Monday, 2014-09-29

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rm_workchellygel: is doug in the office?15:15
chellygelnot yet rm_work15:15
rm_workjaosorior: yeah, just a rebase on the str patch, but I want to double-check to make sure it all looks good still. :)15:15
rm_worksome of the rebases required some pretty big conflict handling15:16
rm_work*should* be fine15:16
jaosoriorAlright, let me know15:16
jaosoriorI'm gonna buy some good beers and review songs code at home15:16
rm_workbut yeah, pretty much have to run through all of the cases by hand, because it's all a visual inspection sort of thing15:16
jaosoriorWe should automate this some how...15:19
jaosoriorAnyway, are you going to Paris?15:19
jaosorior* review some15:20
jaosoriorDamn autocorrect15:20
rm_workjaosorior: well, i have a plane ticket and a hotel reservation…. but no15:23
jaosoriorHow come?15:23
rm_workgot cut because of some budget bullshit15:23
rm_workso now RS gets to pay for like 1k in cancellation fees and NOT send me <_<15:23
rm_worki don't even15:23
jaosoriorThat doesn't sound smart15:23
rm_workit does not15:23
jaosoriorWell, what a bummer dude15:24
rm_workbut that's the way the cookie crumbles15:24
rm_workeh, i don't actually like Paris anyway, so meh :P15:24
rm_workand that's 26h of flying I don't have to do15:24
rm_workbut was hoping to be able to hang out, and had a brownbag talk i wanted to give :(15:25
jaosoriorTo hell with cookies, eat tacos instead :P15:25
chellygel^ this15:25
jaosoriorSorry, I'm hungry15:25
rm_workwell, chellygel and I can hang out and watch the streams and eat tacos15:25
rm_worksince I think she's basically the only one not going from the barbican team?15:26
jaosoriorWell, you can't get proper tacos in Europe15:26
rm_workParis had pretty good crepes15:27
rm_workand also a great steak frittes place like down the road from where the conference is15:27
rm_workI was there like a year ago <_<15:28
jaosoriorNever been to Paris15:28
rm_worknot missing too much IMO15:28
rm_workbut I am a heathen that doesn't enjoy the arts15:28
jaosoriorI tend to travel to stranger and smaller cities in my free time15:28
rm_workthe Louvre was like, my personal hell15:28
rm_workwell, I like some art, just not the kind the Louvre has15:29
jaosoriorI like funky societal aspects more than art, that's what I prefer to see when I travel15:30
rm_workall I got from my trip to Paris was that native parisians were mostly assholes to us, and there are a ton of gypsies that are super aggressive in the touristy areas15:30
jaosoriorYeah, I've heard that before15:31
jaosoriorEven from a friend that is a native parisian himself15:31
rm_workversus Germany (Berlin, and especially Frankfurt) where everyone is super friendly and helpful15:31
rm_workand really laid-back15:32
jaosoriorDude, Poland15:32
jaosoriorFriendliest pace I've ever been to15:32
rm_worknever been15:32
jaosoriorNeedless to say, cheap as heeeell15:32
jaosoriorGot myself a litre of beer for about 3 dollars in a pub15:33
jaosoriorAnd the food was obscenely good15:33
jaosoriorI miss Poland so much :(15:33
rm_workyeah, I miss the food (mostly the turkish food, honestly) from germany germany/holland/denmark15:34
rm_workerr, i guess germany is good enough to list twice :P15:34
jaosoriorDenmark is pricey, but you can get really good food15:34
rm_workyeah, a burger combo at burger king was like $17 IIRC15:35
rm_worknot that that's good food, but as a price index :P15:35
rm_worki lost a lot of weight in just a week in denmark <_<15:35
jaosoriorBurger king is not an index I'm acquainted to15:36
rm_worki mean, like mcdonalds15:36
rm_workbut i didn't see a mcdonalds15:36
rm_workwe went to burger king because we were hoping it'd be cheaper… it was not15:36
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jaosoriorTurkish kebab places FTW15:37
rm_worklulz yes15:37
rm_workthe food in france was meh compared to the rest of europe (italy, spain, germany, etc) IMO15:38
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rm_workah there's reaperhulk15:39
rm_workredrobot: thanks for merging my change! here's a CR to review as thanks:
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jaosoriorWhich CR was merged?15:42
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rm_workjaosorior: the main one for client-containers16:01
rm_workso, two CRs to go16:02
rm_workthe __str__ fix, and one followup to fix Secrets/Orders to follow the finally agreed upon model for those classes16:03
rm_work(and to clean up some attributes/functions that should have been be private to begin with)16:03
redrobotawesome indeed16:03
jaosoriorto be honest I still don't dig the generic_data/columns approach... but I couldn't think of anything else when I tried giving it a thought16:03
rm_workredrobot: ah, you are there16:03
rm_workjaosorior: yeah, it's a quandry16:03
