Monday, 2015-01-05

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Change keystone_id for external_id in model
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openstackgerritJohn Wood proposed openstack/barbican: Add I18n-related unit tests (Part 3)
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openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/python-barbicanclient: Enable passing test regex to testr from tox
jaosoriorwoodster_: Should I file a bug regarding what was decided from this? or should i just fix it and that's it?14:03
woodster_jaosorior, well I wouldn't mind getting other folks to weigh in on the comments there. Maybe we can get folks to discuss/decide in the IRC channel today.14:06
jaosoriorThat would be good14:07
jaosoriorThough I'm actually quite convinced that having the id there is not the way to go14:07
jaosoriorif the user specified an empty name, then that's what the user should get in return14:08
jaosoriorit's the same behaviour with containers14:08
jaosoriorwoodster_: By the way, Happy new year man!14:13
woodster_jaosorior: same with you!14:13
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Replace instances of keystone_id from the code
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openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/barbican: Make default action return 405 in the controllers
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Enable passing test regex to testr from tox
openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Remove invalid TODOs related to bug 1331815
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openstackgerritAde Lee proposed openstack/barbican: Add validation for certificate-order-api
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-barbicanclient: Enable passing test regex to testr from tox
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woodster_alee: I think folks have been making comments on the various high priority blueprint CRs out there...would you have a chance this week to go over some of them?17:32
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aleewoodster_, yes -- I plan to do just that17:34
aleewoodster_, can you look at ?17:34
aleeI just made the relevant changes -- it would be good to get that in so that dave-mccowan can base his changes on that17:34
woodster_alee, sounds good17:35
aleewoodster_, trying to figure out now how to rebase my second patch on the first's changes ..17:35
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lisaclark1tdink: ping17:37
aleewoodster_, awesome thanks ..17:38
aleenow we just need some more +2'ers ..17:39
woodster_alee, I still follow the 'Add dependency' workflow here for simple dependencies (that others aren't contributing to):
aleereaperhulk, redrobot ?17:39
redrobotalee hi! happy 2015!17:39
aleeyou too ! :)17:40
aleeredrobot, need a review please  ..
aleerellerreller, jvrbanac ^^17:41
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aleegreghaynes, ^^17:42
jvrbanacalee, I'll take look as soon as a I get to a good stopping point17:42
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aleejvrbanac, thanks17:43
jvrbanacalee, Oh and happy new year!17:43
aleewoodster_, yeah - I'm trying to follow that ..17:43
aleeyou too :)17:43
greghaynesalee: hey, will have a look17:43
aleegreghaynes, thanks - nothing too surprising in this one.17:44
aleewoodster_, so I'm trying to follow the instructions at the end ..17:46
aleewoodster_, ie. I have review X and review Y  (X>Y)17:46
aleewoodster_,  now I have updated review X17:46
aleewoodster_, so now I'm in the branch where I worked on review Y17:47
aleeand I want to update this branch with the modified version of review X17:47
greghaynesalee: and y depends on x?17:47
greghaynesgit rebase for great good17:47
greghaynesbasically you have to go to commit y; git rebase -i <hash of new X commit>17:48
greghaynesand either remove the duplicate X commit in the rebase -i view, or do a second git rebase -i HEAD~317:49
greghaynesIts not the most user friendly of operations ;)17:50
aleeactually I think I got it --- thanks -- removing the extra commit was what I was missing17:50
aleejvrbanac, rellerreller - thanks - fixing now ..17:53
rellerrelleralee np17:53
aleerellerreller, happy new year -- and congrats?17:54
rellerrelleralee yes congratulations :)17:54
rellerrellerShe was born on December 18 and all is good so far, except the lack of sleep17:55
greghaynesooo, congrats rellerreller!17:55
aleerellerreller, so you17:55
aleerellerreller, so you're coming in to work to get some sleep ?  :)17:55
rellerrellerhaha I actually thought about sleeping under my desk for an hour. It sounds like heaven right now.17:56
greghaynesPull a George Costanza17:57
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aleerellerreller, thankfully we're designed to forget the first three months -- otherwise, we'd never do it again.17:58
aleeso you just have a couple of months more ..17:58
openstackgerritAde Lee proposed openstack/barbican: Add validation for certificate-order-api
