Monday, 2014-08-04

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jaosoriorPretty quiet today O_o16:04
chellygelwe are working hard over here in rackerland jaosorior 8)16:04
chellygelhow are you? working late?16:05
jaosoriorNah, on irc in between climbs, non of my friends joined today, case of the mondays16:05
chellygelyou gotta send us some pictures of those boulders you are climbing16:07
chellygelim interested!16:07
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jaosoriorI'm climbing indoors today, but I could get some outdoors pics on G+16:10
jaosoriorMost of them are on facebook16:10
jaosoriorHow's Texas? :O16:10
chellygelNice and warm. haha... We had an influx of allergies here this past week with a cold front (more like less-hot front)16:11
openstackgerritStanislaw Pitucha proposed a change to openstack/barbican-specs: Spec for certificate api addition
jaosoriorWell, a little cold front doesn't sound to bad over there :P16:19
jaosoriorBy the way, chellygel how's your CR going? :O16:19
chellygelgood, im addressing the 2nd round of comments from alee right now and hoping to have another one up soon within the next day or so!16:20
rm_workredrobot: grats :)16:22
aleechellygel, sorry :)  I think we're getting close though.16:23
rm_workredrobot: and on a more sobering note, could you take a look at what Arvind is saying on ? :P16:24
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reaperhulkdstufft: do you happen to know what's going on there?16:55
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dstufftreaperhulk: not immediately, I'll take a look tho16:58
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chellygelalee, i responded to your comment on intermediates -- not sure about the retry_msec question though. Woodster is a little busy today, so he may not get back to us until tomorrow.18:12
chellygelthat is the only outstanding change i have to make on the CR, everything else has been completed/18:13
aleechellygel, sounds good - I'll take a look.18:13
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openstackgerritKevin Bishop proposed a change to openstack/barbican: First attempt at adding the symantecssl library
chellygelthanks alee for being so attentive to my CR!18:16
chellygelstill getting the hang of this whole openstack-y stuff18:16
openstackgerritAde Lee proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Code to pass through transport_key_id when storing secret
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aleechellygel, from a dogtag perspective, I would prefer pkcs7, but we can do a chain of base64 encoded certs too.  Whatever we choose needs to be documented in the docstring for he DTO.18:26
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rm_workhockeynut: hey19:18
rm_workhockeynut: your email about CLB2 scheduling found its way to me19:18
rm_workdid Tom's answer help you?19:18
hockeynutyep - thats what I was looking for19:18
hockeynutthx for following up!19:19
rm_workhockeynut: oh, could you look at Arvind's concern on my patch and tell me what you think?19:19
rm_workHe's recommending I use kwargs19:19
rm_workbut I'm not sure that actually works due to the way I need to pass those repos19:20
rm_workalso I wish I hadn't had to "recheck no bug" 8 times to get the dsvm test to pass… >_> something is really fucked up19:20
hockeynutyep - that is sooo annoying19:21
rm_workthat's *not* a legitimate test/API problem, right?19:21
rm_workas far as I can tell, the VMs just… don't work right <_<19:22
hockeynutyeah, there isn't anything in the logs to indicate anything wrong with your code. connection reset by peer is a big hint that its not you19:23
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rm_workand that sometimes it's not even my tests :/19:24
rm_worki just happened to have more than doubled the number of tests run, so i have high odds :P19:25
hockeynutliving on the edge...19:28
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redrobotjoin #openstack-meeting-alt for the weekly meeting19:59
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aleewoodster, rellerreller please take a look at patch #2 in the transport wrapping series ..20:14
aleejvrbanac, ^^20:15
aleelooks like patch 3 meets with most folks approval - but I'll rebase once patch 2 goes in.20:15
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woodsteralee: will do, but might be later this afternoon or eve as we are crunching to get a deployment done today20:16
aleewoodster, np thanks20:16
woodsteralee: thanks for keeping the ball rolling on that feature....20:16
jvrbanacalee, will do20:17
rm_workwoodster / redrobot: per Arvind's comment on my change
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rm_workI *think* kargs solution won't work there, since kargs comes into _init_ but then I use the things in another function...20:18
redrobotrm_work weekly meeting is ongoing in #openstack-meeting-alt20:18
rm_workredrobot: kk20:18
hockeynutrm_work I added a comment as well about Arvind's comment.  Not sure I understand compltely his concern but I see nothing that will keep me awake at night20:20
hockeynuton a different (but ever-so-slightly related) topic it might be a good idea to look at extracting out the listener/observer pattern - might be useful to have a more generic listener/observer framework20:23
bubbvacool meeting bot :-)20:40
redrobotbubbva I agree!  I really like the meeting minutes summary pages it produces20:42
redrobotgood way to catch up without having to read the entire IRC log20:42
bubbvayep! though I could see how some hand editing would be nice, but having everything just captured is fantastic!20:44
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rm_workredrobot: so what do I put in here?21:23
rm_work#TODO(rm_work) refactor this to use repo-factory method21:24
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redrobotrm_work sounds good to me21:29
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Add support to Barbican for consumer registration
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rm_workkaitlin-farr_: i'm looking at what you're talking about now -- it's interesting, that exception is probably raised, but it's EXPECTED to be raised (and is caught and handled in the code, AFAICT), so I don't know why that's even showing up as a stacktrace21:40
