Thursday, 2014-11-06

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rcarrillocruzhi folks09:10
rcarrillocruzi attended chellygel and others barbican session at the summit (kudos btw!) and would like to get involved09:11
rcarrillocruzi've followed the developer guide of barbican and would like to set it up with keystone, but the documentation from states i should made some ammendments to paste and admin-paste ini files that don't seem to be updated somehow09:11
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reaperhulkrcarrillocruz let me poke some people who might be able to assist09:12
reaperhulkcc hockeynut, redrobot09:12
rcarrillocruzawesome, if i could just get a gist for a paste an admin-paste init for keystone that would be great09:13
hockeynutrcarrillocruz give me a moment and I'll put one up for you09:13
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hockeynutrcarrillocruz check out
hockeynutrcarrillocruz if you are doing a barbican install then this goes in your barbican etc/barbican/barbican-api-paste.ini which then gets copied up to system /etc/barbican/barbican-api-paste.ini when you run the install09:22
rcarrillocruzok, and that content would go to both paste and admin-paste ?09:22
hockeynutnot admin09:22
rcarrillocruzadmin i leave it as is then?09:23
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chellygel-abroadwe found ourselves a little spot09:54
chellygel-abroadtalk about insanity over there09:54
reaperhulkI'm about to be in the sahara security session09:56
reaperhulkDo you have a table?09:56
chellygel-abroadso the barbicaneers have a table but its packed down there10:00
chellygel-abroadwe are on the first floor of the hotel10:00
chellygel-abroadand its quiet — just chad, bananac, steve, myself, and some random dude10:00
chellygel-abroadreaperhulk: ^10:00
reaperhulkbananac is a wonderful name.10:00
chellygel-abroadI agree :)10:00
reaperhulkI will be up there after this session10:01
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redrobotwe're brainstorming a name for the KeyManager repo10:05
jvrbanactdink, as you're on vacation I'm picking up and fixing your CR
redrobotso far the leading one is Yett10:05
redrobotYett: Iron gates at the entrance of a castle10:05
jvrbanacredrobot, ask Jarret, he has a list10:05
chellygel-abroadsticking with the cloud keep theme?10:06
redrobotchellygel-abroad of course! :D10:06
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rellerrellerWhat do you guys think of calling the new key manager project "yett?"10:07
reaperhulkIt sounds like a yeti10:08
chellygel-abroadredrobot: warden?10:08
reaperhulkwarden is heavily used for auth related stuff10:08
redrobotreaperhulk the yeti can be our mascot :D10:08
rellerrellerI love the yeti mascot!10:08
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chellygel-abroadim sad we cant use murder hole yet10:11
chellygel-abroadBaliff? Constable?10:16
redrobotchellygel-abroad why don't you like yett?10:16
chellygel-abroadThe word isnt attractive?10:16
chellygel-abroadand it would be confused with yet10:17
chellygel-abroadwe dont have yett yet10:17
redrobotwe don't yet have a yett, but we could :)10:17
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rellerrellerNova BP for trusted location control,
* redrobot really likes the castle theme10:17
chellygel-abroad"go to the yett" repo10:17
chellygel-abroadyou aren't going to type yett10:17
reaperhulkI like chellygel-abroad's phrasing10:17
reaperhulkIt definitely isn't an attractive word10:17
chellygel-abroadConstable, watchman and baliff are all jobs in a castle10:17
reaperhulk(I don't know that I really care, but it isn't aesthetically pleasing to me)10:18
woodster_there was talk of a mascot for it...can you guess? :)10:18
rellerrellerchellygel-abroad What about yeti?10:18
chellygel-abroadthats totally unrelated to castles. lol10:18
redrobotCorbel - A stone projection from a wall. It supports the weight of a battlement.10:19
woodster_the coyote is totally unrelated to the Spurs team10:19
chellygel-abroadGong Farmer —>a latrine pit emptier10:19
reaperhulkpineapple pit (are we just playing word association games now?)10:19
redrobotBartizan: A small turret at the corner of a tower or wall. It is usually at the top but not always.10:20
reaperhulkhaha, bartizan, the key manager for barbican.10:20
reaperhulkthat's just mean10:20
redrobotDonjon - this is an old word for a great tower or a keep.10:21
chellygel-abroadif the job is a Key Manager — it should be someone or something that… manages keys?10:21
chellygel-abroadThe Janitor, or Porter, was responsible for the main Castle entrance and for the guardrooms. The Porter also insured that no one entered or left the castle without permission10:21
chellygel-abroadno jraim for this one?10:23
redrobotchellygel-abroad already taken by some irc thing
jraimchellygel-abroad: I can come up with a name if people want :)10:23
jraimI have a whole list10:23
chellygel-abroadCastellan was the occupation of the person who had been appointed as Custodian, or in charge of, the castle10:23
redrobotjraim we need a name for the KeyManager interface repo10:24
chellygel-abroadjraim: looking for ideas that sound nice :P for the Key Manager10:24
jraimAll castle themed, you guys are the best. My work here is done ::tear::10:24
redrobotapparently Yett was too ugly10:24