redrobotrm_work indeed I am, but Barbican proper is priority right now so we can cut RC1.  Might not get to review your str patch until later.16:04
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rm_workI'm not nearly as tied to this model as I was to some of the other stuff redrobot killed, but I do think that code is a *fairly* elegant way to handle what is otherwise kind of a mess16:04
rm_workredrobot: alright, I guess that's fine… though it is much smaller16:04
rm_workredrobot: and I'd like to get the client in a consistent state16:05
jaosoriorrm_work: re-reviewing it just now16:05
rm_workjaosorior: yeah, shouldn't be anything besides rebases in there since your last reviews16:05
rm_workbut worth double-checking16:05
redrobotrm_work I concurr... I've been spending a lot of time looking into Keystone sessions so we can clean up all the auth crud in the client.16:05
rm_workreally, if you can pull it down and test, that's the most helpful thing16:05
redrobotdoes that __str__ still do the nested ascii tables?  'cause that was FUGLY16:06
rm_workredrobot: no16:06
jaosoriorredrobot: what about keystone sessions?16:06
rm_workredrobot: ah I am going to have to make a BP for kilo for Barbican to pull in some more keystone middleware stuff, but that can wait a bit16:07
rm_workjust a heads up16:07
redrobotjaosorior barbicanclient currently has its own concept of auth.  We've got façades for Keystone objects and all kinds of crap I want to get rid of16:07
rm_workneed support for this in Barbican:
redrobotjaosorior basically standardize on Keystone Auth plugins + Sessions, and get rid of barbicanclient's concept of auth, so users don't have to learn two auth strategies.16:08
rm_worknot sure actually if that requires an update but i didn't see any of that code in barbican's middleware layer16:08
jaosoriorrm_work: damn, that CR 108384 seems promising16:09
jaosoriorand would save me a lot of the work that I'm doing at the office at the moment16:09
rm_workyeah, it solves my problem fairly neatly16:11
jaosoriorredrobot: anyway, that sounds like useful stuff16:12
jaosoriorgonna talk about that in the summit?16:12
redrobotjaosorior about the auth stuff?  I can probably add it to today's weekly meeting.  I would like to get that stuff in as the last breaking change so we can do a major version bump of the client.16:13
redrobotand still have it out for use with Juno final.16:13
jaosoriorplanning it for Juno?16:13
jaosoriorthat sounds tight16:13
redrobotI know.  But I'd hate to release a 3.x just to release a 4.x shortly after.16:14
* redrobot is going to be hella busy before Paris.16:14
jaosoriorI'm not particularly keen on rushing features16:14
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jaosoriorwell, no-one is, I guess16:15
jaosoriorbut still16:15
redrobotIt's a good think we've got some stellar code reviewers on the client side ;)16:15
jaosoriorGood thing I bought a bunch of good beers16:15
jaosoriorthey are getting cold16:16
jaosoriorbring on the CRs! :P16:16
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rm_workheh, i'll be working on the last of mine when I get in the office, which will be soon as i'm leaving for the office now16:21
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arunkantwoodster_ : What needs to be done to get merged? It has been in review for quite a while.16:24
jaosoriorrm_work: in the 11849416:26
jaosorioronly thing I would argue against is how things are being tested using the string representation16:26
jaosoriornot that it's completely wrong16:26
jaosoriorbut maybe some testing using the direct parameters would be a good diea16:27
woodster_arunkant: please add this to the IRC meeting agenda today.16:38
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jaosoriorBy the way, I would like to get rid of the instances of tenant in barbican and replace them for project... or vice versa, but at least I would like some consistency17:27
jaosoriorAlthough, tenant appears to be 580 times in the code base, while project only 10317:27
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/barbican: Add asymmtric order validator
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/barbican: Adding support for allowing binary data as-is as part of PUT
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rm_workwtf, all my secrets disappeared, but not my containers <_<18:05
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rm_workuhh weird, is tenant_id supposed to be a column on the `secrets` table, I assume?18:06
rm_workah no, i see, tenant_secrets18:07
rm_workffff they all expired T_T18:09
jenkins-keepProject openstack-barbican-cloudcafe build #46: STILL FAILING in 16 min:
jenkins-keep* arun.kant: Adding support for allowing binary data as-is as part of PUT18:10
jenkins-keep* arvind.tiwari: Add asymmtric order validator18:10
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rm_workso, is the expected response for an expired secret really a 404? >_>18:17
