Monday, 2014-08-18

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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/barbican: Install sqlite-devel package on fedora
sldIs there any current activity on Palisade?04:14
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Imported Translations from Transifex
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openstackgerritTim Kelsey proposed a change to openstack/barbican-specs: blueprint for adding HP Atalla ESKM crypto plugin.
openstackgerritTim Kelsey proposed a change to openstack/barbican-specs: blueprint for adding HP Atalla ESKM crypto plugin.
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SheenaG1Morning everybody15:05
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rm_workwoodster_: note on your email: I'm working on rewriting the entire client, not just containers15:25
woodster_rm_work: got it, thanks15:30
redrobotsid hi!  Palisade is just vaporware at this time.  We'd love to get some help if you're interested thoug15:31
redrobotsld ^^15:31
rm_workredrobot: update that, BP, gotta get it accepted, only have like two weeks left so we're cutting it close :P15:32
redrobotrm_work haha...  will do.  Was waiting on some more feedback.15:32
rm_workactually I guess PBC isn't subject to Juno code-freeze?15:33
rm_workhmm, PBC? pybarcli? need something short to call it15:34
redrobotrm_work PBC?15:34
redrobotfeature proposal freeze is this Thursday15:34
openstackgerritArvind Tiwari proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Add more type in order post
redrobotrm_work derp, Python Barbican Client...  took me a sec.15:52
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hockeynutthere is also this one for client: (tsv it needs to be rebased)16:01
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woodster_fyi, I've created a bug to fix the other plugin manager implementations to use Paul's singleton approach to fix the HSM interaction:
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woodster_...just in case anyone is interested in fixing that :)16:12
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/barbican: Imported Translations from Transifex
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rm_workredrobot: can you tell me if looks like what you were thinking?16:44
rm_workoh, need to port the parse_isotime stuff16:44
rm_workI'm not 100% sure how to do the list functionality the right way...16:45
rm_workthat includes my first attempt, which looks kinda... bleh16:45
rm_workit "works"16:45
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/kite: Fix .gitreview due to the repo rename/move
rellerrellerFor logging are we supposed to use %s style and everywhere else use {0} and .format?17:13
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-kiteclient: Fix .gitreview due to the repo rename/move
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woodster_rellerreller: I think Kaitlin's CR, line #194, has the correct format:,cm17:23
rellerrellerwoodster_ Thanks!17:24
woodster_rellerreller: no problem!17:29
woodster_rellerreller: I don't think we have any examples of this in Barbican before Kaitlin's CR though :(17:29
openstackgerritConstanze Kratel proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Inconporated additional tech review feedback into content
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openstackgerritJohn Wood proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Install of a Barbican RPM fails due to missing keystonemiddleware
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openstackgerritVenkat Sundaram proposed a change to openstack/python-barbicanclient: remove tenant-id from uri
openstackgerritArvind Tiwari proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Reorganize code to use store crypto plug-in
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rm_workredrobot: take a look at if you have a chance :P brb18:38
redrobotrm_work you know, Gerrit was made for this very purpose. :-P18:38
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openstackgerritKaitlin Farr proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Adds KMIPSecretStore and unit tests
aleeredrobot, is it time for the barbican meeting?19:03
aleeredrobot, woodster_ or is it at 4pm?19:04
aleeredrobot, woodster_ or is it at 4pm EST ...19:05
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woodster_alee: should be 4pm edt (so 3pm CDT)19:05
woodster_alee: Can you take a look at again?19:08
openstackgerritArvind Tiwari proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Reorganize code to use store crypto plug-in
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rm_workredrobot:  but i only have one object of like 5 to do19:21
rm_workredrobot: want to make sure this is the way we want to do this, before i do the rest of them19:21
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rm_workredrobot: unless you'd rather I check it in as a WIP when it's 1/5 done19:21
redrobotrm_work WIP works, plus I can leave comments inline and what not19:22
rm_workif I submit it now will you review it now? :P19:22
redrobot1/5 done == Work In Progress, I would say19:22
redrobotyeah, I should be able to19:22
