Tuesday, 2014-11-11

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openstackgerritTim Kelsey proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Fix communication of secret_type info  https://review.openstack.org/13369514:01
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openstackgerritJohn Vrbanac proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Fixing remaining hacking violations  https://review.openstack.org/13335614:50
jvrbanacjaosorior, I made the changes you suggested. We need to get this merged quickly, because this CR will continue to get bigger as I have to continue to rebase and fix more violations as other people's code gets merged.14:53
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jaosoriorjvrbanac: will +2 when it passes CI14:59
jvrbanacjaosorior, awesome thanks!15:00
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reaperhulkhooray jaosorior core :D15:02
jaosorioryay :D15:03
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jvrbanacThere you go jaosorior, CI just gave it a +115:16
jvrbanacreaperhulk, redrobot, hockeynut, alee, rellerreller, could use a +2 and workflow: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/133356/15:19
hockeynutlooking now.15:21
jvrbanachockeynut, it's just fixing all of the hacking violations and turning on the latest versions of hacking they get caught in the gate15:22
hockeynutyup - I see that.15:23
hockeynutmany files, few lines :-)15:23
jvrbanachockeynut, you might notice a couple tests removed as well. I noticed they were duplicates of other tests, so instead of fixing the duplicated tests, I just removed them.15:23
hockeynutso periods on docstrings but not on commit msgs.  Consistency :-)15:25
jvrbanachockeynut, only on the one line summary15:26
hockeynutmy first +215:27
hockeynutwiping the tears from my eyes as I type...15:28
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jvrbanacjfyi to all, As the our test requirements has been updated to include a newer version of hacking, you'll want to rebuild your tox pep8 env15:50
reaperhulktest-requirements is updated so we gate on it now?15:51
reaperhulkI see it is. Excellent15:51
jvrbanacreaperhulk, yep15:57
jvrbanacreaperhulk, finally!15:57
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jaosoriorjvrbanac: just a back to check your commit (was in the bus) ... and damn that was quick O_O16:06
jvrbanacjaosorior, lol yeah. More core reviews, in theory, means that more people can look at something and merge it. In theory, that really should of had 3 core people on it, but oh well.16:11
reaperhulkjvrbanac are you down at castle16:11
jvrbanacreaperhulk, no. I'm only working a half day today16:12
reaperhulkI'm on PTO entirely but I think I'm going to go to the office after I get a haircut.16:12
reaperhulkGonna play with rust16:12
reaperhulkCome hang out in the office and play with rust with me ;)16:13
jvrbanacreaperhulk, oooo tempting...16:13
reaperhulkI might also get that blood work done so I can get some free monies16:13
reaperhulk(they are on site in austin today)16:13
reaperhulkanyway, going to get haircut now. I'll be in the office by noon if you decide you want to remedial rust with me16:14
reaperhulkfn main() { println!("Hello World!"); } <-- we are now rust experts16:14
jvrbanacreaperhulk, lol16:15
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hockeynut(updating resume now)16:34
hockeynutreaperhulk I read that as "f*cking main".  Is it too late for rust to change?  :-)16:35
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rm_workfor a certificate signing interface, what would you expect the "Validity Period" to be called, and what units would be passed?18:09
rm_workWould it be "validity_period=<years>" or "validity_period=<seconds>" or "validity=<date>" or "expiration=<date>" or what?18:10
rm_workin pyOpenSSL it appears to be done with cert.set_notAfter(<date>)18:12
rm_workso I guess that?18:12
rm_workmaybe "expiration=<date>"18:13
dstufftrm_work: theoretically you can set both a start and an end date18:15
rm_workI don't know if I need to bother exposing that18:16
rm_worknow I'm leaning towards18:16
rm_workto avoid needing a weird date format18:16
rm_workor rather, a specific date format18:16
aleerm_work, usually expiration is specified in days18:16
rm_workyeah, though we have use-cases in seconds18:17
rm_work... admittedly entirely for testing18:17
rm_workI guess 0 days might work for that18:17
aleerm_work, whats this for?18:17
rm_workI wonder if pyOpenSSL will let me sign a certificate that is already expired :)18:18
rm_workalee: negative testing18:18
rm_worktesting what happens when a cert is expired18:18
rm_workthe thing in general>?18:18
aleerm_work, this is testing code?18:19
rm_workthis is production code, i thought you were asking why we'd need that kind of test :)18:19
rm_workor rather, this WILL be production code18:19
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rm_workpyOpenSSL implementation: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/132578/7/octavia/certificates/generator/local.py18:20
aleerm_work, just trying to understand -- I thought the idea was to call into barbican to get a cert?18:20
rm_workalee: yes but we need a dev impl18:20
rm_worksince Barbican doesn't support this yet18:20
rm_workthere is also a barbican impl...18:20
rm_workjust not super useful yet :/18:21
aleerm_work, ok makes sense -- well for your dev plugin -- do a expiration time in seconds18:22
aleeor something like that18:23
rm_workalee: I want it to be consistent -- I will be specifying the parameter at the interface level18:23
aleewhatever pyOpenSSL will allow18:23
rm_workso, that would mean all of them would have to assume seconds18:23
rm_workpyOpenSSL takes a "date" string18:23
rm_workso I'll have to get current time, add <seconds>, generate string, pass to pyOpenSSL18:23
rm_workso it doesn't matter much, I'll convert from whatever I need to18:23
rm_workI could do "valid_seconds=<seconds>"18:24
rm_workto be explicit :P18:24
rm_workdefining interfaces is tricky >_>18:24
rm_workI guess I'll call it "validity" and make a good docstring18:28
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rm_workredrobot: so, this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf_YOzW7I3s is the thing I was talking about19:25
redrobotrm_work yeah, that's not Kite19:31
rm_workerr, who knows a lot about certificates that I could quiz really quick19:34
rm_workI am super bad at TLS stuff19:34
redrobotrm_work chellygel is my go-to cert person, but she's still out19:40
rm_workhmm k19:40
redrobotrm_work also, there's a really good TLS Deep Dive class avaiable in Rack U19:41
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rm_workI wonder if reaperhulk ended up going to his office...19:48
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openstackgerritDouglas Mendizábal proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Use "key-manager" for service type  https://review.openstack.org/12731323:24
reaperhulkrm_work: I did go to the office.23:37
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openstackgerritDouglas Mendizábal proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Remove version from endpoints in catalog  https://review.openstack.org/12786523:44
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