Monday, 2014-10-27

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openstackgerritChelsea Winfree proposed a change to openstack/python-barbicanclient: Add sphinx docs
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rsyedhey everyone...i heard you're working on a set of scripts that'd help provision a barbican environment (in advance of the openstack summit).  any word on where i could find those and work with them?14:50
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rm_workrsyed: I had a script for bootstrapping barbican in devstack on a clean ubuntu VM… I don't know if that's what you're looking for though15:09
rm_workchellygel: the potluck is TOMORROW, right?15:09
openstackgerritDonald Stufft proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Port the troubleshooting documentation into Sphinx
rsyedrm_work the script at the bottom here?  it's actually the one i'm working with currently, but i'm having authentication problems with it (when i examine the token returned by keystone it doesn't appear that the service catalog is being populated with the barbican endpoint)15:10
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rm_workah yeah I will look at that today15:17
SheenaG11redrobot: ping15:18
rm_worka bunch of stuff got merged in the last week, and it probably needs to be tweaked15:18
rm_workbecause the auth is a bit different15:18
SheenaG11rm_work: do you by any chance have the link to the etherpad for discussions in Paris?15:18
rm_workrsyed: I'll fix it today15:18
rm_workSheenaG11: hmm15:18
rm_worknot on this machine :(15:18
rsyedrm_work, cool thanks for taking a look!  it was very helpful in getting something up and running to play around with15:18
rm_workrsyed: in the meantime, it should be as easy as specifying the endpoint to the CLI manually15:19
rm_workthe new client auth code SHOULD use the --endpoint arg if it is supplied instead of looking at the service catalog15:19
rm_workbecause I don't think the config is there to add the service catalog entry yet15:20
rsyedah ok.  actually the problem i'm having is with the raw api requests; when i provide the x-auth-token retrieved from keystone to the barbican api, i get an "authentication required" error (and the barbican logs are reporting issues with the auth token).  i could provide more specifics, just wasn't sure if the exercise was worth it15:20
rm_workwhat is the version of python-barbicanclient15:22
rsyedi actually wasn't using it...but i can try (again i was using curl to make the raw requests)15:23
rm_workit is probably using the version from github, which will be the very very latest of the unreleased 3.0 code15:23
rm_workrsyed: aaah, interesting15:23
rm_workyeah try with the client15:23
rm_workthe script should have set up the env variables for the client to work out-of-the-box15:24
jaosoriorSheenaG11: ping15:24
rm_workrsyed: if you want to pastebin the barbican logs that would be good, i'd take a look15:25
SheenaG11jaosorior: pong15:25
SheenaG11rm_work: worth a shot, I know redrobot has it but he doesn't appear to be on yet15:26
rm_workSheenaG11: are you *dead* today? because I am and I didn't even make it through the whole 24h15:27
SheenaG11rm_work: my body hates me in a serious way15:27
jaosoriorSheenaG11: Would use the recommendations for Paris :D15:27
SheenaG11rm_work: I only got 5 hours the night before and then got 2 1/2 when I got home yesterday15:27
jaosoriorby the way... Greetings from Paris, people! :D15:27
SheenaG11rm_work: finally got 12 hours last night and it was desperately needed15:27
rm_workjaosorior: ah, greetings from Texas :P15:28
SheenaG11rm_work: hopefully get another 12 tonight and then I'll be alive again; side note: thank you for watching!15:28
rm_workSheenaG11: nice, i slept till 5pm yesterday so my sleep schedule is totally fucked15:28
SheenaG11jaosorior: Le Tournebievre (for generally delicious French food); Black Dog (for the best steaks in Paris and a kind of weird biker/goth bar vibe)15:28
reaperhulkbest steaks in Paris is a pretty bold claim from a non-native :p15:29
rm_workI very much enjoyed :P15:29
SheenaG11rm_work: Josh slept from 10 to 5 yesterday, got up until 7, went back to bed until 11, got up until like 3:30 and then went back to sleep and hasn't gotten up again15:29
SheenaG11(he's ETO today, lucky bastard)15:29
SheenaG11reaperhulk: it's what I read somewhere.  Yelp I think?15:29
SheenaG11reaperhulk: for what that's worth15:30
rm_workSheenaG11: I was going to drive over and say hi after I left the house-LAN I was at around 4am but i decided I wasn't in a great state to drive another 20m so I just watched from home <_<15:30