rm_workseems weird that I have a container with some secrets in it, I fetch the container, I fetch the secrets, and I get 404s on the secrets instead of anything that actually tells me "this is what the secret's metadata was, but it's expired now"18:18
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rm_workjaosorior: asleep yet? :P18:34
woodster_rm_work: when a secret expires, it is considered to be non-existent, at least that was the original business purpose18:36
rm_workwoodster_: yeah it's just a little odd that they "disappear"18:36
rm_workhad to dig into the DB to figure out wtf18:37
jaosoriorrm_work: no, just doing laundry and drinking a beer18:39
rm_workjaosorior: for generics18:49
rm_workI could maybe try messing with the Field list...18:50
jaosoriorwell, I gotta say it does look fine18:52
rm_workthe generic one looks fine? with the name==ref format?18:54
rm_workerr, name=ref18:54
jaosoriorwell, I would have actually ignored the name18:55
jaosoriorsince the href is the actual important field here18:55
rm_workyeah, but... it IS named18:56
rm_worklike, "in the container" named, not the name of the secret18:56
jaosorioruh.... dude, I suck at usability things18:56
jaosoriorfor me it kinda makes sense18:57
rm_workk well18:57
rm_workyou'd +1 that?18:57
jaosoriormaybe it's something to ask for an opinion in the meeting?18:57
jaosoriorI would, actually18:57
rm_workwhen is the meeting again?18:58
rm_workis it Mondays?18:58
jaosoriorso, today18:58
jaosorioryou can bring it up18:59
jaosoriormaybe someone has an opinion about it18:59
rm_workpushing this as-is though for now19:00
rm_workthere WAS a bug remaining from part of the rebase :)19:00
rm_worksince something inside the container code changed19:00
rm_workthe __str__ stuff needed to be updated19:01
rm_workfor generic containers19:01
jaosoriorwell, good thing the other stuff is merged already19:01
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed a change to openstack/python-barbicanclient: Change object __str__() to use pretty formatting
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jaosoriorby the way19:06
jaosoriorthere are tests for CertificateContainers missing19:06
jaosorioroh, uhm... I see the test now19:10
jaosoriorthat's strange19:10
jaosoriorcoverage says otherwise19:10
jaosoriorcan you recheck on your machine? if coverage says that the _get_formatted_data function is being covered?19:11
redrobotjaosorior I agree ont he Project vs Tenant thing.  We should use Project moving forward.  That's what Keystone v3 uses.19:13
jaosoriorIf I want to do a change like that, do I need to submit a blueprint?19:13
jaosoriorAnd, should I push it for Juno? or do I leave it for Kilo?19:14
redrobotI think it's way too late for Juno.  The concern is really the DB schma.  Since Juno will be called blah_tenant_blah, we'll need to migrate the schema to change them to blah_project_blah19:15
jaosoriorbut I guess the sooner the earlier19:15
jaosorior*the better19:15
jaosoriorthat way people have less hassle migrating19:15
redrobotyeah, as far as the BP, not sure... I'm inclined to say yes, since it does affect the db schema19:16
jaosoriorI'll write a BP19:16
jaosoriorits only a good thing, since I should be pushing the guys approving these stuff in my company to work more efficiently19:16
redrobotkk, I think someone already started a kilo/ directory in barbican-specs19:16
jaosoriorAnd maybe with a BP I can get my PO to approve me more time to work in OpenStack, hohohohooo19:17
redrobotwe can start merging work after we cut Juno-RC119:17
redrobothaha, that'd be awesome... it's been quiet here while you've been busy on other stuff. :-P19:17
jaosoriorDude, trust me, I've been quite eager to get started again with OpenStack stuff19:18
jaosoriorbut my backlog is full of other stuff :(19:19
redrobotwomp womp :( ... well at least you get to go to Paris19:19
jaosoriorare you going+19:19
redrobotyep, the new PTL has to be there :D19:20
jaosoriorcongrats dude!19:20
redrobotI won the election by a landslide!19:20
redrobotalso, nobody else ran against me, but that's just a minor detail.19:21
rm_workawww did i miss the voting?19:21
rm_workwhen was the voting!?19:21
redrobotjaosorior if you have a few minutes right now, would you mind adding +1 votes to the top 3 things you'd like to talk about at the summit:
redrobotrm_work the only contested spots are Cinder, Heat and Horizon.19:22
jaosoriorsure thing19:22
rm_workright, but was there still not a vote? >_>19:22
redrobotrm_work vote is ongoing, ends October 3.  If you got code merged into any of those 3 projects you should have gotten a ballot.19:23
rm_workyeah but19:23
rm_workwas there not a vote for Barbican?19:23
rm_workusually there is still a vote even with one candidate >_>19:23
redrobotrm_work nope, there's only a need for a vote if you have more than one choice.19:23
redrobotseems like a lot of wasted energy for a vote that only has one candidate19:24