rm_workcause if this model is correct (at least mostly) I'm ready to move on to the rest19:22
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rm_workredrobot: your commit message for your BP doesn't link back to LP correctly AFAICT19:24
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rm_workredrobot: and your link on LP goes to a private dashboard T_T19:26
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed a change to openstack/python-barbicanclient: Refactor client models in python-barbicanclient
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rm_workredrobot: alright, posted a bunch of comments on my own code too19:40
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rm_workredrobot: so I promise I'll stop nagging you in...19:47
rm_workerr, actually not sure I can make that promise :P19:47
redrobotrm_work you can come nag in the weekly meeting19:52
rm_workwhen is that19:52
redrobotWeekly Meeting starts in 7 minutes in #openstack-meeting-alt19:53
hockeynutwhat version of pypy do we support?  Need to install into my dev environment19:54
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redrobothockeynut the pypy that follows the py27 language19:56
redrobothockeynut I don't think we support the pypy that does python319:56
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redrobothockeynut pypy v 2.3.119:57
hockeynutthx.  I was going to ask which one since latest 2 was 2.3.119:57
hockeynutredrobot to the rescue!19:57
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redrobotweekly meeting starting now in #openstack-meeting-alt20:01
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openstackgerritArvind Tiwari proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Add more type in order post
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aleewoodster_, want to do a quick call to co-ordinate the cert work?20:59
arunkantwoodster: When you have some time, can you please review keystone-notification-event impl.. ..20:59
rm_workfff mocks do not work well with this20:59
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jvrbanacredrobot, topic for next meeting... CR sizes. We really need to encourage small CR's. These big ones are taking forever to review.21:02
redrobotjvrbanac k21:03
redrobotjvrbanac added to
jvrbanacredrobot, sweet thanks!21:05
rm_workredrobot: did you want client.secrets.get(secret_ref) to still work? or are you ok with just client.secrets.Secret(secret_ref=secret_ref)21:07
rm_workredrobot: or would you rather JUST the former?21:08
rm_workmight simplify things...21:08
redrobotrm_work I'd rather client.secrets.Secret() for both get or create new21:09
redrobotand do away with secrets.get21:09
rm_workfine by me21:09
redrobothence this is a breaking change, thus the 3.0.x21:09
rm_workdelete/list still has to be on the manager tho21:10
atiwari__rellerreller, are you around?21:10
rm_workunless you want to force people to load the Secret() first, then run my_secret.delete() >_>21:10
atiwari__rellerreller, regarding your comment about debug formatting21:10
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atiwari__can we address in separate cr?21:11
redrobotrm_work for the Containers BP, woodster_ wanted to keep both my_container.delete() and client.containers.delete(ref)21:11
rm_workerr k21:11
redrobotrm_work so both in Secrets for consistency?21:11
atiwari__as that is legacy way used everywhere21:11
rm_workredrobot: and you want to rather than
rellerrellerI was under the impression that this is the way forward. We had to do this with our KMIP secret store.21:12
rm_workand my_order.submit() ?21:12
atiwari__rellerreller, regarding symmetric vs Key , we had long discussion and finally decided to use KEy21:12
rellerrellerUnless I am missing something it should not take long. I tagged them. There is only about 10 of them.21:12
atiwari__woodster_, can you please add more here?21:12
redrobotrm_work I don't have strong feelings for either or but I do prefer order.submit()21:13
atiwari__rellerreller,  I don't mind making the fix but that is out of context for this CR21:13
redrobotrm_work we should probably revisit th CLI since we're breaking all kinds of stuff, so that CLI and client match21:13
rm_workyeah I assume so21:14
rm_workfff freaking Mocks21:14
redrobotatiwari__ rellerreller I'd be ok with a separate CR to address debug logging21:14
rm_worktrying to get tests to pass, this is ridiculous21:14
atiwari__redrobot, thanks but I don't mind fixing it if rellerreller it looks ugly to you .21:15
atiwari__rellerreller, thoughts ?21:15
redrobotrm_work httpretty ftw?21:15
rellerrelleratiwari__ it's not an ugliness issue. I was under the impression that a new coding standard was in place for this.21:16
rm_workredrobot: i think other CLI use prettytable21:16
rm_workredrobot: I was going to look into it once I finish the objects21:16
rellerrellerI thought all new log statement should follow the format. It is a performance issue with logging.21:16
rellerrellerIf it is not being enforced then I can ignore.21:16
atiwari__rellerreller, let me open a bug for me and I will fix that everywhere ?21:17
atiwari__is that OK21:17