aleejvrbanac, redrobot - looks like all the functional tests are failing on the gate18:07
aleerellerreller, jvrbanac , greghaynes , woodster_ updated patch18:08
aleefrom my last patch18:08
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jvrbanacalee, I've seen this a couple of times lately. Most of the time, a recheck to get rid of it. However, we should probably get one of the QE guys to dig into it a bit18:11
jvrbanachockeynut, tdink ^^18:11
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aleejvrbanac, yeah - we'll see if it shows up again in my lastest patch18:12
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jvrbanacalee, at a very minimum, we should probably add some error handling around the line that is kicking off .json() so we get better understanding of whats going on18:13
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greghaynesAre there not request logs somewhere?18:17
greghayneswould probably help a lot18:17
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greghaynesoh, its just in func tests, not tempest18:18
greghaynesSo looking at tests, I notice a lot of the state is created and deleted with setup and teardown instead of using fixtures18:27
greghaynesso I wonder if theres a racy fail and then a big cascading failure due to state not getting unrolled...18:27
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woodster_rellerreller: catching up...congrats!!! First kiddo right?18:34
rellerrellerwoodster_ Yes, first one.18:45
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jvrbanacalee, I tossed up a bug for the issue
aleejvrbanac, ok thanks19:03
aleejvrbanac, dont forget to +2 the latest patch :)19:04
aleewoodster_, jvrbanac
jvrbanacalee, hopefully that recheck comes back ok19:07
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jaosoriorWill there be a meeting today?19:17
SheenaG1jaosorior: as far as I know, yes19:18
jaosoriorThanks :)19:20
jaosoriorAnd happy new year :D by the east19:20
jaosoriorWay not east19:21
SheenaG1jaosorior: Happy new year, sir!  How are things with you?19:21
openstackgerritAde Lee proposed openstack/barbican: Plugin contract changes for the certificate-order-api
aleewoodster_, greghaynes , jvrbanac : ^^ other patch updated.19:36
jaosoriorSheenaG1: All good! Back in Finland, life is good, just miss the food again :P19:37
aleeSheenaG1, happy new year! do we have details about the mid cycle hotel settled?19:37
SheenaG1alee: still no, working on that this week with lisaclark19:37
aleeSheenaG1, ok thanks19:38
woodster_alee: darn that JSONDecodeError!19:47
aleewoodster_, yeah ..19:48
aleewoodster_, updated the second patch too :)19:48
woodster_alee, taking a look now...19:49
openstackgerritJohn Wood proposed openstack/barbican: Add I18n-related unit tests (Part 3)
redrobotweekly meeting starts in 5 minutes on #openstack-meeting-alt19:55
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woodster_alee, just commit message changes on your CR please:
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aleewoodster_, gotcha - will do20:00
openstackgerritAde Lee proposed openstack/barbican: Plugin contract changes for the certificate-order-api
aleewoodster_, done20:02
woodster_CR passing all gates now!20:04
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/barbican: Add validation for certificate-order-api
aleewoohoo!  1 down ..20:21
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hockeynutHappy New Year all - I'm not really here (returning to work tomorrow). Will jump at that functional testing issue20:46
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elmikowoodster_: yo20:58
woodster_elmiko, hey there20:58
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elmikowoodster_: so yea, i'm just starting on a script that will generate the base required layer for a swagger doc, from the pecan impl in barb20:59
woodster_elmiko, I was told I needed to spin up on the status of that wadl file for Barbican. If you can auto gen that thing, so much the better! I'd heard swagger was pretty cool20:59
elmikoit's certainly more readable than wadl, but i'm not sure if it's better. easier to implement maybe.21:00
elmikoi'm hoping to have something that will generate the skeleton this week21:00
woodster_elmiko, that sounds nice. Are you wishing to consume that wadl with tooling on your side?21:00
woodster_elmiko, do you know how other projects are generating/publishing their wadls?21:02
elmikowoodster_: so, i'd like to create something that generates the swagger from the code, not the wadl.21:02
elmikowoodster_: as for other projects, it's a total mish-mosh. most use hand-hacked wadl, with a little bit of generated content.21:02
elmikothere is a large gap in how much you can get done with the generators. it really depends on how much you want to mark up the code base.21:03
woodster_elmiko, oh got it. That's was I was thinking was the case21:03
elmikowoodster_: yea, it seems like the API WG would definitely like to move towards something more consistent. but it's not clear what that will be yet.21:04
elmikopart of why i'm playing around with this stuff =)21:04