rm_worka few of us that were going decided to bail and do our own LAN because of the wonky seating stuff15:31
rm_workwe were all spread out evenly around the room and just wanted a table for our group :(15:32
jaosoriorthanks! notes taken15:32
chellygelrm_work, yes -- potluck tomorrow15:32
chellygelim super excited about your mac and cheese15:32
rm_workyeah i found the email15:32
rm_workcool, i bought the stuff last night around 1am (my sleep schedule is T_T)15:33
rm_workgoing to try to make it morning-of :)15:33
chellygelhaha, i can relate rm_work15:33
chellygelextralife screwed me -- no point in fixing it since i'm about to leave15:33
rm_workwhat TIME is the thing15:33
chellygelim going to consider it an all day buffet15:34
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SheenaG11rm_work: that seating was a lie!  it wasn't assigned15:55
SheenaG11rm_work: wish you had been there!  :-(15:55
rm_workah :(15:56
SheenaG11rm_work: still glad you joined via Twitch though - I had started to lose it right about then.  2 am - 6 am was the worst15:58
reaperhulkI watched like 30 minutes in my hotel room15:58
reaperhulkIt was weird :D15:58
SheenaG11reaperhulk: was it everything you hoped it'd be?  Depending on when you got there, it could've been really bad15:58
reaperhulkuhh, it was you killing some things guarding something in wildstar.15:59
SheenaG11reaperhulk: was I cursing often and/or on a tirade about Bawls?15:59
reaperhulkit wasn't bad, just boring in the way "watch someone play a game and not be there to enjoy it with them" can be15:59
reaperhulkthere was basically no talking15:59
SheenaG11reaperhulk: sounds like I was near coma state then - you should've told me you were there!  I sang for people, did all sorts of weird stuff16:00
reaperhulkI refuse to get an actual twitch account16:01
reaperhulkAnd you can't chat without that16:01
reaperhulkWhich is normally an advantage because twitch chat is just realtime youtube16:01
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rm_workreaperhulk: truth T_T16:06
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chellygelhaha i was monitoring twitch chat reaperhulk -- for a long time anyway16:08
chellygelwe had a couple conversations going16:08
dstufftI've never used twitch, I'm not sure if this makes me smart or dumb16:10
rm_workchellygel: you should join us for CS sometime16:12
rm_workfour of us from LBaaS play pretty much nightly16:12
rm_workand ranked isn't that "hardcore" or anything, it's just a better game mode where there aren't 20 people on each team running around screaming and blasting random shit through their mics constantly <_<16:14
rm_workthat invite is open to anyone BTW, hit me up here for Steam info if you want to play :P16:14
rm_workI usually have this channel open on another monitor while I'm playing...16:15
chellygelrm_work, i totally will play -- once i get the rust off16:16
chellygeli'm still used to 1.616:16
rm_workyeah so was I until last month -- best way to get the rust off is playing ranked :P because casual teaches you horrible habits16:17
chellygelhaha, fair enough . . when i get back from Paris then16:17
rm_workkk :P16:17
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openstackgerritThomas Dinkjian proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Added all Secret functional tests
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openstackgerritChelsea Winfree proposed a change to openstack/python-barbicanclient: Add sphinx docs
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aleeredrobot, ping18:19
aleeredrobot, I think akoneru had some questions about rpm packaging spec files in barbican codebase18:20
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rm_workrsyed: yeah I'm seeing the same thing you mentioned... did you ever get it working? if you did I won't waste time trying to figure it out :)18:52
chellygelreaperhulk can i get a plus 1 workflow on the client?18:55
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-barbicanclient: Add sphinx docs
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rm_workredrobot: did you actually like... test that the client worked with your new auth?19:07
rm_workI thought I did but now it's not behaving right19:07
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rm_workgoing back one commit to before your keystone refactor, it works19:08
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openstackgerritDouglas Mendizábal proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Use "key-manager" for service type
rsyedrm_work, i hadn't taken a look since this morning...19:15