redrobotrellerreller we've been trying to push for .format rather than % for string interpolation.  I'm familiar with the performance issue with doing the interpolation vs letting the logging engine decide wether to interpolate or not21:17
redrobotrellerreller I agree that we should optimize for debug especially, but I want to look into whether that can be done using the new-style interpolation21:18
rellerrellerMaybe we can bring this up next week at the status meeting. I want it to be consistent enforcement.21:18
redrobotrellerreller sounds good, added to
rellerrelleratiwari__ are there any etherpad notes or anything on key vs. symmetric. I'm curious why key was chosen because asymmetric are keys too.21:20
atiwari__rellerreller, I am with you, let me fix the discussion21:21
atiwari__do you like21:21
atiwari__key and keypair?21:21
atiwari__rellerreller, ^21:21
rellerrelleratiwari__ umm... I think that is better than key and asymmetric21:22
atiwari__rellerreller, is the agreed spec21:23
atiwari__line 11221:24
rellerrelleratiwari__ OK, I will take a look again tomorrow. Thanks for finding this information for me!21:26
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openstackgerritRavi Sankar Penta proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Allow devstack to do git clone of barbicanclient
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rm_workwhat exactly is "pypy" for tox tests? I can install a bunch of different pypy versions with pyenv, but I don't know what exactly it is...22:24
rm_workis it related to "pypi"?22:25
rm_workoh, google solved that one22:25
rm_workwe actually support this?22:25
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed a change to openstack/python-barbicanclient: Refactor client models in python-barbicanclient
dstufftrm_work: why wouldn't we support PyPy22:38
rm_workstill looking for comments on my change above ^^22:40
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jamielennoxrm_work: i haven't read the last few hours but did you figure out your keystoneclient session problems?22:44
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rm_workI think that was... yesterday?22:44
rm_workor last week i guess lol22:44
rm_workI am trying to remember exactly how i made that problem stop22:44
rm_workI may have just worked around it :/22:45
jamielennoxfor some reason it came up on my scrollback for some reason22:45
rm_workor it might be in my TODO still22:45
rm_workI'm sure I'll run into it again22:45
rm_workcan you remind me actually?22:45
jamielennoxrm_work> [22:17:53] wtf, our client is throwing an exception that enters into site-packages/keystoneclient/openstack/common/apiclient/exceptions.py22:45
rm_workI have very bad medium-term memory (1-14 days or so) >_>22:45
jamielennoxessentially i'm guessing that 4xx errors etc will be raised by keystoneclient22:46
rm_workoh right22:46
rm_worksomething about our JSON parser22:46
jamielennoxpossibly that it has a different excetion format22:46
rm_worktrying to remember how I triggered that22:46
rm_workyeah, it does22:46
jamielennoxwell, there is an option raise_exc=False that will prevent those exceptions being raised if you want to handle them yourself22:48
jamielennoxotherwise let me know what needs to change about the excetion handling22:48
jamielennoxand i need to check whats happening with my irc logging22:48
openstackgerritJohn Vrbanac proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Replacing backslashes
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rm_workjamielennox: heh k22:52
rm_workhopefully I can figure out how I triggered that error to begin with22:52
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed a change to openstack/barbican-specs: Refactor Client Entity Models
rm_workredrobot: can review ^^ ?23:10
rm_workah woodster_, redrobot left didn't he T_T23:10
rm_workwoodster_: can you review the above BP?23:10
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woodster_rm_work: yep23:19
rm_workwoodster_: :)23:19
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openstackgerritJohn Wood proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Update versionbuild script to handle setup.cfg version
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woodster_rm_work: -1-ed it, just to see a Containers example23:29
rm_workwoodster_: the containers are in a seperate BP!!!23:30
rm_workwoodster_: see the link at the bottom23:30
woodster_rm_work: oh sorry, will +2 it then!23:30
rm_workerr actually, it's in the Problem Description section at the top23:30
woodster_I read that link thinking it was referring to the containers server-side work23:31
woodster_ok, +2 now!23:31
rm_workyeah I actually need to do this one, THEN land the other CR separately23:31
woodster_oh got, it, I was going to say remove that workflow -123:32
rm_workthat's the CR for the BP you just reviewed (nothing to do with containers yet)23:32
rm_workand then containers will be on this CR:
woodster_got it, thanks23:33
rm_workfeel free to review 115080 too :P23:33
woodster_all part of the master plan :)23:33
rm_workI'm waiting for comments on the way Secrets work before I do Orders23:33
rm_workto make sure it looks right23:33
rm_workhmm though I need to figure out the 2-phase secrets... that might not work eyt23:33
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