elmikoi think it would be really cool if we could come up with some sort of oslo package that might help projects facilitate the creation of these api docs21:05
elmikoit get pretty funky based on all the wsgi servers the different projects use. although i understand that there might be an unstated push for more projects to use pecan21:06
elmikowoodster_: as for publishing, the only thing i know about so far is the api-ref page21:07
woodster_elmiko, yeah, we moved to Pecan to be more in line with other projects21:07
woodster_elmiko, do you mean out here?:
woodster_elmiko, we probably need to internally publish while we are incubating I figure21:09
elmikowoodster_: yea, that the site i meant.21:12
elmikowoodster_: another option for publishing that i really like is how the keystone project publishes it's api to their spec repo21:12
elmikobut that's the main documents, although there would be room for wadl/swagger stuff there too.21:13
woodster_elmiko, that is an option for sure21:13
woodster_elmiko, we were documenting with docbook as other projects have done, but pulled back once we realized that it isn't officially published until we come out of incubation. The specs repo would probably be the next best thing.21:15
woodster_elmiko, better than our original API wiki here :)
elmikowoodster_: yea, that's what i've been working from =)21:16
elmikowoodster_: i think publishing to barbican-specs/api might be a really nice start. assuming there are no objections.21:16
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woodster_elmiko, per redrobot it seems that the docs team is moving to publish to the specs repo vs using docbook. Do you know about that? Do you follow the meetings at all?21:32
elmikowoodster_: interesting.. i was not aware of that. but it seems like a good move, imo.21:32
elmikowoodster_: i've been working towards trying to do this with the sahara stuff, but... well... time and things ;)21:33
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woodster_elmiko, yeah, I'm trying to get back into things in the new year after over 2 weeks off :)  Any help you can provide on the API side would be helpful for sure. I'll also inquire about the 'official' place for docs and wadls to go, esp. for incubating projects like Barbican21:38
elmikowoodster_: nice, so far my work has been pretty light. i'm trying to get this in as a side project basically. is what i've put together so far for sahara. i was planning on something similiar for my barbican efforts.21:40
woodster_elmiko, that looks interesting to me21:44
elmikowoodster_: i really need to clean it up a bit. i might make a bigger repo to host both the sahara and barbican examples.21:45
woodster_elmiko, have you reached out to the docs team folks about this?21:46
elmikowoodster_: in the beginning i did talk with annegentle and a few others in the channel.21:47
elmikomainly collecting information about api-ref site and their thoughts about auto-generated stuff21:47
elmikoi also talked about it at summit in november with the api wg21:47
openstackgerritNathan Reller proposed openstack/barbican-specs: Content Types
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aleewoodster_, ping?22:00
aleewoodster_, whats the convention for column names in the database tables again?22:00
woodster_alee you mean for a new field, or a FK?22:01
aleenew field22:01
aleeso if for example, I'm creating a SecretACL table22:01
aleeand I want to specify the columns as ..22:02
aleesecret_id (FK) and acl22:02
woodster_alee, we've been using plurals for one to many assocs, singulars otherwise22:02
aleeSo its reasonable to say ..22:02
woodster_The Container's project_id is a FK example22:03
aleeThe SecretACL table will have columns secret_id (FK,string) and acl (string) ?22:03
woodster_alee that makes sense, thought what goes into acl? is that the user/group/project info for the whitelist?22:04
aleeyup - in some format that looks like an acl ..22:05
aleelike ..22:05
alee(read) (user_id = foo || user_id =bar || group_id = baz)22:06
*** rellerreller has quit IRC22:07
woodster_alee, is that how clients would specify the ACL then, with a string such as that example?22:07
aleewoodster_, no - I think they would just pass in the user lists / group lists22:08
aleelike we specified alreadty in the cp22:08
aleewe'll parse that and convert it into an acl22:08
aleethat way clients do not need to understand acl language22:09
aleewoodster_, although being able to pass in acl language makes all this easily extensible ..22:10
aleewoodster_, but it also means syntax checking acl language on both client and server sides22:10
woodster_elmiko, were the docs folks interested in the auto gen work you are looking into?22:12
elmikowoodster_: hmm, difficult to gauge. there is interest, but i think it depends which group you talk with.22:13
aleejvrbanac, redrobot -- just looking for a +1 workflow :)22:13
woodster_elmiko, sounds like they might have to see a prototype before they know for sure?22:13
