Monday, 2014-11-10

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redrobotrcarrillocruz hi!  sorry, I'm just now catching up on IRC19:52
redrobotrcarrillocruz ssh key should be done via 'asymmetric' resource by using different metadata19:52
redrobotWeekly meeting starts in 5 minutes on #openstack-meeting-alt19:54
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rcarrillocruzredrobot: cool, makes sense to me, since ssh keys are asymmetric20:14
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rm_workredrobot: is there something fancy I have to do to get pyenv to auto-load those versions?20:57
redrobotrm_work pyenv shell overrides the file, so pyenv shell --unset to make sure it's picking it up20:58
rm_worki did unset20:58
rm_workthen cd .. && cd octavia/20:58
rm_workto reload the directory20:58
rm_workpyenv shell still says unset20:58
kaitlin-farrHey Rackers, thanks for saving a Barbican t-shirt for me at the summit!  It made my day, I love the design!21:01
rm_workyeah the tshirts are rockin', props to whoever designed those21:01
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redrobotkaitlin-farr thank you for all the hard work :)21:02
redrobotand that would be jvrbanac who designed it21:02
dave-mccowanis it time for the weekly meeting?21:02
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jaosoriordave-mccowan: it just ended21:08
jaosorior10 min ago21:09
redrobotdave-mccowan meeting is scheduled on UTC time, so it's an hour earlier for those of us who fell-back when DST ended.21:09
dstufftI can probably make the meeting again now that DST happened21:10
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bubbvaoh, oops21:15
* bubbva thought everyone's clocks changed :(21:16
redrobotdstufft that would be awesome if you can make it21:18
redrobotbubbva I almost missed it myself >_<21:18
dstufftredrobot: yea, it's at 3pm Eastern again, which means I can make it :) (vs 4pm Eastern which is when I leave to pick up Alyssa)21:19
dstufftexcept today because ~sick~21:19
bubbvaover lunch for me, and I love eating lunch , but not at my desk (whenever possible)21:20
* bubbva updates her calendar appt21:20
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/barbican: Added smoke tests for containers
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rm_workdamnit I missed the meeting again T_T22:38
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hockeynutthis meeting is right when I pick up my daughter after school.  Need irc-to-voice so I can attend in the car :-)22:47
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bubbvahockeynut: some cars have active running IRC servers.... (not that you're supposed to know about it or use it... ;-)23:37
dstufftthe idea of my car using IRC for... anything terrifies me23:38
dstufftI know the IRC protocol too well for that23:39
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redrobotreaperhulk you still around?23:58

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