rm_workunless the code that I'm using to *handle it* is broken21:41
rm_workredrobot: could you look at
rm_workredrobot: line 138-15121:42
rm_workseems like maybe the "save()" on 151 is ALSO triggering the Duplicate exception?21:42
rm_workthat should be an update I thought21:42
rm_workredrobot: ah do I need to be using update() and not save() ?21:43
rm_workthough it looks like _update() just calls save() anyway21:44
kaitlin-farr_rm_work, yeah, I'm not familiar enough with that part of the code, so I couldn't tell you why that was happening for sure21:47
rm_workWUT now docs failed21:47
rm_workLOL docs failed with a socket error >_<21:48
rm_workdsvm passed21:50
rm_workbut docs failed21:50
* rm_work goes for the record for most Jenkins rechecks on a single CR21:51
redrobotyou're doing good meaninful work, rm_work.  don't you forget that. :)21:51
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paul_glassrm_work: you're hashing the (container_id, name, url) and using that as a key in the database, right?21:56
rm_workand some of my tests specifically hit that condition21:56
rm_workand they're passing locally21:56
paul_glassIs the either the name or url guaranteed to be unique?21:59
rm_workit's the combination of all three that is unique21:59
rm_workthe operation i'm doing is idempotent21:59
rm_workif it already exists, that's fine, I move on21:59
rm_workline 138-151 in consumers.py22:00
paul_glassoh, I see. Because you catch the duplicate exception.22:01
rm_workmy concern is that maybe my on line 151 isn't doing what I expect it to?22:02
rm_workand is trying to create a new object, and thus generating the Duplicate exception again?22:03
rm_worknot sure22:03
rm_worki can't reproduce it in my own devstack22:03
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rm_workI have run the tests 50 times in a loop, and never gotten anything but "OK (SKIP=1)"22:03
rm_workand the skip isn't mine :P22:03
rm_workand they do periodically pass in dsvm, so...22:04
rm_workalso, it isn't always my tests that fail, sometimes it's the secrets tests22:04
rm_worklooks like i'm 2/2 today for passes on dsvm :)22:04
rm_workjust the docs tests failed last time with a similar (actually, I think it's the exact same) error22:05
rm_workso, hopefully I don't have to recheck the gate tests too often after redrobot and woodster +1 my change :P22:05
rm_workerr, +2 :P22:05
rm_workthough I would like them to look at those lines and *really* verify my logic there22:06
rm_workredrobot / woodster / reaperhulk: line 138-151 in consumers.py22:06
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rm_workhey hockeynut22:12
rm_worklooking at the functionaltests you wrote22:13
rm_workthey all use  '{0}/secrets'22:13
rm_workor similar22:13
rm_worknone of them include "v1/"22:13
rm_workwhich doesn't work on the default devstack install, but obviously is what the dsvm test expects22:13
rm_workdo you know WHY that is the way it is? as it is now, I have to go in every time i do "./" and change barbican-api-paste.ini and swap the main api to be on "/" instead of "/v1"22:14
rm_workand restart the barbican service22:14
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rm_worklisaclark / lisaclark1: this is the BP of Doug's that I was referring to, looks like it is close:
rm_worklisaclark / lisaclark1: and this is my CR:
rm_worklisaclark / lisaclark1: and I doubt it matters to you guys, but this is the dependent CR on the neutron side:
lisaclark1thanks rm_work.  i've pinged the team to discuss these items during our merge meeting tomorrow, and have added the container work to our sprint goals for tomorrow's review.  we will scope out the LOE for this work tomorrow22:33
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hockeynuthi rm_work - back now22:56
rm_workah np22:56
rm_workyou caught my question?22:56
hockeynutthere was a CR to remove v1 from the devstack tests as its added later on22:57
hockeynutuno momento and I'll find it22:57
rm_workso it's added later on to those URLs?22:57
rm_workso they don't change their endpoints around, the tests are somehow mangled?22:58
hockeynutjust applies to devstack22:58
hockeynutand since those tests run on devstack...22:58
rm_workbut I should have that?23:00
rm_workmaybe i created my devstack instance RIGHT before23:00
rm_workand then wrote the tests right after T_T23:01
hockeynutit was merged fairly recently23:02
hockeynutI find that the lifespan of devstack machine needs to be measured in minutes - any longer and its stale :-)23:04
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rm_workthat's it23:05
rm_workreally bad timing on my part T_T23:05
hockeynutthat's life on the bleeding edge23:05
rm_workwell, thanks23:06
rm_workone less annoyance to deal with now :)23:06
rm_workthough if lands before I do, I'll get to do another patchset23:06
rm_workmaking a note on my CR23:08
hockeynutThe race is on...23:10
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hockeynutisn't there a way to make one dependent on the other?23:11
hockeynutthen at least no one has to back and change after the fact23:11
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rm_worknot sure23:12
rm_workerr rather23:12
rm_worki could rebase on top of his23:12
rm_workshould I do that?23:13
rm_workthen they could approve them in the correct order I suppose23:13
rm_workI guess I'll do that <_<23:13
hockeynutmore work that hopefully results in less work :-D23:14
rm_workrunning tox tests23:15
rm_workheh, his commit hash starts with "bad"23:15
rm_workgoing to ignore that23:16
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Add support to Barbican for consumer registration
rm_workwillingly adding a dependency :/23:16
rm_workit's for the greater good23:17
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rm_workhmm that's weird, it didn't add a patchset to his change, but it forced a jenkins recheck for him23:20
rm_workthat sucks :P23:20
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hockeynut"bad" - love it!23:26
rm_workgoing to monitor Zuul from home...23:27
* rm_work heads out23:27
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openstackgerritArun Kant proposed a change to openstack/barbican: Adding keystone notification listener support

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