rm_workk, i'm working on it19:15
rm_workit's an issue with the new client code19:15
rm_workgoing to poke at redrobot a bit in a moment19:15
rm_workredrobot: some weird stuff going on here19:17
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openstackgerritDouglas Mendizábal proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Remove version from endpoints in catalog
rm_workhmm, redrobot just passing the URL without /v1/ didn't fix it, really thought that would be it :(19:32
rm_workI'll look into it19:32
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openstackgerritJohn Wood proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Add secret store plugin page
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openstackgerritJohn Wood proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Add secret store plugin page
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redrobotWeekly Meeting starts in 2 minutes in #openstack-meeting-alt19:58
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openstackgerritThomas Dinkjian proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Smoke tests for secrets in Barbican Functional Tests
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rm_workah duh, defaulting to identity v3.0 but devstack still uses 2.020:28
rm_workeasy peasy fix20:28
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rm_workrsyed: export OS_IDENTITY_API_VERSION="2.0"20:34
rm_workthe default version flipped to 3.0 in the client but devstack is stuck on 2.0 still20:35
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hyakuheiGood meeting today guys, sorry I can't stick around to discuss more now. I'm looking forward to seeing many of you next week though!20:53
redrobothyakuhei yep!  definitely looking forward to the summit.  If it's anything like the last one, we'll be crazy busy all week.20:53
redrobotrm_work you missed the weekly meeting again. :-P20:53
rm_workredrobot: gotta ping me for that, I never remember on Monday T_T20:54
redrobotrm_work word.  I'll give you the heads up next time.20:54
redrobotrm_work did you get the client sorted out?20:54
rm_workredrobot: also...
rm_workI don't think that's right20:55
rm_workor is it?20:55
rm_workit's failing in my Devstack20:55
rm_workgot the other issue sorted tho20:55
rm_worksee above :)20:55
rm_workah nm i think that tempest just changed their config a bit20:56
redrobotrm_work k20:57
rm_workthey added spaces >_<20:58
rm_workbut, tshirts :)21:03
rm_workrsyed: and some changes to the tempest configuration sed scripts, since tempest added spaces to their config21:04
rm_workrsyed: the script is all updated though, so the newest from that wiki page should work21:04
rm_workre-testing now just to make sure21:04
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rsyedrm_work thanks for looking into it!  i'll try that out shortly21:19
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rm_workyeah np, I use that script a lot too so I was bound to need it fixed soon anyway :)21:19
redrobotrm_work did you get a shirt?21:20
rsyedi should be able to execute the latest script in-place right?  i.e. i don't need to rebuild my server, this script will blow away stuff in /opt/stack ?21:20
rm_workredrobot: was referring to the ones you mentioned :P21:20
rm_workrsyed: err.... maybe21:21
redrobotrm_work that's what I'm asking, did you get one?  If not, what's your size?21:21
rm_workrsyed: you are welcome to try and report back :P21:21
rm_workredrobot: L21:21
rsyedhaha i most certainly will, it's running now21:21
rm_workredrobot: oh do you have them already?21:21
rm_workrsyed: I spin a new VM from scratch every time... part of why the script was so necessary for me21:21
rm_workit only takes about 10 minutes end-to-end from kicking a new VM to having devstack running with barbican :)21:22
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rm_workoh redrobot, what did Heather think of that Soylent? lol21:23
rm_workerr wait is her name Heather21:24
rm_workI just pulled that from somewhere and immediately realized I wasn't sure if I had the right fiancé name :P21:24
redrobotrm_work lol, yes her name is Heather, and I don't think she's eaten it yet... she's waiting til next week when i'm not around to cook.21:26
rm_worktell her to not make all of it at once21:26
rm_workbecause you're really supposed to ease onto it21:26
redrobotrm_work and fiancé is for boys.  she's my fiancée21:26
redrobotwill do21:26
rm_workit does strange things to your digestive system if you do 100% your first day :P21:26
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