jraimlemme see what i have10:24
jvrbanacYett is ugly10:24
chellygel-abroadi like CASTELLAN10:24
jraimchellygel-abroad: I do too actually10:25
chellygel-abroaddaddy approves10:25
redrobotI don't even know how to pronounce castellan.  My hispanic side wants to pronounce it with a Y sound.  Cas-te-yan10:26
jvrbanacor that10:27
chellygel-abroadclick the lil speaker icon10:27
chellygel-abroador CASTLE_LAN (Party)10:27
reaperhulkftp is blocked on this wifi. gonna have to vpn so I can get things off the RSA ftp. I have made bad choices10:29
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chellygel-abroadgot too quiet redrobot :P10:35
redrobotchellygel-abroad the pecan guys stopped by to say hi.10:36
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rcarrillocruzit seems my dev barbican+keystone is not doing keystone auth. I modified the paste ini file to not use unathenticated method and use instead keystone10:51
rcarrillocruznot no matter if i put a valid token10:51
rcarrillocruzor a made up one10:51
rcarrillocruzi get a valid response from barbican api:10:51
rcarrillocruzcurl -H "Accept: application/json" -H "X-Auth-Token:8075bd95ae944317b31bdf7081c878ef" http://localhost:931110:51
rcarrillocruzcurl -H "Accept: application/json" -H "X-Auth-Token:8075bd95ae94431" http://localhost:931110:51
rcarrillocruzand i don't see anything logged on keystone coming from barbican api requests, looks like it's never hit10:52
openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Replace trivial instances of tenant for project
redrobotrcarrillocruz you may have the unauthenticated context in your paste pipeline.  Check barbican-api-paste.ini
openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Replace trivial instances of tenant for project
rcarrillocruzlooks good to me, that's my /etc/barbican/barbican-api-paste.ini file11:02
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rcarrillocruzredrobot: ^11:04
redrobotrcarrillocruz hmm... yeah, that config looks right.11:06
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rcarrillocruzi noticed this from barbican output, not sure if relevant11:08
redrobotrcarrillocruz oh, I kno what's going on now11:10
redrobotrcarrillocruz the output shows that the middleware is indeed configured11:10
redrobotrcarrillocruz the root resource is not protected by auth11:10
redrobotrcarrillocruz try hitting /v1/secrets11:11
openstackgerritChelsea Winfree proposed a change to openstack/barbican: The last round of secrets functional tests
rcarrillocruz'Authentication required'11:13
rcarrillocruzsooo, that means it's configured just fine, just the URL i was hitting wouldn't go thru keystone to do auth11:13
redrobotrcarrillocruz correct. :)11:14
rcarrillocruzthx :-)11:15
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rcarrillocruzi'm on business11:24
rcarrillocruzgetting 'barbican' token and using it to get secrets now i get a response11:24
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redrobotrcarrillocruz awesome!  Let us know if you have more questions11:28
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redrobotchellygel btw, did you hear we won the fall season?13:26
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rcarrillocruzis it normal that using the barbican client to get secrets it inserts 'auth' in the POST url? cos I get a 404 because of that...13:38
rcarrillocruz"POST /v2.0/auth/tokens HTTP/1.1" 40413:38
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rcarrillocruzit looks like barbican client is using keystone v3 urls13:40
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hockeynutjvrbanac chellygel redrobot reaperhulk would you be so kind as to peek at
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redrobotrcarrillocruz what version of the client are you using?15:37
rm_workrcarrillocruz: yes, the client defaults to using v3 as the auth method unless you specify to use v216:00
rm_work(assuming you are using 3.0.0)16:00
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rcarrillocruzi'm using the latest from pypi, it's 3 something17:39
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rcarrillocruzi'm resorting to curl for doing my tests18:54
rcarrillocruzif you know how to force the client to use v2 pls let me know, don't see it on the help18:54
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rm_workrcarrillocruz: --os-identity-api-version19:53
rm_work  --os-identity-api-version <identity-api-version>                                                              │?         -> Introduction and overview of IPython's features.19:53
rm_work                        Specify Identity API version to use. Defaults to                                        │%quickref -> Quick reference.19:53
rm_work                        env[OS_IDENTITY_API_VERSION] or 3.0.19:53
rm_workerr whoopsw19:53
rm_work  --os-identity-api-version <identity-api-version>19:54
rm_work                        Specify Identity API version to use. Defaults to19:54
rm_work                        env[OS_IDENTITY_API_VERSION] or 3.0.19:54
rm_workfor devstack:19:54
rm_workexport OS_AUTH_URL="http://localhost:5000/v2.0/"19:54
rm_workexport BARBICAN_ENDPOINT="http://localhost:9311/v1/"19:54
rm_workexport OS_IDENTITY_API_VERSION="2.0"19:54
rm_workrcarrillocruz: ^^19:54
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