Sunday, 2014-08-10

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hockeynutcontainers question for y'all - docs say container name is optional for POST to containers.  We have a test that sends None as the container name, and its failing schema validation.  If I pass None for the name, I would think it would take the default (which will generate UUID) rather than fail validation.  Thoughts?01:34
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hockeynutreported in  We can discuss.02:10
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rm_youhockeynut: err, yeah it should just ... not have a name, i'd think05:24
rm_yousince name should be totally optional, it's just metadatsa05:25
rm_youor are you saying the default name would be another UUID (in addition to the actual ID UUID)?05:25
rm_younot sure what the point of that would be <_<05:25
rm_youhockeynut: does that test name refer to a CC test?05:26
rm_youhockeynut: hmm, interesting, don't know that I can replicate your issue05:49
rm_youoh, maybe type generic05:52
rm_youhmm nope05:52
rm_youthough you're correct, they get a UUID as a name if a name is not passed in (though I am still not sure why)06:01
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rm_youoh I see, it's part of the return, not the storage... return does 'name': name or id06:18
rm_youanyway, can't seem to replicate :(06:19
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hockeynutrm_you yes its a CC test13:55
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hockeynutrm_you the parsed JSON looks like this: {u'type': u'generic', u'name': None, u'secret_refs': []}14:12
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rm_workhockeynut: ah, I see, you literally have to pass a "null" object18:31
rm_worksomehow it handles it if you just omit the name field altogether18:31
rm_workbut if you submit name: null explicitly, it breaks18:31
rm_workwho does that <_<18:32
rm_workbut, valid point18:32
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