rm_workthe other choice is assumed to be "no confidence" :P19:24
redrobotmuch like the North Korean elections.19:24
jaosoriorHow many should I vote for?19:24
redrobotjaosorior 3 please.  We're voting on what needs to go on the actual schedule19:24
redrobotjaosorior the other topics will be covered at the Barbican table.19:24
redrobotjaosorior so discussions that need community-wide input should be listed on the schedule.  Anything that we can sort out within Barbican can stay as just a table discussion.19:25
jaosoriormy votes have been casted19:28
jaosoriorand stuff19:34
jaosoriorat what time is the meeting today?19:35
openstackgerritJohn Wood proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Fix error in two-step secret PUT with base64
redrobotjaosorior in 20 min.19:39
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rm_workredrobot: about to push that fixup CR to review19:54
redrobotWekly meeting starts in 5 min on #openstack-meeting-alt19:55
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redrobotBarbican Weekly Meeting starts now in #openstack-meeting-alt20:00
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jaosoriorBy the way, in CR: should there still be the copyright notice? as far as I remember that shouldn't be there20:22
jaosoriorjvrbanac, hockeynut: ^20:23
jvrbanacjaosorior, copyright notice where?20:23
jaosoriorCopyright 2014 Rackspace20:23
jaosoriorat the top of the newly added files20:23
jvrbanacjust following the pattern of the other files20:24
jaosorioryeah... If I remember correctly those shouldn't be there either20:24
jaosoriorWhatever, I'll investigate about it20:25
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jaosoriorand if needed I'll remove it20:25
jvrbanacjaosorior, awesome ok. Yeah, I thought the community was still debating on what to do with that stuf20:26
jaosoriorthere was a wiki about it...somewhere... gotta investigate about it first20:26
openstackgerritArvind Tiwari proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Code clean-up due to type order enhancement
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed a change to openstack/python-barbicanclient: Fix consistency between Order/Secret/Container
rm_workredrobot: ^^ cleaning up the namespaces, and updating Order/Secret classes to match Container (and some other consistency changes to bring everything in-line)21:17
redrobotrm_work nice! ... now can you help review some barbican stuff so I can get to your CR? :)21:17
rm_workthough, warning, I am going to be pulled off Barbican next week pretty much, as far as "officially" having time allocated21:18
rm_workI will try to keep doing stuff but we're reprioritizing internally :/21:18
rm_workso I can't just sit here Barbican-ing all day :(21:18
rm_workdoesn't mean I can't do reviews here and there though :)21:19
rm_workwhich ones are currently blockers?21:19
rm_workah yeah, saw that21:20
rm_worklooked like it was already well on its way (JW +2)21:20
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redrobotyeah... I suppose I really need jvrbanac or reaperhulk or dstufft to look at it21:21
rm_workwell, it's got some hacking issues21:22
rm_workbut i assume we won't touch on that yet :P21:22
rm_workwill just need to be another round of hacking update fixes...21:22
rm_workhonestly, not sure why we didn't just wrap that up and update the req to the new hacking already21:22
rm_workwe had 95% of the project fixed21:22
kaitlin-farrrm_work redrobot, how do you check for hacking violations?  I thought tox already checked that?21:37
rm_workI check with my brain-parser21:37
rm_workI did a lot of work bringing barbican up to speed with the new hacking stuff, which we don't use yet21:38
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redrobotkaitlin-farr there's a new version of hacking that adds more stuff.  Won't get checked until we update our requirements.txt21:38
kaitlin-farrredrobot, Ooooh, got it.21:38
rm_workyeah barbican is on hacking>=0.8.0,<0.921:39
rm_work>0.9 adds some... things21:39
kaitlin-farrOhkay, good to know.  I'll be sure to check my future patches21:39
rm_workit's a bit more pedantic, especially around docstrings and split-line stuff21:39
kaitlin-farrAre we planning on adding >0.9 for this release?21:40
rm_workno more \21:40
rm_workkaitlin-farr: probably not <_<21:40
rm_workI wish we would though21:40
rm_workwould be nice to get it out of the way21:40
redrobotumm... maybe?  I think we need to sync with global-reqs for RC121:40
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rm_workjaosorior: I think maybe earlier you were looking for ?21:42
redrobotnice find guys21:45
rm_workjaosorior: how come you didn't give woodster_ a hard time on eh? :P21:49
rm_workYou made me spell out every single word and make my functions like 30 characters long :P21:50
rm_work(not that I disagree)21:50
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