elmikowoodster_: imo, the doc folks(i only talked with a couple) were interested but cautioned that auto-gen stuff usually left gaps that needed to be filled manually22:13
elmikowoodster_: otoh, the api wg folks were interested in a lot of the extended implications that come from the work that formats like swagger are doing(e.g. code generation, and crazy stuff like that)22:14
woodster_elmiko that makes sense. It's easy to automate 80% of the things, but the other 20% is why they pay us the medium bucks!22:14
elmikowoodster_: lol, too true =)22:15
elmikowoodster_: from what i can tell, there aren't many "strong" opinions yet. folks are interested to see what could come out of these efforts though.22:15
elmikoi think everyone generally likes the idea of api docs getting generated automagically during some build process, especially if the promise is that the api docs are more up-to-date.22:16
woodster_alee, that makes sense. My only concern is with queries....are there use cases for querying for all secrets accessible by user xyz? Probably only for auditing22:16
elmikothe real issue then is how to cover those 20% gaps that will occur.22:17
aleewoodster_, not sure I understand your question -- I think you are referring to (list) operation perhaps?22:19
aleewoodster_, so acl could look like --22:19
alee(read) (user_id = foo || user_id =bar || group_id = baz) ; (list) (user_id = foo || group_id = auditor)22:20
woodster_alee, I'm referring to that acl field having a logical text in there...queries are not as straightforward vs if each user/group/project is broken out as a record in the table. Just not sure if there is a good use case for that though. It seems like the acl field approach should work as long as the overall text doesn't get too large. So essentially there22:22
woodster_would be a one to one between secrets and secretacl entities, correct?22:22
woodster_elmiko, that's true22:22
woodster_alee, so were you going to update with an example like that one then?22:23
aleewoodster_, ideally the format we use would be one already supported by some standard python acl parsing library -- not sure id one such exusts22:23
aleewoodster_, yup - doing that right now.22:23
*** gyee has joined #openstack-barbican22:29
aleewoodster_, by query/list -- do you mean getting just the metadata of the secret?22:32
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aleewoodster_, actually I'm wondering now whether it makes sense to allow clients to specify full acls in acl language22:34
woodster_alee, well just querying for secrets that have specific users/groups/projects associated with them. That seems like an auditing thing.22:34
aleewoodster_, right -- we dont have that ability now ..22:35
aleewoodster_, but if we did -- it would mean basically getting back the metadata -- or some portion thereof of the secrets22:36
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woodster_alee, well another aspect here is that originally we were going to feed oslo policy information and then let it do the acl logic. But it can't handle lists of users/groups/projects, correct?22:37
aleewell - we may need to extend it22:37
aleeI'd be really surprised if oslo could not be extneded in some way22:38
aleeafter all - it supports primitives for and/or22:38
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openstackgerritJohn Wood proposed openstack/barbican: Add I18n-related unit tests (Part 3)
woodster_alee, iow all we really needed to store for a secret was lists of users/groups/projects allowed to access the secret, and then let policy logic external to the secret determine access control. But defining that per secret provides more blacklists would be possible (i.e. !user_foo) per secret.22:42
woodster_alee, the complexity is with updates...if a client wishes to add another user to the list that already has a complex acl string for it, either this has to be merged with it, or else would be overwritten.22:44
woodster_alee, yeah not so comfortable with the client API to acl field mismatch seems that either the API should just have the acl string provided and then set as the client specifies for that secret, or else create a list of user/group/projects allowed for the secret per the current list-based API. Translating between the two approaches does not seem22:46
woodster_intuitive to me.22:46
aleewoodster_, agreed -- and I think I'm leaning towards the acl specification by both the api and acl field22:47
aleewoodster_, we've already specified 2 operations for which users/groups may need to be defined22:48
alee(read, list)22:48
aleewe will likely eventually add write and maybe others22:48
aleeso would the api then need read_users, read_groups, write_users, write_groups .. etc .. ?22:49
aleetoo complicated .. just let the client specify the acl22:50
aleewe can choose to ignore anything except read/list acls in kilo22:50
aleebut the framework will be there for post-kilo22:51
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woodster_that makes sense alee. So for Kilo the per-secret ACLs only apply to GET operations23:01
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