimes. Its surprisingly productive. But not tonight :P20:48
jaosoriorAnyway. Have a good Friday guys :D20:49
aleejaosorior, you too!20:49
woodster_jaosorior, take care. alee, rm_work, can you paste up the stack trace?20:50
aleewoodster_, sure20:51
aleewoodster_, basically if you look at the test, I create a CA model object -- and I think that it gets persisted with session.commit()20:53
aleebut when I query for it, its not there20:54
rm_workdebugging really quick20:55
woodster_Off topic, but I've been curious why tox reports three of the same stack trace for seems like it's running the same test three times. Does anyone know for sure?20:55
aleewoodster_, are you talking about the stack trace I posted?20:57
woodster_alee, yeah...I've been noticing that too, just curious about it20:58
aleewoodster_, its because I'm running three tests :)20:58
aleeand all three are failing in the same way20:58
woodster_you are failing in only one method: WhenTestingCertificateAuthorityRepo.test_get_by_create_date21:00
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aleewoodster_, well there are a couple of others that are very similar ..21:05
alee    def test_get_by_create_date_with_plugin_name_filter(self):21:06
alee    def test_get_by_create_date_with_plugin_ca_id_filter(self):21:06
aleeall call the same setup functions - and so fail in the same way21:06
woodster_alee, rm_work, this might be an issue with the mapped collection setting process inside the initializer of CertificateAuthority. You might try to comment that out and see if you get further. All other places in Barbican we are saving the key/value info outside of the parent entity, with individual save() calls. What you are doing should work though, but just21:13
woodster_something to try21:13
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aleewoodster_, so - comment out the line -- ca_meta = orm.relationship(21:17
alee        'CertificateAuthorityMetadatum',21:17
alee        collection_class=col.attribute_mapped_collection('key'),21:17
alee        lazy=False)  ?21:17
woodster_alee, I mean the one in the __init__() method that sets the key/value info...just to see if the entity saves and can be retrieved at least21:18
aleedid not seem to make a difference21:21
aleewoodster_, ^^21:21
aleewoodster_, does the unit test run agaianst an actual db?21:22
aleewoodster_,  does it matter if I have no migration scripts yet?21:22
woodster_alee, it runs against an in-mem sqlite db, so migration scripts are not used.21:23
aleewoodster_, yeah - thats what I figured ..21:24
woodster_alee, yeah if the .save() method is called on entities, that should stage them for updates in the database (that repo create() call should do that), and the commit should flush it out to the db. Not sure why that isn't happening21:25
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aleewoodster_, am I missing a method I need to implement to store the entity?21:29
aleewoodster_, any way I can log the db commands to the internal db -- and their results?21:29
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woodster_alee, I think there is a way to turn on more debug logging...change line #42 of the to True from False21:32
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woodster_The BaseRepo class is what provides the create_from() impl...and it has an calls inside of it :\21:33
aleewoodster_, seems to take quite a bit longer with debug on ..21:37
woodster_alee, I'm stepping thru it now...21:37
rm_workme too, i keep getting pulled away but i am looking now21:40
woodster_oh, I see the created date is in utc, and the expiration is in local the expiration date will filter out the get's21:41
woodster_alee, rm_work, sorry gotta get my kiddo now...but I'll have IRC on my phone, just slower response21:42
aleewoodster_, thanks !21:43
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aleewoodster_, good catch -- trying to fix21:43
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aleewoodster_, rm_work yeah - that gets me further - thanks121:49
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rm_workalee: did that fix it?21:52
rm_workor just one hurdle?21:52
aleerm_work, that fixed that problem -- there are a couple of other small things wrong with the tests21:53
aleefixing those now.21:53
aleebut I understand those problems ..21:53
rm_workyeah I was definitely focused on things that weren't the timezones :P21:53
rm_workgood catch woodster_21:53
aleethis also explains why some other tests I was trying did not work :)21:54
aleethanks guys -- good catch woodster21:54
rm_workfreaking timezones21:55
rm_workactually something similar happened to me before when my secrets expired and i was like WTF why won't my containers load properly21:55
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rm_workoh hey PyCharm is on version 4.0.422:03
rm_workthat makes me happier than it should22:03
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woodster_alee: glad that worked22:05
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